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Guddan on zee world, Friday 28th October 2022 update

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Rawat says to AJ these papers show you killed your wife. You will be convicted. Guddan says that will never happen. AJ says go from here. Guddan puts gun on Rawat. She says that was a fake recording. He found a girl who sounds like Antra. He paid her for the recording. Rawat says yes I did that. To get this killer behind bars. Because I know he killed my sister. And yes do what you want. No one can save him now. AJ is dazed.

Some thugs kidnap the girl. She says please let me out Rawat. Rawat laughs.
Saru pays hotel manager for protesting against AJ. Laxmi comes. She says you did all this? saru says we dont get anything in this house. we need our rights.

AJ says listen to me. You don’t have to trouble yourself because of me. Nothing will happen to me because truth always wins. Guddan says I worry for you too like you worry for me. He dresses her wounds. AJ says I don’t want you in trouble. Constable says your meeting time is over. Guddan leaves. Guddan says I will do whatever it takes. No one can stop me. I wont let you stay here. SHe says I know how true you are. She leaves.

Guddan comes home and prays for AJ. She calls in everyone. Guddan says I think you should go and make food for AJ. She says he needs us. He needs all of us. Will you help me? Saru says how? Se says we all have to show he can never do anything like that.
Saru says we can’t help you in all this. Durga comes there.

Durga says we will all help you. This is everyone’s responsibility. Tell us what to do. Dadi says where is AJ? Guddan says he will be home soon. We are not alone. They all stand hand in hand.

Durga says Guddan try to recall. Guddan says I am trying. Durga says I knew you can’t do this. Guddan says it is about saving AJ. I can do this. She says I was talking to that girl. Then two men came, they hit me and took her. They took name of a place. Let’s go there.

Rawat comes to AJ and says you will never be out of here. Rawat gives his phone to him. He calls Guddan. Guddan says I will come to court. I wont let you get in any trouble alone. He says you don’t get in any trouble because of me. Don’t come to court. You dont’ deserve all this. She says so don’t you. I will come there with right proofs and witnesses.

The hearing starts. Dadi hugs AJ in court room. Rawat’s lawyer and says I have this recording in which Antra said she was killed by AJ. He had always been violent.
Guddan and the DILs are loooking for the girl at a desserted place. Laxmi says my feet hurt already.
Guddan sees some thugs. She says how will I get in? If I call police they might hurt her.

The lawyer plays Antra’s recording. AJ’s lawyer says this doesn’t prove anything. Who knows this recording is true. AJ is a very decent man. Rawat’s lawyer says so Antra would lie? And he kidnapped his wife’s sister to marry her. Ask Guddan. Where is she? Tell me if this is true or not?

Guddan and DILs come to the thugs. They say we are the dancers. We entertain people to get some money. Please let us dance so we can have dinner today. The thugs ask them to dance. They dance. Guddan sneaks in to see where the girl is.
Everything is going against AJ in the court.
While other thugs are busy with DILs, Guddan looks for the girl.

She hears her crying. Guddan sees her and comes to her. She says I will take you out of here don’t worry. They run but a thug stops them putting a gun on them.

The thug comes towards Guddan and the girl. Guddan fools him and runs with the girl from there.
The thug says my head hurts. What did they mix in our drinks. He takes out knife. The DILs are scared. Guddan hits his head and says lets run. Guddan holds the shelter gate and asks them four to run.

The thug calls Rawat and says Durga and Guddan got the girl from here. He says the time is almost over. They wont be able to save AJ. Durga is driving. Laxmi says please drive with care. Rawat stops their car. He says come out of the car. Rawat says you thought you could take her from there.. He takes out a girl from the car but it is saru. Rawat says where is vidya? Durga says where she should should be.

Vudya and Guddan are on scooty. The judge says keeping all

the proofs and witnesses in mind this court.. Guddan comes in with vidya on scooty. She says here is the proof of AJ’s innocnet. I know I shouldn’t have got the bike here. Judge says but the court time is over.
Guddan says for few seconds you will punish an innocent man? He says no I will give you a chance. He summons Vidya in witness box. Rawat comes to the court room.
Vidya says I am a voice over artist. Rawat paid me money to record that disk. He got me kidnapped and then Guddan saved me. Judge says rawat is she right? The court respectfully leaves AJ and arrests Rawat. They take his license. Everyone hugs AJ. AJ looks at Rawat. Guddan says Rawat sop. Don’t be angry. Antra would have done the same. Hate doesn’t do good to anyone. You better go away from here. Rawat says I wont come back to this city. but think.. What if he finds out you have been collecting proofs for me? Guddan says go from here. Let us live. AJ comes out. Rawat says she is asking me to leave the city. AJ says we are family. You are still. Rawat says after Antra there is nothing between us. I hope he keeps you happy Guddan. He leaves. Dadi says he has gone crazy. Guddan says in heart I should tell him truth.

Everyone comes back home. Dadi says Guddan I am so proud of you. Guddan says DILs made it possible. AJ says one DIl did more than she should have. Saru says I am sorry. She says restaurant was in danger so.. AJ says its okay. Dadi says all good now. They do pooja togehter.

AJ takes Guddan to er room. He says after what you have done for my family I am very grateful to you. You can do anything. She says I want to learn how to make cake. He says I will teach you.

Dadi come sand says wife and husband are making cake. Dadi says where is your mangalsutra? Go bring it. Revati calls Guddan. She says AJ is teaching me how to make cake. Guddan says in heart I will tell AJ everything. Guddan comes to AJ and says please tie my mangalsutra. He breaks it in anger. Everyone comes. he says you have no right to wear it. Guddan is dazed. She says please listen.. Durga says stop this drama. You thought you could fool us. WE all trusted you and you did this with us? Guddan says lie? Durga says you were with Rawat. You knew he was doing all this and you were helping him with the proofs. I heard you talking to him. AJ says is that true? Gudan says but. He says yes or no. She says yes. Gudna says please listen.. He says I don’t want to hear a word. AJ leaves in anger.

Durga says I always asked you tell me what truth is. We are defamed in the whole city but you didn’t care. Guddan says dadi would you listen to me.. Dadi says I don’t trust you anymore. Don’t talk to. She leaves.

Guddan is in tears. She picks her mangalsutra. AJ breaks things in anger. He says why did you do this Guddan. Guddan comes in. She says I know you are mad at me. He says I always trusted you when the whole world didn’t. And what did you do? You broke my trust. Guddan is crying. She says I am very sorry please listen to me once. He says I don’t want to listen to anything. Go from here. Guddan is crying.

Guddan sits in temple. She says lord Krishna why did all this happen? I thought everything was good and I would tell AJ everything. But then.. Perv comes and says I feel so bad for you. Perv syas poor aJ. His wife was spying on him. Revat comes and blackens his face. She says ever dare annoying my sister again. Perv says you will pay fo this. He leaves in anger.

Guddan hugs Revati crying. She says I don’t know what to do. Revat says you didnt do anything wrong. I am with you. Guddan hugs her crying.