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Barrister Babu Joyprime, Wednesday 22nd February 2023 update

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Barrister Babu on Joyprime Wednesday 22nd February 2023 update, Laboni asks Chandrachur if he is in senses. He’s disrespecting ladies in front of everyone. He says he was finding Bondita. Bondita was there, he saw her with his own eyes. Laboni asks who is Bondita? Chandrachur’s mother tells Laboni not to pay attention to him, he has gone mad. She asks him to stop his madness. He embarrassed Laboni in her own marriage. She won’t let him do more drama. They are leaving immediately. Chandrachur wonders whether it was really his imagination.

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Bondita tells Anirudh to go and get ready now. He asks she will get ready too? She says yes. He says, she already looks beautiful. If she gets ready more, then how he will be able to control himself. She tells him to put blindfold on his eyes then. Today is her special day. She will get ready in clothes that he brought for her. They smile. She pushes him and tells him to go.

Trilochan has arranged Shashwati’s marriage. Sampoorna wonders whose marriage it is? She gets shocked seeing Shashwati as a bride. She runs to Shashwati. Shashwati cries and requests Trilochan to stop her marriage. Sampoorna hugs her and says that she won’t let her marriage happen. She then tells Trilochan that Anirudh sacrificed his own marriage to fight against child marriage and today he’s doing his sister’s child marriage? If Anirudh was there, then he would have burned the mandap. Trilochan says, but he is not here. He ran away with their enemy, Bondita. Why should they follow his ethics and principles? No one is there stop him now. She says that she won’t let this marriage happen. He tells Somnath to make Shashwati sit in the mandap. Guards hold Sampoorna. Somnath takes Shashwati. Sampoorna cries and begs to Trilochan to stop this marriage. Trilochan says if she gives him Anirudh and Bondita’s location, then he will stop the marriage. It’s up to her to decide whether she wants Anirudh-Bondita’s love or her daughter’s life.

Bondita and Anirudh get ready for their marriage. She wears hand-made jewelries by Anirudh and his gifted saree.

Kali calls Anirudh and asks whether he brought sindhoor. He says he did not. She asks how he will fill her maang then? He says if Bondita asks, then he will fill her maang with moon and stars. She says his talks are big like a king, but you can’t buy moon and stars in market. She tells him to go to market and buy sindhoor. She explains him the importance of sindhoor. Only after sindhoor ceremony, they will be considered married and he will get what Bondita said – kiss. He feels shy. He says he will go and get sindhoor. Bondita smiles thinking their dream will finally come true and no one will be able to separate them.

Anirudh buying sindhoor in the market. He asks the shop keeper for the best sindhoor. The shop keeper shows him sindhoor from Maa Durga’s feet. The woman who uses that sindhoor, her husband will always love her. Anirudh gladly buys it. He looks at it and smiles by imagining him filling Bondita’s maang with sindhoor during their marriage. She then touches her forehead on his nose tip and make it red with sindhoor. He asks why she did that. There is no such ritual. She says it’s ritual of love. Just like how sindhoor means she’s his wife, that sindhoor on his nose means he is her husband. Now no one can see him. He only belongs to Bondita. They both laugh.

Back to present, Bihari comes to Anirudh. Anirudh tries to run. Bihari says he has come alone. Anirudh asks who told you that I am here. Bihari says that Sampoorna told. He requests Anirudh to go to Tulsipur. Anirudh asks what happened? Bihari says that Trilochan is getting Shashwati married. Anirudh drops the sindhoor in a shock.

Sampoorna says sorry to Maa Durga that she had to give Anirudh’s location for Shashwati. Trilochan asks Somnath to lock Sampoorna in a room. Somnath says if Anirudh doesn’t come even after Bihari telling him the truth then? He loves Bondita the most. Trilochan says that he knows Anirudh well. He surely loves Bondita. But he equally loves his principles. Trilochan is confident that Anirudh will leave Bondita midway in their marriage and come to Tulsipur.

Bihari tells Anirudh that Shashwati is sitting in the mandap. A minute delay can destroy her life. Anirudh says that he won’t let child marriage happen and leaves with Bihari.

Bondita is brought to the mandap. Kali asks where is Raja? A man says that he saw Raja running away. He saw him sitting in a car. Bondita gets shocked. She recalls Anirudh’s promises and is in disbelief. Guests gossip that this is wrong. Who will marry her now? Bondita runs outside to stop Anirudh. She runs behind his car and screams, but he doesn’t hear or see her. She faints. Chandrachur comes and holds her. In flashback, it’s shown that Chandrachur saw and heard Bihari and Anirudh’s conversation. He smiles.

Somnath tells Trilochan that Anirudh still didn’t come. Trilochan tells the priest to resume the marriage. Shashwati cries. Other side, Sampoorna screams to open her room’s door. Somath proceeds to tie the knot. Anirudh arrives and says stop this nonsense. Shashwati gets happy seeing Anirudh. She runs to hug him. Anirudh assures her that nothing wrong will happen with her.

Kali consoles Bondita. Bondita gets shocked seeing Chandrachur. She stands up to leave. Chandrachur asks from whom she’s running away from him? And why? He asks that she still doesn’t understand that Anirudh made her false promises and ran away. She says, no, her Sakha Babu cannot do this. They love each other. Chandrachur asks what love? He doesn’t love her. It was all drama by Roy Chaudhary’s. They want to take revenge from her for their defeat. She witnessed all herself. She was screaming his name, but he didn’t even look at her. They did this purposely to insult her, put a stain on her. She says, no. Her Sakha Babu cannot do this.

The boy’s parents ask Trilochan what’s going on? Did he call them there to insult them? Anirudh tells them that they should be ashamed of their decision to get their son married to a child. He declares that no child marriage will take place there. The boy’s family and their guests leave.

Bondita cries, but still says that Anirudh can never do this. Kali tells Bondita that love is not a game. A true Love has to go through many tests. Chandrachur says sometimes the person, who you give everything for, fails your love. He tells her to go home now.

Anirudh asks Trilochan didn’t he think before doing Shashwati’s child marriage. It’s illegal and he can be jailed for it. Trilochan says he makes his own laws. Anirudh tells him that he should have at least scared from Durga Maa. Is this his value to do child marriage of his niece? How he couldn’t hear Sampoorna’s cry? He didn’t think about anyone? Trilochan says, enough, and asks him whether he thought about them when he ran away with Bondita. They had a war with Krishna Nagar people after they ran away and at least 20 Tulsipur people got injured and a few died – women became windows and children became orphans. All that happened because of his love story. 8 years ago, No one forced him to become Tulsipur’s barrister. He took gun in his hand by himself, he became the leader by himself. His love came and he left everything and ran away? When a king leaves, his empire gets destroyed and women and children get the most affected by that. Trilochan further says whatever he did today was for Shashwati’s safety. But what Anirudh did was for himself, for his selfishness. Anirudh says he didn’t run away from his responsibilities. He was going to return after marrying Bondita. He was going to change enmity in friendship. Sampoorna tells Anirudh that there is no point telling all this to Trilochan. Shashwati’s marriage was just a way to get Anirudh back in Tulsipur. She was forced to give him their location. He did all this just to separate him from Bondita. Anirudh tells Trilochan that he can’t believe he did all this just to separate him and Bondita. To save someone’s child marriage, he left someone else’s child alone in the mandap. Here he is stopping Shashwati’s child marriage and other side, Bondita is waiting for him in the mandap. She has no idea why he left her alone. There is no one to wipe her tears. He warns Trilochan not to think again about Shashwati’s child marriage. He’s going to Bondita to hold her hand, to bring her to his home. He will marry Bondita, and this time, he will do it in front of everyone. He will see who stops him. Trilochan warns him the moment he marries Bondita, he will lose all the rights to take decision for that house and Tulsipur. Anirudh has tears in his eyes. Trilochan continues, not just Shashwati, they will have to do child marriage for every Tulsipur’s girl to keep them safe. He tells Anirudh to decide what he wants. Whether he wants to save all the girls from child marriage or whether he wants Bondita.

Anirudh thinks that he will fight against child marriage, but he must tell Bondita why he left her alone in middle of their marriage. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.