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Close to my heart on star life, Sunday 26th February 2023 update

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TV series

Close to my heart on star life Sunday 26th February 2023 update, Adi pushes Amber away and glares at him. he leaves from there. Darji is tense. Adi is angrily going to his room. Akash mistakenly hits Amber with his skateboarding so Amber shouts at him and leaves. Adi sees that and leaves.

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Ginni is sitting alone and recalls Goldie’s issue along with her siblings being thrown out of the school. Gulabo comes there and says you should think about your decision. If you sell this then you will lose your father’s last memory, you should have considered Darji’s offer. Ginni says then we would have lost our honor, I have to sell this to pay off some loan. Dimpy comes there and asks where is Goldie? Gulabo says he must be around, doing something useless.

Adi comes to the underground ring. Goldie comes there and says I am here to challenge Aditya. He tells Adi that Ginni was right, you are a wolf, I will take my sister’s revenge. He starts beating Adi while he doesn’t fight back.

Ginni is selling her father’s gift, it’s her bracelet. The seller cuts it from her arm and takes it. Ginni is hurt and cries. Gulabo sadly looks at her. Dimpy comes there and says Goldie is missing, I am worried.

Goldie is beating but he is drunk. Adi pushes him and says I didn’t hit you because I have respect for you. Adi wins the match.

Ginni and Gulabo are looking around for Goldie in the streets. Adi brings him there and he is drunk. Ginni asks what did you do with him? Adi says he came to fight with me. Dimpy takes Goldie away. Adi says I have nothing against Goldie. Ginni says yes, you have something against me. Her dupatta catches fire but Adi saves her. Ginni says don’t know what’s going in your mind, you fight with us and then come to save us. We were insulted because of you but I will pay you back. She gives him a gold luck coin and says our contract ended so I pray we never meet again. She leaves from there. Adi looks at her and leaves.

Adi looks at Ginni’s good luck coin, he thinks the game has just started. He gets a message from a girl that she is missing him and can’t wait to meet him. Darji comes there and brings his mother’s sketch. They both tape it again. Darji finds blood on Adi’s hand and gives him the boxing gloves, he says don’t hurt yourself. He says like your mother’s dream is important to you, same way Ginni’s father’s dream is important to her. I can tell you that because I knew her father Khushwant Singh, I also know that dhaba was his life. You can offer to buy that dhaba but how can Ginni sell her life to you? She is an honorable person and trying to fulfill her father’s dream. I tried to give her the payment for her contract but she said that payment is given with love and respect. She rejected my payment. I know you are fighting with yourself but Ginni is fighting with the world and we shouldn’t bring more problems in her life. She must have taken a lot of loan and those vendors must be behind her now. I won’t force you to join the business but I know you will make this business flourish. He leaves the cheque there. Adi looks at his mother’s sketch and then at the cheque.

In the morning, Goldie wakes up and shouts at Gulabo where is my photo? Gulabo says I took it down, people question about Simran so I took it off. Ginni tries to calm him down but he pushes her away so Gulabo slaps him. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.