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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Monday 20th February 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Monday 20th February 2023 update, Rishi asks will Samaira do all our chores? She says yes. Rishi says why? Roli says we don’t want her here. Shubhra says like we stayed at her place I will stay at her place. Barter service. When money wasn’t invented people used to exchange services. Rishi says we can give her money now. I don’t want her here. Roli says I will make her work so much. This is a good chance to annoy her. Rishi says okay. Roli says we will make her cry. Chandrani says go to her room.

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Kids come to Samaira’s room. Roli says full drama. This is our revenge. He says let is being.
Chandrani makes tea. Shubhra gets ready. Chandrani says take some rest. She says a mother can never be off. Chandrani says you should have fun for today. Shubhra says I can’t have tea until kids eat. Chandrani says don’t worry. I will make you tea. She says you have always multi-tasked. Your heart and body needs rest. Shubhra says kids are so used to me. They were happy but they can’t live without me. I can’t rest here and leave their responsibility. They will think I am selfish. Chandrani says you’re super mom. You are there for kids. Your kids have world’s best mom. Even their father doesn’t have such a good mom. Chandrani hugs her. Shubhra says I will be with my kids even if I am not in front. Sama can’t do anything to them. Chandrani says well done.

Scene 2
Kuldeep brings Samaira to a decorated room for valentine’s day celebration. They enjoy their date. The kids say Samaira aunty wake up. We will get late. She says someone is calling me. She was dreaming. The kids throw her from the bed. Samaira says what are you doing in my room? phirki comes with tea. Roli says your dreams wont come true now. Samaira says go out of here. Why are you here? Rishi says our online classes are happening. We need to be in uniform. You have to get us ready.

Shubhra calls Madhura and says when I was young did you ever take a break from being a mom? Madhura says what is it? She says Biji is taking Sam’s test and asking her to be my kids’ mom for today. Would that make me good? She says you have to go a little distant from them to give then sun. Chandrani comes to Samaira and says good luck. Kuldeep says just one week Samaira. Roli says Samaira aunty asked us to eat mama’s head. Kuldeep says what? no she will get you ready.

Kuldeep asks Phirki to make breakfast. Chandrani says Samaira will make it. Can she add love in it like you can? Chandrani cries and says if she can’t make Phirki will make it. She says remember how I used to make parathas for you. Samaira says don’t make a big deal. It’s the same. Look at me. Chandrani says shubhra makes food of everyone’s choice. Samaira says she would what else does she know. We have other important things to do. Don’t compare me with her. Chandrani says you have to pass this test. She says I can’t do all this. Chandrani says this exam is tough, I don’t think you can be good for Kuldeep if you fail in this test. Chandrani cries. Kuldeep says Samaira why are you hurting Biji? She will be happy if you do this. Please say yes. Samaira says okay I will do it. Chandrani says well done. Stay happy. Samaira says Kuldeep you get ready, I will get kids ready and make breakfast. Chandrani says you would have to run after the kids.

Shubhra says God please help my kids. This is my test. Please be with my kids.
Rishi and Roli come out of the shower. Samaira is all wet. The kids run. Samaira says stop it. She comes in the room and slips. Rishi says take my school dress out please. Shubhra cooks in the kitchen. Chandrani says she has to cook. Shubhra says have to make food for kids and you. Samaira can’t do all this.

Samaira says how will I take out clothes. There’s nothing here. You will grow up and become mediocre like your mom. Roli has hidden the uniform, it hits Samaira.
Shubhra says I am so worried about the kids. Roli says mama Samaira is pulling my hair. Samaira says your hair aren’t combing at all. They are so sticky. Shubhra touches her and realizes roli made Chandrani put oil in her hair. Chandrai says smart dadi’s smart granddaughter. Samaira says your hair stink. Roli falls on her. Rishi comes out and says fix my tie. Tuck in my shirt. Shubhra recalls getting the kids ready. Roli runs.. Samaira says you stop it. Roli says you made such bad braids. Rishi says tie my shoes. She says no one will see your shoes in online class. He says everything is checked. Samaira says your shoes are stinking. Rishi mixed something in them.

Samira getting annoyed at Rishi for making things difficult for her. She is trying to make Rishi wear his shoes but they are stinking. Kuldeep asks Samira to calm down and says that they are kids and are not as organized as grownups. Roli also complains that Samira pulled her hair while making her braids. Samira says that I won’t be able to do it again. I am sick and tired, you take care of all this. Samira leaves to make breakfast. Kuldeep helps Roli with her braid. Kuldeep then moves to Rishi and helps him with his shoes. Shubra is pleased to see Kuldeep happy with the kids.

Samaira is declared a failure by Biji as she was not able to take care of the kids properly. She appreciates Kuldeep for doing a great job helping the kids.

Madhura tells Vitthal that her daughter Shubra has got a break from being a mother. Vitthal asks her to have faith in God. But she says that her life is her kids how will she live without them. Shubra’s father comes and says that she is ashamed of Shubra. Madhura asks Vitthal to serve him and says that Shubra is not pleased to do all this with and as far as her duties as daughter is concerned, she has never failed but you have.

Rishi says that she likes his bread without crust and Roli complains about the milk having too much cream. Samira asks them to do it by themselves. She shows them the knife and strainer and asks them to do it themselves. Shubra secretly helps the kids with the breakfast she had already made for the entire family. The family enjoys the breakfast while Samira sits exhausted. Rishi shows the breakfast to Samira and says that our mother has taught us everything and says that you can also eat if you want.

Phirki disturbs Samira while she is getting ready. She slaps Phirki and lashes out at her. She vents her anger on her but Phirki tells her that today is Sunday so where is she going. Samira realizes that there was no school today and that it was all a sham to make her fail the test. Samira goes to Shubra’s room where the kids are pretending to be on a video call. Samira asks what class is going on Sunday. Sanju pretends to be Rishi and Roli’s teacher and says that why is this lady disturbing me while I am taking a demo class on Sunday. Samira is asked to leave the room and kids laugh out loud.

Biji calls Phirki and asks her to get a plate and beat it till everyone comes to the hall. Everyone is annoyed with the noise and comes to the hall where Biji is waiting for them. Biji then asks Phirki to remove the chart paper. Samira asks what is this. Biji gives water to Samira and says that I understand, nothing since the morning has worked well. Now you give the test and if you pass you can stay here or else. There lies a board in the hall that has Samira’s scorecard on it.

Based on the test her performance as another, wife and daughter-in-law will be scored by Biji. The kids wish her all the best. Dadi gives her 35 out of 100. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.