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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Sunday 22nd January 2023 update

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TV series

Every Girls Dream On Zee world Sunday 22nd January 2023 update, An old woman comes in. Minakshi says this is Maya’s tai maa. How did she come here? Jaya says I don’t know. Roma tells Devraj everything that servants took carpets. Roma says anyone can have it. And she might get up. We have to find her. Jaya says I have to keep her away from Krisha. The woman trips. Krisha holds her and says are you okay? She says yes. Maya.. Krisha is shocked. Tai asks Maya? How are you? You are shocked to see me? I came back from yatra. I couldn’t live without you Maya.

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Krisha says I am not Maya. Why are you calling me Maya? Tai says you used to hug me why are you acting like a stranger today? Jaya says you? Let’s go. Minakshi take her place. Krisha says who was she? Jaya says Maya’s Tai maa. Krisha says why she calling me Maya? Jaya says she’s old. She’s lost her memory. Come let me take you to the guests. Krisha thinks about her.

Scene 2
Krisha comes upstairs. Jaya comes to Devraj and Roma and says there is a big problem. Krisha says something is happening that I don’t know about. She comes to the room where carpet it. Krisha sees torn wallpaper. She takes it off. There’s her painting behind it. Krisha is shocked. It has Maya written under it. Krisha recalls what Raghav used to say and what Tai ma said. Devraj sees Krisha. He sees the woman on the floor. He takes her out. Devraj sees Krisha looking at the painting. Devraj comes to Krisha. Krisha says is this true? Why is Maya written under this painting? Devraj says Krisha I..

Krisha says look into my eyes and tell me. It’s Maya right? Krisha says why did you hide from me that Maya is my doppelganger. Why? She runs downstairs. Devraj says Krisha please listen.. Krisha looks at guests downstairs. Jaya sees her. Krisha comes downstairs in anger. She cries to her parents. Everyone is shocked. Vishwanath says what happened? Sudha says why are you crying? Jaya says Krisha listen to me. Krisha says mummy papa let’s go frmo here please. I don’t want to stay here for a moment. Vishwanath says what happened? She says I am suffocating here. I don’t wanna stay here for a moment. Devraj stops Krisha. Krisha shoves his hand. He says please listen. Krisha stops him. Vishwanath says Krisha.. Krisha says papa please let’s go from here. Minakshi says I didn’t know she would run away like this.

Scene 3
Krisha locks herself in her room. She cries. Sudha says Krisha come out. It must have been a misunderstanding. Krisha says I made no mistake. I won’t go there again. No justification can change my decision. Yash says why did they do that? Krisha says I know that. Sudha says please come out. Vishwanath says let her take time to heal. Krisha cries inside. She recalls Devraj propposing to her. She washes her sindur. Krisha cries. She recalls her moments with Devraj. Krisha recalls the painting.

Scene 4
Devraj recalls what Krisha said and shoved him. He breaks things in anger. Krisha and her family are leaving the city. Vishwanath holds her hand. She says I am sorry. You will have to answer a lot of people if I come back with you. I will arrange something for myself. You should go. Vishwanath says you are our world. We don’t care what people say. Yash says if anyone questions you coming back I will break their mouths. You’re coming home with us. He hugs her. Sudha says Krisha we don’t know what Devraj did and why but we know you love him a lot. Can you live without him? Krisha says it won’t be easy to live without him but it would be impossible to live with him. I can’t stay here for a moment. She sits in the car and says let’s go Yash.

Devraj stops in front of their car. He comes to Krisha and says get down. Yash says please let us go. Devraj says I only need to speak to you for five minutes. I know my apology won’t do anything but let me explain. Krisha says papa please, tell him with my trust he’s also broken our relationship. I don’t wanna see her face. Devraj says I want to talk for five minutes only. Vishwanath says if she doesn’t want to talk, don’t force it. Sudha says go talk to him Krisha. Criminals are also given a chance to clarify, he’s your husband. Go and listen to him. Krisha says no. Sudha says go Krisha. Krisha walks out of the car. Vishwanath says if he makes my daughter cry again I won’t leave him.

Krisha says what do you wanna say? He says I will answer all your questions, but for that you need to come back with me. Krisha says you really think I would go back with you? After all your lies. You hid that Maya looked like me. He says if I told you what would you do? Krisha says leave you. He says exactly. That’s why I didn’t tell you. Krisha says what’s your mission? I know your truth now. You don’t love me. You’ve been lying to me. I kept trusting you like an idiot. He says you don’t know anything. Krisha says I know everything. You married Maya and you loved her. Your said love stays forever. Then you met me, her doppelganger and thought her void would fill in your life. I am only a face in your life. That’s why you didn’t tell me about your first marriage. That’s why you wanted to get her name tattooed on my hand. You have fooled me. But let me make one thing clear, I am not Maya.

Krisha says I am Krisha and I will always be Krisha. I won’t be Maya’s copy for you. I am leaving. Devraj holds her hand and says you’re not going anywhere. You will stay here and do what I say, and I am telling you. Krisha says you can’t force me. He says I can adn I will. Krisha says you will force me? Last time I became weak in front of love, not this time. Devraj says Krisha please stop. He says please listen. He stops Krisha and says if you go from here I will destroy your family. Krisha is shocked. Devraj says you and your family doesn’t know the insurance money your dad got, I sent it. And it can be taken back. If you think you can run your house with a job, I won’t let that happen either. Your family would be on roads. Do you want that? Come with me and let your family go back. They will think there was a misunderstanding between us and it cleared. Krisha is shocked. Devraj says don’t force me anymore. They will live their life normally. Now you have to decide. Vishwanath says why isn’t she back? Let me check. sudha stops him. Devraj says my 5 minutes are over. Now your 5 minutes. Krisha stands in tears.

Scene 2
Roma says would Krisha agree? Jaya says no girl would agree to this. I know Devraj would bring her back but how would he handle her family?

Sudha, Yash and Vishwanath come to see Krisha. Krisha is hugging Devraj. She says they saw. Devraj says I am really sorry for everything. But I believe our misunderstanding is gone. Vishwanath says what’s going on? Krisha says I had a misunderstanding now it’s cleared. Vishwanath says so wasn’t he married before you? Krisah says he was. But his wife passed away. Yash says and she looked exactly like you? Why did he hide it? Krisha says I made a mistake. That was my painting. He wanted to gift it to me after the reception. I made this story. Devraj says it’s my fault. Vishwanath says wait a minute. He says Krisha you don’t need to be scared of anything. Papa is here. Tell me the truth. Krisha says I misunderstood things. Sudha says you confused everyone. There was so much drama in the reception. Do you even realize? What will their family think of us? Devraj says it’s okay. I don’t care about people. Krisha’s misunderstanding is cleared. Vishwanath says but..

Mr. Singh says it’s okay Vishwa. They have cleared things. Devraj says I hope you all trust me now. Vishwanath asks Krisha is he saying the truth? She nods. He says I feel like you’re hiding something from me. He says we don’t want to misbehave with you. But I need to talk to my daughter in person and know if everything is okay. Krisha says it was my mistake. I shouldn’t have left the house like this and trouble you all. He says no, you can never trouble me. Krisha hugs him. She cries. Yash says are you okay? We only think about you. Krisha says I am fine. Mr. Singh sayslet’s go. Yash says are you sure Krisha? If there is any problem, your brother is always with you. Krisha hugss him. Krisha hugs Vishwa and Sudha. Vishwanath says I am giving you a piece of my heart. Devraj says don’t worry, I will take care of Krisha. Yash says sorry if we made a mistake. Devraj says I understand. They leave. Krisha shoves Devraj’s hand. She says you’re such a pro at lying. You can murder someone and get them sentenced. He says yeah. Let’s go now.

Scene 3
Raghav and Naina drink. Naina says you must be very happy. Maya insulted you so bad. He says Maya left the world and Krisha left this house. Naina says are you sure? Devraj comes in with Krisha. Naina and Raghav are shocked. Jaya says I knew you would.. Krisha says before you say anything I want to say something. I shouldn’t have behaved like that in front of the guests. Jaya says it’s not your fault. Krisha says it’s my fault. On my birthday such a big secret revealed in front of me and yet I blinded myself with love and trust. It’s my fault. So much was hidden from me, I still trusted you all. It’s my fault. You all were part of these lies. Even people I could never think. You all made me realize I will never be a part of this family. Some people with their nice words and some with pretending love. But you don’t have to pretend anymore. I know I can never be Maya and netiher do I want to be. I don’t want to lose my identity no matter what anyone does. Krisha goes upstairs. Kach says firecrackers. Jaya and Roma look at Devraj.

Scene 4
Devraj says to Jaya we have to handle our plan and Krisha both. Whatever I am doing will make Krisha hate me but succeed this plan.
Devraj comes to Krisha. Krisha says how long will this last? He says what do you mean? Krisha says how long do I have to live here? He says as long as I want. Krisha says answer me clearly. 1 day, 1 week or 1 month or until you give up? He says until we have this relationship. You married me. Krisha says but you didn’t marry me. You married Maya. That’s why I don’t believe in this marriage. Let me know. She shuts the door. Devraj stops her. Krisha says you can’t come in. Devraj says who will stop me? You? Krisha says why would I? It’s your house. I will leave. He stops Krisha and says you won’t go anywhere. You’re forgetting I had to shift here on reception night. You reminded me that all the time. We had to spending our wedding night here. Krisah says that Krisha was an idiot who trusted you. I am not the same. I don’t trust you. He says good. Now that you’ve changed, let me tell you, you have to change yourself and be like someone else.

Krisha says like who? Devraj says like Maya. Krisha says I knew it. Finally you said it. Let me make one thing clear, I won’t do that. Devraj says you have to. Krisha says you can force me to stay here but can’t force me to be someone else. He says I have many ways. Krisha says I am not Maya and I will never be. Devraj says I will make you Maya. She falls on the bed. Devraj comes on the bed. Krishas ays I won’t sleep in the same bed with you. He says neither would I, until I make you Maya completely. And don’t be an idiot trying to run from here. This is Ambikapur, my regime. Nothing moves here without my permission. Krisah cries in the bed. Devraj sleeps on the sofa.

Krisha says in heart I will get out of here. I won’t stay at a place where I am not valued or loved. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.


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