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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Monday 20th February 2023 update

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TV series

Every Girls Dream On Zee world Monday 20th February 2023 update, Devraj comes to Daksh’s room and finds it decorated with Maya’s pictures, he sees Daksh crying in a corner. He asks what happened? Daksh says I was missing Maya so I put up all these photos, I know you will leave me too because you are angry with me. Devraj says I am never leaving you, don’t worry. I know this haveli makes you miss Maya more, we will leave tonight only. Daksh says I am selfish as I don’t think about you. Devraj says it’s not like that. Daksh says I will help you in proposing Krisha. Devraj says I just want you to be okay. Daksh says I will like when you propose to her, I will sing for you both.

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Devraj smiles and says okay, you can help me. Daksh finds his bags and finds clothes there. Devraj smiles. Daksh says you will look smart in this tuxedo. Devraj gifts him a tuxedo also and says what’s mine is yours too. He leaves from there. Daksh thinks I don’t have Maya anymore so he can’t have Krisha. Devraj comes back after wearing a tuxedo. Daksh gives him new shoes so Devraj wears them. He thanks Daksh for helping him and leaves, Daksh throws away the tuxedo that Devraj gave him. Krisha comes there and says you are a coward if you can’t even show your hatred openly.

Daksh says you won one fight and you have become conceited? Krisha says be prepared to lose more. I won’t let you hurt Devraj. Daksh says you can dream all you want but soon I will destroy everything for you. Devraj will hate you soon, he will be disgusted by you. Krisha says you can’t separate me and Devraj at all. Daksh says you will miss me soon. Krisha angrily leaves.

Scene 2
Krisha gets her mother’s call, she says I got a dream and it was bad, it was about you. Krisha says don’t worry, it was just a dream. I am very happy here, I am living my fairytale as Devraj is going to confess his love to me today. Her mom says that’s good. She ends the call.

Devraj gets ready and says Krisha and I will become one today. He puts some clues for Krisha to find him. He leaves. Krisha comes to her room and finds some clues there. She reads that they will become one so don’t make him wait much. Krisha finds a gift and opens it to find a wig there. Daksh calls her and says how did you find my gift? Krisha says you are cheap. Daksh says Devraj is in trouble, I gave him my shoes and they can blast easily. He asks her to check her phone. There is a video in her phone which shows Daksh putting a small bomb in Devraj’s shoes. Daksh says your husband is a walking bomb right now. Krisha cries and says why are you doing this? Daksh says if you don’t meet him as Maya then I will kill him. She cries and say.

Krisha is running to save Devraj, she gets his clue which says that he is waiting for her and she is his light. She comes to the garden and looks around for him. She finds Devraj standing there, she screams and rushes to him.

Krisha makes him sit down and takes off his shoes, she throws them in the water. She says I am sorry for doing all this but you have to trust me when I tell you the truth. Devraj turns away and wears his glasses and it’s actually Daksh. Krisha is stunned. Daksh says it’s me and Devraj is on the opposite end of the house. I plotted all this so he will die before he can confess his love to you. Krisha says what are you going to do? Daksh shows her the remote and says I just have to press it to finish him. Krisha is shocked and says I won’t let anything happen to Devraj.

Daksh pushes her to the ground. In the house, Devraj is looking around for Krisha, he calls her but Daksh breaks her phone. Daksh tells Krisha that you can never be Maya but you wanted to fool me? Krisha tries to leave but he grabs her and says you are just a cheap copy of Maya, I will finish everything today. He tries to press the remote button but Krisha cries and says don’t do it. Daksh tells Krisha that it’s my time to leave but I will separate you from your husband before going away. Krisha slaps him hard and says I won’t you harm Devraj.

Daksh says you can’t stop me. Krisha says go away from our lives. Daksh says I will but you have destroyed my life, my brother was my slave but you came in his life and he became your slave. I will end his story today. Daksh throws away the remote and takes out his gun. Krisha is stunned. Daksh says it’s time to get separated from Devraj. Krisha says what are you doing? Daksh puts the gun on his head and says I don’t have a choice. Krisha says please don’t kill yourself, your brother loves you. Daksh says he took everything away from me, I will kill myself to separate you from Devraj. Krisha says I won’t let you do that.

She tries to snatch the gun from him. Devraj comes there so Daksh screams and says you can’t kill me. Maya please don’t shoot me. Krisha holds the gun but Daksh pulls the trigger and shoots himself. Devraj screams and sees Krisha holding the gun. Daksh falls down. Devraj screams and asks Daksh to wake up, he checks his pulse and he is dead. Krisha is shocked and cries. Devraj says Daksh can’t leave me,

Daksh opens his eyes. Devraj asks how did this happen? Daksh says be happy with your Krisha but don’t punish her for shooting me. He dies. Devraj cries and says no, he can’t die. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.