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Cage of beauty November 2022 Teasers

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Omakr attempts to take Tara away from Mayura fails. When Mayura finds solace in Vishakha, Omkar fakes his blindness to reveal Vishakha true colours but ends up in prison for Vishakha death. Agent Raghav makes his entry and it is revealed That Vishakha is alive which may cost Omkar and Mayura’s life. Read Cage of beauty November 2022 Teasers

Cage of beauty November 2022 Teasers

Cage of beauty November 2022 Teasers

Tuesday 1st November 2022

Omkar accuses Mayura of Tara’s disappearance and plans to get her arrested. Eventually, Mayura removes her disguise and leaves Omkar in utter shock.

Wednesday 2nd November 2022

As Omkar plans to take Tara away, Mayura sits on a strike in front of his house.

Thursday 3rd November 2022

With the start of a 14 days trial for custody of Tara, Mayura gets the chance to meet Tara for the first time.

Friday 4th November 2022

Mayura tries to get Tara to join school, but Omkar is against this idea & wants Tara to take online classes instead to protect her from outside world.

Monday 7th November 2022

When Omkar and his goons storm at Mayura’s house, she stealthily escapes with Tara and elopes from the location. After Mayura secures Tara, she seeks help from Shaka, who advises her to work on herself and improve her lifestyle.

Tuesday 8th November 2022

Mayura changes her identity & introduces herself as a contractor to Omkar’s associates. As advised by his mother, Omkar plans to get back at Mayura for everything she has done to him.

Wednesday 9th November 2022

Omkar visits Vishakha and asks her to reveal Mayura’s address, but she denies. Mayura confronts Omkar after he tries to threaten Vishakha to reveal Tara and her whereabouts. Later, Mayura lets Omkar talk to Tara on the phone.

Thursday 10th November 2022

Omkar requests the police to arrest Mayura for abducting Tara, but he fails to reveal Mayura’s real identity in front of them. Omkar reaches the hotel where Mayura is staying with Tara, and he threatens the staff to take him to their room.

Friday 11th November 2022

Mayura is left in despair when she learns that her daughter, Tara has been kidnapped by Megha. Omkar gets a call from his father, who informs him about their home being seized. Omkar immediately goes there only to find the gates sealed on arrival.

Monday 14th November 2022

Omkar discovers that Mayura has caused his factory and other properties to get sealed. Later, Mayura offers a deal to return his wealth back. Vishakha deviously seeds the idea into Mayura’s mind that Omkar has kidnapped Tara. Mayura stumbles upon the truth that Tara is not with Omkar.

Tuesday 15th November 2022

Omkar finds the house where Tara has been held captive. Meanwhile, Vishakha succeeds in convincing Mayura that she has been betrayed by Omkar. Omkar gets suspicious of Vishakha when he tries to talk to Mayura. Omkar follows Vishakha and finds out that she was the one who kidnapped Tara.

Wednesday 16th November 2022

When Omkar makes Tara tell Mayura the truth about Vishakha, the latter hits and runs Omkar over with her car.

Thursday 17th November 2022

On losing his eyesight, Omkar attempts to commit suicide. Omkar lies to Mayura about Tara’s whereabouts after she pleads with him to let her meet Tara.

Friday 18th November 2022

While Omkar has his meal with Vishakha and Mayura, the waiter fumbles the bowl of food right next to him. When Omkar threatens to expose Vishaka, she shares with him that she plans to bring the truth about him to Mayura and separate them forever.

Monday 21st November 2022

Vishakha eavesdrops on Omkar and Mayura’s conversation and discovers Mayura to be Omkar’s weakness. Omkar plans to shock Vishakha on her birthday.

Tuesday 22nd November 2022

Omkar hacks Vishakha’s laptop and plans to develop fear in her. Later, an angry Vishakha accuses Omkar of plotting against her.

More Teasers to be added soon…