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Barrister Babu Joyprime, Wednesday 9th November 2022 update

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Barrister Babu
Barrister Babu

Episode starts with Bondita caring for Anirudh. She says I can’t see the mosquitoes biting you. She makes a tent for him by using the sarees. He smiles and thinks I wish the society was progressive and gave a chance to girls to step ahead. She says the mosquitoes won’t bite you now.

He thanks her and smiles. He says I trust you, you will become an example for many girls, you will become an inspiration, I promise I will take you to that place, I will do whatever it takes.

Its morning, Bondita wakes up. Anirudh blindfolds her and takes her to show the toilet. She asks how did this come overnight. He says magic. She sees the cement marks on his shirt. She sees his hands turned red. She asks did you make this overnight. He says I promised you, I won’t let you go to the lake to take a bath, our neighbor has helped me, he got the material at night and I tried to make it, is it good. She says yes. The ladies come and ask her if she will come to bathe at the lake. She says no, Anirudh has build a bathroom for me overnight. Anirudh says you all can also use this. The lady says our husbands will never agree, though we feel shy to take a bath outside. They call Bondita lucky. The lady says Anirudh loves you a lot, he is one in a million.

The ladies smile. Bondita looks at Anirudh. Anirudh and the ladies go. Bondita recalls the lady’s words and smiles. Anirudh decorates the house. He makes a partition. He asks Bondita to go inside and get ready, this is her personal space. Bondita says you have made a room for me. She asks him to solve a problem, there is no mirror, she finds tough to apply a bindi. He says I will get the mirror on return. She says I have to apply it now. He says I have a solution. She asks what solution. He says in front of you, just look carefully. She says you are in front of me. He says I m your solution, I will become your mirror, I will tell you and you apply the bindi. He guides her. Anirudh asks her to apply it right. She smiles.

Anirudh works outside the court. He makes the papers ready. The man gives some money and says I will give the money after the case. Anirudh says its my first earning after leaving the house, now I can pay her school fees, no, she has asked me to get a mirror. He goes to buy a mirror. The man says I will just get it. Anirudh checks other mirrors. He says this will also be good for her. Bondita sees the ladies and calls them out. She says Anirudh has locked the door, he said the situation is tense, so he has locked the door. The british officers try to find a terrorist. The girl pushes Anirudh inside and locks the door. Anirudh asks who are you. The girl asks him to get quiet. The officers knock the door. Anirudh unmasks the girl. The lady says Anirudh values you a lot and locked you for safety, maybe you kept fasts to get such a husband, you are very lucky, I would have fallen in love and got mad for him.

Anirudh looks at the girl. Bondita asks am I mad in Anirudh’s love. Officer says whoever tells about you will get a reward. The girl removes the black jacket and wears her dupatta. Anirudh turns away. Bondita asks how do you know if I have love for him. The lady asks do your cheeks turn red. Bondita says I didn’t see. The lady asks her to see it today. Bondita says okay, I will see today, is there any other way. The lady asks does your heart beat stop on seeing him. Bondita asks won’t I die then. The lady says you won’t die when this happens in love, think you are in love. Anirudh stops the girl. The girl says don’t touch me, I m a freedom fighter. He says british officers think something else, are you a freedom fighter or someone violent. She says look into my eyes, you will know it, my eyes have a dream to free this country.

She asks him to touch her wounds and hear the call for freedom. She says I have shed blood for my country, if you think I m a terrorist, you can tell them that I m here. The officers try to break the door. She jumps outside through the window.

Anirudh lying to the officers. He comes home. Bondita smiles and says you have come. He says yes, I got the ration. He puts money in the savings box. She says you got everything, but where is the mirror. He recalls the girl he met. He says I will get it tomorrow. He notes down the balance, 10rs. He says I have to pay her fees, min 250rs. She thinks how shall I know about love. He asks why are you staring at me. She asks are my cheeks red. He asks what, why, did the mosquito bite you. She says no, there is no mirror, so I was asking. He says no, your cheeks aren’t red, go and study. She asks why are your cheeks red. He says maybe because of mosquitoes, study and sleep. She thinks my cheeks should be red. Its morning, Anirudh asks what did I say. She says men and women are equal, they should do work equally. Anirudh goes to fill water. The ladies praise him. Bondita says how to know if my cheeks turned red. She asks Kaki to stop. The sindoor falls down. Bondita cleans the sindoor. She touches her cheeks. Sindoor gets on her cheeks. Bondita asks did my cheeks turn red. Kaki says yes. Bondita smiles and says my cheeks turned red. She smiles seeing Anirudh. She dances and says I love Anirudh.

The man asks Anirudh not to go to the court tonight, there is a problem, don’t risk your life, spend some good time with your wife. Anirudh says she isn’t my wife, I had to give the relation a name for the society’s sake, she is like raw soil for me, I want to give her freedom and shape her future so that she flies in the sky, she is just my responsibility. The man says its love for your wife. Anirudh says no, responsibility keeps us in control, love doesn’t. The man says love will win over responsibility. Anirudh says no, weak will be that man who will prefer love, I m a barrister, I feel a man has to fulfill his responsibility first. He goes to Bondita and asks what’s all this. She says yes. He asks why are you dancing. She says my cheeks turned red. He says yes, I can see, what’s the big thing, clean it, I will cook food for you, then I have to go to court. She says I will cook food. He says focus on studies. She says we will make it, husband and wife have to share their work, don’t you want me to keep my duty well as Trilochan wanted. She thinks my heartbeat stops or not when I see him. They make the food. She looks at him.

She feels the heartbeat and says it didn’t stop, why. He says your clothes got the flour. She says I was feeling the heartbeat. He asks why, you are behaving strange, come here. He checks if she has fever. He says leave it, just help me fast. She thinks my heartbeat isn’t stopping, what to do now. Sampoorna comes to Anirudh’s room and sees the pic. Binoy asks what are you doing here. She says this room is bigger than yours, I was thinking to stay here. He says no, let the room be mine, Anirudh might be away from us, but he is our son, when we come here, I feel his presence, let the room stay the same. He goes. She throws the pic and gets angry. She says Anirudh didn’t leave from Binoy’s heart, then he will be in his will also, I have to do something to oust him from Binoy’s heart and will, Binoy loves his son a lot, now I will give him a son, then I will see how he doesn’t forget Anirudh.

The girl sees Anirudh. She hears about Anirudh working all day, when he is a Roy Choudhary’s son. The man asks is he mad to work hard like us. The tea vendor says I heard he is arranging his wife’s education fees himself without taking help from his family, God bless him. Bondita says my heartbeat didn’t stop. She sees some people fighting. She shouts to Anirudh for help. The officer comes and asks people about an attacker. The man goes to attack Bondita. Trilochan comes there and beats the man. He shouts she is my Bahu, Bondita. Bondita sees him and cries happily. Trilochan asks are you fine. Bondita says yes, forgive me, Anirudh locked the door from outside, so I can’t call you inside the house. The man says I could have told you if I knew about this attacker. Trilochan says Anirudh is a fool. Bihari jokes.

Trilochan says Anirudh is a donkey, situation is tense, should be go out leaving Bondita alone. He says he went to arrange my fees, don’t worry, he cares for me a lot, you know he made food for me. Trilochan asks really. She says yes, will you have it. He eats the food and says its tasty. He thinks I thought it right, Bondita is calling the burnt food tasty. She asks Bihari to give Trilochan’s shoes to her. Trilochan asks why, take it. She touches the shoes and says I wanted your blessings. Trilochan blesses her. She says you bless me to stay happy with Anirudh.

He says yes. Anirudh goes to the officer and thinks I can get money for fees by giving her information to the police. The girl looks on.