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Anupama on starlife, Wednesday 6th July 2022 update

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Anu stops Vanraj from applying sindhoor on her forehead and asks what is he doing. He says she may not believe his words, so he wants to apply sindhoor on her forehead and become her husband again. She says he applied sindhoor even on 25th wedding anniversary and he may not remember what happened after sometime, but she remembers it. He says he knows he made a mistake which cannot be forgiven, but can be punished as one who has right on them will be punished; he made 1000s of mistakes in 25 years, he doesn’t say that he didn’t do them, he wants to change. She says mistake is a one which is done unknowingly, but he does everything knowingly. He says he did whatever he felt right, he didn’t know he left his family along with house, now he returned home and wants to return to his family and become her husband again.

anupama series
anupama series

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She addresses him as Toshu’s papa, then says till now she called him Toshu’s papa, but now he is just left with that name and nothing else than that; he went to Kavya to go away from her and now want to come back to her to go away from Kavya; earlier he considered her love as service and now service as love; she will not let his relationship with his parents and children break and will not let him relate to her.

He says he became a father from son with her and now wants to continue his journey of relationships with her; he was her support before and now wants her to be his support, so she should let him walk with her. Anu says one travels together whose journey is same, but their journeys changed when he returned. He says their journeys can be together again. She says let there be difference between climate, which changes often, and human.

He says he has really changed, both their hearts are broken, they are 2 sides of a broken bangle which can be united. She says broken bangle sides can be kept together but not fixed; her bangle is broken and she cannot steal someone’s bangle and wear it. She asks if he wants her to do what Kavya did with her; it would have been good if he had not told this, she would have thought if not hers, he is someone else, but he doesn’t want to be anyone’s; she knows how it feels when a third person enters their life, she will not let what happened with her to repeat with Kavya. She wipes sindhoor from her hand and walks away asking him to wipe it from his hand.

Nandini stands crying in garden. Samar hugs her from behind and says sorry. He says they both made a mistake, she hid her feelings in a diary; when she thinks he is like his mother, then she should give him a chance. She hugs him emotionally. He says he loves her after reading her diary and even her feelings must have changed, he loves her a lot, lots of love. She says he cannot love her and should just go from her. He says he is going as per her wish, but his love for her will never stop; their friendship will continue and they will never apart; his love for her and her friendship for him will stop them from going away. He walks away sadly. She stops him and asks to come back. He runs towards her. She accepts that she has feelings for him in her heart. They both hug each other happily. He sings Ishq wala love….song… and dances with her. They both enjoy the moment romancing and nick their jodi as Sanan. Nandini then realizes it was her imagination and thinks that she loves Samar, but cannot tell him as her past is not letting him move ahead.

Vanraj picks Anu’s pooja thali and turns calling her, but stops seeing Kavya. Kavya asks him not to worry as she didn’t come here following him; like he gave one more chance to Anu, she wants to give one more chance to Anirudh. She says she tried to come near him and apologize many times leaving her ego and self-respect, but he didn’t forgive her; she learnt a lot from her and is learning to give a second chance to her relationship; they both are lucky, he has a loving family and Anu will forgive him soon, even she has Anirudh who wants to give her a second chance even after so much happened; they both started this journey to punish their life partners; she is going from his lane and even his life; she is sorry for whatever she did and thank you for whatever he did and prays god that he and Anupama and she and Anirudh be happy always. She walks away. He stands reminiscing Kavya and Anu’s words.

Pakhi speaks to her friend Riya over phone and asks why didn’t she come to school. Riya says she went for her parents’ anniversary shopping, she knows her parents were about to divorce, but when her papa apologized mom, she forgave him and everything is normal between them now. Pakhi hopes everything should be back to normal between her parents again. Vanraj returns home and looks at both his and Kavya’s house. Baa tells Anu that she doesn’t want to see maide ki katori Kavya’s face, so she kept the door closed; asks where is Vanraj, he had gone to temple behind her. She says she doesn’t know. Baa yells she is doing whatever she wants these days. Door bell rings. Baa asks her to go and open door for Vanraj. Anu opens door, but sees grocery man and Vanraj walking into Kavya’s house and shuts the door looking at him.

Samar goes to Nandin’s house and says he told that their friendshiip will continue and nothing will change, so she should open the door and prepare coffee for him. Baa asks Anu to prepare soup for Vanraj. Anu says he will not come as he went somewhere else. Vanraj asks Kavya what did she say in temple. She says like always he didn’t listen to her and doesn’t however she explains him; anyways he should be happy with his wife and she will be happy with Anirudh and they both are shifting abroad. Vanraj reminisces Anu’s words. Anu hopes he doesn’t take any decision due to his stubbornness.

Vanraj tells Kavya that she should have asked him once before taking a decision. He says he was angry on her, but that doesn’t mean he wants to stay with Anupama; even earlier, he used to stay with family and sleep in same room with Anupama; she used to handle him when he used to have problem with Anupama; he saw his death, so he was very afraid and in that situation any person would like to be in a comfort zone with family.

He lies that Kavya was right the other day in cab, Anu is really trying to come closer to her. Anu notices them via kitchen window. Kinjal walks to her and seeing Vanraj in Kavya’s house if papa went to meet Kavya or stay with her. Anu says only he can say that. Vanraj continues that he loves his family and parents, so he tolerated Anu because of them; he knows what she is doing, but he cannot react as he cannot lose his family again; he has become a laundryman’s dog and can’t stay at either place; Bapuji scolds him there taking Anu’s side and now Kinjal also taunts her like Rakhi; he is at the verge of losing job, now Kavya also is against her; he should have died in accident instead of facing all this. Kavya hugs him asking not to say that. He smirks. Anu and Kinjal notice that, Kinjal comments as expected. Vanraj says he wsa angry on her when she created drama at Toshu’s wedding, but he forgve her but couldn’t speak as he was helpless; like she said, there is no use of these words as life gave him one shock and Kavya gave another; he doesn’t know if he can manage himself or not, but not to worry he will bear the pain and would not come in her way; if she has moved on, he will not stop her and he now knows that her happiness is not with him, he didn’t know their love story would end this way, he is very sorry.

He walks slowly towards door thinking why she is not stopping him. He slowly gets out of house and seeing Anu in kitchen reminisces her words that their relationship has ended and she is no more his wife.

Kavya stops him and says he is right, their love story cannot end this way; love story should end when love ends, they love each other so much, that is why she gets jealous seeing him with Anu and he gets jealous seeing her with Anirudh; she thinks she had to use Anirudh to make Vanraj realize his love for her and every mistake and sin is forgiven in love. She reminisces Rakhi’s advice that she should make Vanraj jealous instead to get him back and she shows how to do that. Vanraj smirks at Anu. Kavya says she needs complete freedom from Anupama’s related insecurity, he has to choose between her and Anupama, now either he would be completely hers or not; if he has to be with her, he has to end all relationships with Anupama, mentally, physically, and legally.

Toshu sees Kinjal engrasped in thoughts and asks what is she thinking. Kinjal says when he was helping mummy in kitchen, she saw papa in Kavya’s house; its so easy for a man to go to his girlfriend’s house in front of his children, wife, and parents; she feels very weird and remembers her mom’s words that extramarital affair is allowed in this house. Toshu says sometimes we don’t react the way we should Kinjal says if this should be sorted out or not. He says let us get back to studies. She says she is not in a mood to study. He says there was no need to study if she had accepted her mom’s offer. She asks what. He says he was joking. She says he wasn’t and shouldn’t joke like this again.

Baa yells at Anu that her son is out of house without phone and nobody is worried for him. Bapuji says he is not a kid and will return home. Baa says he is ill and she is worried for him. Door bell rings and Baa yells at Anu to open it as Vanraj came.

Anu opens door and sees Vanraj standing. Baa asks him to come in and asks everyone to start dinner. Kavya comes from behind Vanraj. Vanraj thinks Anu was showing arrogance, but he knows how to break it. Kavya thinks she challenged Anu to snatch Vanraj from her and she did it now. Baa asks Vanraj what is maide ki katori Kavya doing here. Vanraj says he is going with Kavya forever. She asks not to take a decision in haste and to wait for sometime, she blames Kavya for hypnotizing her son and making him run behind her.

Pakhi also pleads Vanraj not to go. Vanraj says he has made his decision and now he wants to completely separate from Anu. Kavya goes to get Vanraj’s bags. Baa asks why is he doing this. He says because of Anu, she saw he tried his best to convince Anu, but she is undeterred, he apologized her but cannot fall on her feet. Kavya dances with Vanraj’s suits and throws away Anu’s sari. He thanks Anu for taking care of him and keeping him in her house.

She says welcome, she knows why he is doing this and why he took this decision after their chat in temple; she would tell again that whatever he did with her should do with Kavya as Kavya doesn’t know that the man she madly loves loves only himself. Kavya brings Vanraj’s bag.

Anu walks to her room thinking he took a decision and now she will also take one decision. She calls Sanjay and asks if they can meet his lawyer friend to discuss about divorce tomorrow. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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