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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Saturday 25th February 2023 update

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TV series

Every Girls Dream On Zee world Saturday 25th February 2023 update, In the morning, Krisha wakes up to find herself sleeping beside Dev in the mandir, she smiles and says we both have a reason to smile now. She sees Dev waking up and acts like sleeping. Dev gets up and says my headache. He finds Krisha beside him and angrily leaves. Krisha smiles. Aarav comes there and asks if Dev was here?

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Krisha says he was at the right place. Aarav says I was thinking of doing some changes in the mandir. He calls some workers who work on redesigning the mandir. Krisha smiles looking at her and Dev’s portraits, she says I will stop crying from now on.

Dev comes to his room and says I didn’t drink last night so how did I reach mandir last night. The servant brings breakfast there and says Krisha sent it. He finds champagne there with a note that it brings back memories. Dev recalls how Krisha had sprayed him before with the bottle. He reads that she has put lemonade in it for his headache. He turns to find Krisha standing there. Dev glares at her and asks what happened last night? Krisha teases him and says last night.. you kept talking, you were sharing secrets with me. She asks him to have breakfast and leaves. Dev recalls last night’s moments and is angry at himself. He recalls Daksh dying and throws away the champagne bottle, he says I can’t forgive Krisha and she has no place in my heart.

Scene 2
Naina tells Ugra that we tried to make her drunk but nothing happened. Krisha comes there and says I am not going anywhere. She brings her food items and makes Ugra and Naina eat them. Ugra says enough, why are you roaming in the house? Krisha says God asked me to give him some break so I left the mandir. Jaya comes there. Krisha gives her food and says it’s my duty to support Dev so I have decided to go with Dev to the office. Jaya says you are not going anywhere. Krisha says sorry, I can’t listen to you on this. I have to go. Jaya says you have become stubborn. Krisha eats the food that Jaya touched and says you are like my mother so you can scold me all you want but please don’t separate me from Dev, she leaves from there. Jaya looks on.

Krisha comes to the servants and says I need your help.

The servant offers his scooty to Krisha, she says I will use it to go to the office. She drives away. Dev comes to his car and drives away too. He sees Krisha on the scooty and thinks he was imagining it.

Krisha arrives at Dev’s office on the scooty. The manager gives her special treatment but Krisha says I am a normal employee so no special treatment. Krisha trips and flowers fall from her hands-on Dev who has just arrived there. He glares at her, Krisha says he won’t spare me now, she runs from there. Dev goes behind her.

Dev comes to his room to find Krisha there. He asks what are you doing here? Krisha says I saw that you have a vacancy for a secretary so I am here to apply for it. Dev tries to throw away her CV but it’s filled with confetti. Dev says this is your CV? Krisha says you are in my heart and that’s my CV. Dev tries to drag her out of the office but Krisha stands at his table and says I am talented so you have to hire me. Dev asks her to jump. Krisha closes her eyes and jumps from the table but Dev holds her in his arms. Krisha asks him to give her a chance. Dev says fine, I will give you a task before you get a job. I am sure you will fail. Krisha says let’s see.

Dev tells Krisha that you will definitely fail in the task. Krisha says let’s see. Dev says your task that nobody should disturb me for next 3 hours and I don’t care how urgent any work is. Krisha says that’s it? I will not let anyone come near you in the next 3 hours, she leaves. Dev calls the IT department and asks them to jam wifi of the office for the next 3 hours.

Krisha comes to the lobby and customers are complaining about the WIFI not working. They ask to meet MD. Krisha stops them and says he can’t meet you. Dev says I knew she would fail the task. Krisha thinks I have to do something. Krisha calls Rati and says I need your help.

Rati comes to Aarav and says I need to go to the office. Aarav holds her hand to take the bag. Raghav comes there and asks what’s in the bag? Aarav says I will take the bag to Krisha, he leaves. Raghav asks if this baby is of Aarav? Rati is stunned and says how can you even think that? Raghav leaves from there.

The customers are complaining about the hotel and threaten to give a bad review. Krisha says I can’t feel pressure, she says I will solve your problem right now. Dev thinks Krisha will lose now. Aarav comes there with the bag, she says I need your help, she gives him some tips and he leaves. Krisha shows a celebrity to the guests and says he is Salman but he can’t show his face. It’s Aarav covering his face. Dev comes out and thinks let’s see how long she can keep them engaged. All guests say bye to him. The manager tells Dev that the WIFI is not working. Dev says the person responsible for it is Krisha. He asks why is it not working? Krisha says yes, I shut it down because people are always busy on the internet and we don’t care about emotions now. We have started a campaign in which we will turn off WIFI for 3 hours so you can spend time with your family. All guests are happy to hear that and leave. Krisha tells Dev that I passed my task so give me my appointment letter. Dev says you have to pass more tasks which you won’t be able to do. Krisha asks if her job is confirmed? Dev says to write down the tasks. He gives her some tasks Krisha tries to keep up with him but he is talking fast. Dev says you couldn’t note it so you failed the task. He leaves from there. The manager comes there and says how will you complete all the tasks? Krisha shows how she recorded all his instructions. She starts working on her tasks. The manager looks on. Krisha asks if she can call him Jaiswal kaka? He says you are like my daughter, why are you doing this job? Krisha says I want to pacify someone, she leaves from there.

Krisha comes to a guest’s room who is a foreigner and complains to her. Krisha thinks about how to understand them? She recalls how she used to confess her love to him. Then Krisha tried to make him say love in another language using an app.

Krisha uses an app to understand their issues. She says it will be done. They take Vikrant’s name and leave. Krisha says who is this Vikrant? I have to find out. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.