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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Tuesday 21st February 2023 update

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TV series

Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Tuesday 21st February 2023 update, Daksh is dying and tells Devraj to be happy with Krisha, don’t punish her for killing me. Krisha takes off Devraj’s shoes as he is crying for Daksh. She checks the shoes and there is no bomb inside, she says Daksh lied to me, it was part of his plan. Devraj cries and asks Daksh to wake up, he runs with him for help. Krisha comes back and sees them gone. She turns to see Daksh lying there and smirking at her. She is shocked and says I won’t let you do anything.. she turns around and sees it was her imagination.

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Devraj puts Daksh in the car and drives away. Krisha runs in front of his car and stops him. Devraj recalls her shooting at Daksh and drives away. Krisha tries to stop him but he doesn’t. Krisha says Daksh has to live, for Devraj and my relationship.

Krisha arrives at the hospital and looks around for Devraj. Devraj has brought Daksh to the OT. The doctor checks him and says no.. he died. Krisha comes there and sees Daksh lying there dead. Devraj recalls his memories with him, Krisha tries to go to him but he calls the security and makes them pull Krisha from there.

Krisha comes back to the house and recalls Daksh’s words before dying. Jaya asks why did you come back alone? What happened? Krisha cries and thinks I have to talk to Devraj and explain I didn’t do anything. Jaya asks what happened? Talk please, why are you crying? Krisha breakdowns. Jaya asks where is Devraj and Daksh. All family members come there. Krisha cries and says Daksh.. is no more. All are shocked. Minakshi says this can’t happen, he is our baby. Jaya shouts she is lying, what happened to him? Krisha says he was shot. Jaya says you are lying. Ugra shouts if Daksh shot himself then what were you doing? Krisha says he was not mentally stable. Ugra shouts at her to stop it, I don’t trust you at all, you are saying he killed himself and we should accept it? Minakshi asks her to tell them everything. Krisha looks away. Ugra says she is lying. Aarav says he must be fine. Raghav says I will call Daksh, he calls him and sees Devraj coming there, all broken. Jaya falls down and cries. She asks where is Daksh? He gives Daksh’s belongings to her. Krisha tries to talk to him but he ignores her. Ugra says she must have done something. Krisha says you don’t know anything. Krisha tries to go behind him but Jaya stops her and says he won’t listen to you right now, give him some time. All cry. Jaya says once Daksh’s last rituals are done then talk to Devraj.

Daksh’s body is brought to the house for the last rituals. All family members are sad. Devraj recalls how he promised to always protect Daksh. Krisha thinks how can I tell Devraj what Daksh did? It will break him down more.

Jaya and all others are sad over Daksh’s death. Ugra tells Rati that you shouldn’t have come here, you are pregnant, Rati nods and leaves. Ugra tells Naina that I care about her baby as that baby is our heir but once that baby is born then I will throw Rati out of the house.

Daksh’s body is brought to the pier, all family members pray for him. Krisha thinks even after all you did, I pray for peace for you. Devraj glares at her and starts doing the last rituals, he tries to compose himself so Raghav helps him. Aarav gets Rati’s message she is feeling pain so he leaves from there to check on her. Devraj gives fire to Daksh’s pier.

Krisha comes to the kitchen to prepare food for everyone. She recalls all the incidents and tries to calm herself down. She says Devraj needs me so I can’t be weak right now.

Aarav checks on Rati and goes from there. Raghav comes there and sees him leaving.

Scene 2
Devraj sits alone and looks at Krisha’s photo, he says I hate you, I don’t have my brother with me because of you. Krisha brings food there and asks him to eat. Devraj looks away and locks her out of the room. Krisha cries and says please listen to me. Jaya comes there and says leave him alone for some time, he is not in the right state of mind, I will make him eat, Krisha nods and sadly leaves. Jaya comes to Devraj so he hugs her and cries, he says my brother left me. Jaya says maybe this is what God wanted, it was our fate. Devraj says no, it’s my fault, I should have been there. I took him there, I brought her closer to Krisha. Jaya says don’t blame yourself, Daksh will always be in our memories. Jaya says you know your responsibilities so you have to calm yourself down, eat something. Devraj says no, I am not hungry.

Krisha hides and sees Devraj sitting alone in his room and crying. She thinks to wait till he sleeps. She sits on the porch and sadly looks at him.

In the morning, the media is outside the house and asking about Daksh’s death. Jaya says we can’t tell them the truth. Minakshi says we can’t tell them that Daksh did suicide, we can say it was a mistake. Devraj comes there and says we won’t give this statement because it’s not true. The truth is the shot was fired deliberately and the killer is no one else but Krisha. All are shocked. Devraj says my brother was killed by my wife. Krisha is hurt hearing that. Devraj starts to leave but Krisha stops him and says before alleging me, you should have talked to me first, I didn’t kill Daksh, the shot was fired. Devraj says you want to say that Daksh was forcing you? That you were trying to protect yourself? I only know one that I saw you shooting at Daksh, you took away my only brother whom I loved so much.

Krisha says Daksh was mentally ill, he wanted to separate us. Ugra says shut up, you went to Daksh as Maya because you wanted to anger him, you were playing with his mind. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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