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Close to my heart on star life, Saturday 25th February 2023 update

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Close to my heart on star life Saturday 25th February 2023 update, Adi beats the goons with Ginni’s help. A goon hits Gulabo. Adi beats them all and they run away. Gulabo thanks Adi for saving them. Dimpy takes Gulabo to the clinic. Ginni brings water for Adi and asks him to sit down. She brings first aid and starts cleaning his wound. She says I always thought you are a stone-hearted man but what you did today made me grateful. Adi glares at her and says can’t you think why would I come here? I sent those goons here but I did a mistake.

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Ginni glares at him and says who are you? I am confused about you. Adi says I just need this dhaba. Ginni says what are you doing? Do you even know what you want? Adi says just give this dhaba to me. He turns to leave but he finds Darji there. Darji asks Adi to go home. Adi leaves. Darji tells Ginni I know you take of your family like me so I apologize on my family’s behalf. Ginni says it’s not your fault. Darji says can you call me Darji from now on? She nods. Darji blesses her and says you are like my daughter, why didn’t you tell me before about all this? He holds her hand and says I won’t spare anyone who insulted you.

Amber and others are sitting to have food. Amber asks where is Darji and Adi? He shouts at Chachi (Sharja) to keep an eye on everyone in this house. The power in this house is in my control otherwise everyone will do what they want. Darji comes there with Ginni and says you are right. People are doing what they want to in this house and Sharja did a mistake. She needs to apologize to this girl. All look on. Darji tells Sharja to say sorry to her. Sharja is angry but says sorry to Ginni. Darji thanks Ginni for working hard in the wedding and says I am sorry for all the insults. He gives her 25 lacs cheque and says I want to repay you. Ginni says she said sorry to me because you forced her and this payment is based on losing my honor. She tells Sharja that we are hard-working people, I know my siblings did mistakes but you should respect everyone. She tells Darji that I only have self-respect so I can’t sell it. Please also tells Adi that our dhaba is not for sell. She leaves. Amber says that’s the reason I don’t hire cheap people.

Armaan tries to pacify Adi and says I am sorry for sending goons to the dhaba. Adi asks him to leave him alone.

Darji is looking at Gurkirat’s sketch of the dhaba and says this is exactly like Ginni’s dhaba. Amber comes there and says so Adi is our heir but he is behind a small dhaba and trying to use goons to get it? Adi comes there so Amber shouts at him for trying to buy that dhaba. He grabs him and says I know why you want to buy that dhaba so you can put us down right? Adi pushes him away and tells him to get out. Amber says this is my house so I will throw you like I did before. Darji says enough, you want proof? He shows Gurkirat’s sketch and says he wants to fulfill his mother’s dream. Amber tries to take the sketch but Adi holds it too. The sketch tears in half, Amber says that’s good. Gurkirat had filled his mind with filth which doesn’t have place in this house. Adi says I will get justice for my mother. Amber says you are a crazy son of your crazy mother.

Adi gets angry and is about to hit him but Darji stops him and says we will fulfill Gurkirati’s dream. Adi says these people treated my mother terribly and now act like noble people. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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