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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Sunday 19th February 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Sunday 19th February 2023 update, Samaira says can I stay here? Chandrani says we don’t have extra rooms here. She says I will stay here in Kuldeep’s room. Samaira cleans her face. She says I will stay in Kuldeep’s room. Chandrani says with what right? She says the right Shubhra is living with. She has no right to live here. Have that place in Kuldeep’s life now. Kuldeep says stop it Samaira. She says no it’s about time that we tell the truth. Chandrani cries and says only this was left to see? Chandrani twists Kuldeep’s ear. Samaira says stop. Chandrani says you stop. Kuldeep says I will tell you everything. Chandrani breaks a coconut and says start your disgust story.

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Samaira says this drama isn’t getting anyone anything. Say it and be free. If not, I will go away from your life. Kuldeep says I love Samaira. Chandrani says leaving your wife? He says my life was lost. I was just being a husband and a father and would only juggle between work and home. I wanted a life too. And one day I met Samaira. Everything changed. I felt like I have a chance to make my life. Now I am living a life I always wanted. I am really happy.

Chandrani cries and says this was left? Samaira says Shubhra tells biji you accepted our relationship. Say it. Tell her there’s no relationship between you two. Shubhra holds Chandrani’s hand. Samaira says we are one we don’t have time or need for anyone else. Chandrani says say it Kuldeep. Kuldeep says samaira is right. Chandrani hits her head. Kuldeep says Biji, please. Please don’t punish yourself. I have hurt you before. You can hit me. She says will that bring my motherly love back? That I gave to Shubhra but if you don’t consider her wife what’s the point. When I saw her I thought she’s pretty and you love her. She’s short but she stayed equal with you. She brought up my grandkids. But what do I do with her now? It’s okay. You like this Samaira, I will live eating pasta and sandwich now. The relationship is what your heart accepts. Kuldeep says thank you Biji. I didn’t know how would you react to knowing our relationship. You left me when I married Shubhra. Chandrani says I suffered because of my ego. you made a mistake too by loving Samaira.. Samaira says what? She says I mean Shubhra.

Samaira say thank you Biji. You’re very smart. Kuldeep and I can live together now. Chandrani grasps her hands and says my son is innocent. He fell for Shubhra as well. This time I will not let him make a mistake. Kuldeep loved Shubhra as well so much that they left their parents. Her family was very rich and she still left them to marry him. But a wind took their marriage away. So to test your love I have to see if you are fit for my son. Samaira says I don’t need to give an exam. Chandrani says are you scared? Come sit here. When you sacrifice your happiness for each other that’s love. Samaira says I can be happy and keep him happy as well. You can ask your son. Chandrnai cries and says I was ready to accept her yet you can’t ask her to pass this exam for me?

Kuldeep says Biji don’t cry. She says you left for Shubhra first and now this.. He says don’t say that. I won’t leave you. Chandrani says I only want your happiness. I will leave you and go to Chadha ji. She cries. Kuldeep says I will talk to her. He takes Samaira in the room.

Kuldeep says thank you Samaira. Thank you so much. You have always helped me. On valentine’s day I want to be with you not Shubhra. If it wasn’t for Biji I would be with you. You’re not only my love but my strength. You never let me lose and you did the same today. I feel so free. Please help me solve my last problem. Please.

Chandrani cries. Shubhra says please stop acting. Shubhra says there’s nothing left between me and Kuldeep. We are only tied by kids. I only came here to get my kids their dad’s love and their right. Chandrani says you make his life. What about you? Chandrani kisses her head and says you will also get your right. Kuldeep can’t live without kids. Samaira won’t let him live with kids. Why should we give her a chance? This isn’t the time to give up. We will kick her out of Kuldeep’s life. Chandrani ties a thread on her hand.

Kuldeep says Biji wants to accept you as well. Just say yes for her test then our way would be clear. No one would come between us. She says can’t you say no to her? He says if you accept this challenge for me, I will be the happiest. Make me feel proud of you.

Kuldeep and Samaira come out. Kuldeep says Samaira will take your test. She’s ready. Samaira says I will do anything for Kuldeep. Chandrani says very well. Just one week. Samaira says what? She says make trust you in one week that your love is for a lifetime. Shubhra will leave with the kids. Chandrani says first challenge is to show that you can handle the house and kids. Shubhra says who will take care of the kids? Kuldeep says me. Shubhra says you never have time. Shubhra says their online classes start at 7. They are both very different. Kuldeep says Samaira is good with multi-tasking. She will handle it all. Chandrani says I knew it. She will love your mom and your kids. Samaira says Kuldeep how will I handle the kids? Chandrani says what? She says how will I leave now? She cries and says how will I die with such heavy heart. Kuldeep says Biji, please. He looks at Samaira. She says okay I will take care of the kids. Chandrani says well done. She hugs her. She says good night.

Scene 2
Shubhra is worried for the kids. Shubhra says I know how insensitive she is. She locked Rishi is a storeroom. I can’t let my kids be at her mercy. Chandrani says we will be there for them. It’s a test for her, not the kids. They will always have us. Kuldeep also cares about the kids. These kids will bring their papa back.

Scene 3
Roli wakes up Rishi and says we are late. The sunrise is gone too. Shubhra looks at the clock. She doesn’t go to the kids. The kids come to Shubhra. She pretends to sleep. Rishi checks her temperature. She says I am off. I will sleep more. They are confused. Roli says who gave you off? Chandrani says I did. Rishi says what? She says you all are happy when it’s Sunday right? Mama also deserves a day off. Rishi says I am glad. She will get ready. Roli says but who will get us ready? Rishi says breakfast? They say studies?

Chandrani says Samaira will. Kids are shocked. Shubhra says Samaira will do it all. Roli says but why? Shubhra says because se will stay here with us. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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