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Anupama on starlife, Wednesday 20th July 2022 update

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Pooja continues at Shah House. Kavya performs aarti with Vanraj looking at him repeatedly while Anu sings bhajan. Other family members also perform aarti next. Baa prays god that her son should be with her till her last breath. Vanraj promises that he will not go away from her. After sometime, Anu enters room busy doing household chores when she hears Vanraj sneezing. Vanraj apologizes and says he came into room to correct his tika. She says even she didn’t notice him. He says whatever she did today was not easy.

anupama series
anupama series

Anu sees white rose and reminisces earlier incident where she wishes happy birthday to Vanraj and gives him flowers, but he as usual rudely behaves with her. Out of flashback, she says their love has ended, why people consider only love and hatred as important, only those 2 are not important in life and there may be another way where there is no love or hatred and when 2 people meet, they don’t have to feel guilty and meet happily and leave on their own way; they can try to do this. He nods yes. She gives him white rose and wishes him happy birthday. he says thank you.

In the evening, family gets ready for Vanraj’s birthday party in black attires. Pakhi takes selfie. Bapuji praises Baa that she is looking like Madhubala. She taunts to behave according to his age and asks Kinjal about Rakhi. Kinjal says she gave her sari to wear it according to party theme. Rakhi walks out and asks how is she looking. Kinjal says beautiful. Mamaji flirts with Rakhi. Rakhi angrily asks family to get him treated. Baa says its not her brother’s mistake, she is really looking very beautiful. Rakhi asks if she is dreaming, Baa is praising her beauty, she will collapse. Baa says she can, they will send her home via her car and then party. Vanraj comes out wearing a tuxedo with Anu’s white rose in pocket. Anu notices it. Kavya with Nandini enters and greeting everyone says she got ready in Nandini’s house itself. She praises Pakhi’s theme selection. Pakhi rudely says she didn’t like black and gold theme and said its flashy. Kavya says black and gold combination is looking classy. Rakhi thinks how did this maide ki katori became amrith from poison. Pakhi says let us call Samar and cut cake. Kavya brings cake and stumbles, but Anu holds her on time. Vanraj asks if they both are fine. Pakhi says there cannot be anything wrong where mummy is, she handles everything well. Kavya says yes. Rakhi thinks how did this sautan become saheli. Pakhi says nobody can become like mummy. Sanjay asks Pakhi to call Samar. Pakhi says she called him 3 times already. Dolly says he must be busy and will call later, let us cut the cake till then. Vanraj looking at Baa’s prepared cake says its very beautiful. Kinjal says mummy decorated it. Rakhi taunts that mother prepared cake and wife decorated it, even girlfriend brought a cake. Baa reverts back saying at last she spoke bitter now, she was worried for her.

Pakhi tells Toshu let us cut papa’s cake. Toshu says let us wait for Samar. Samar video calls Pakhi and greets everyone, but seeing Kavya says he will call back later. Anu insists to watch papa’s cake cutting and he agrees. She reminisces Vanraj’s rude behavior earlier. Kavya asks Vanraj to wish before cutting cake. Pakhi says papa knows and she makes him wish every year. Rakhi taunts to wish for a job as he needs that at this time. Anu says talented get a job and don’t need to wish. Pakhi asks Vanraj to wish. He imagines Anu. Pakhi asks what did he wish. He says wish cannot be revealed, else it won’t be fulfilled. He cuts cake while everyone sing birthday song. He picks cake piece.
Pakhi says first her. He says not her and feeds Baa and Bapuji first and then Pakhi, Toshu, and Meenu. Pakhi asks him to feed Anu next. Kavya also says same. He takes cake towards Anu, but she stops him. Kavya bites it from his hand. Samar and Kinjal get angry seeing that. Kavya says she can have from her hand at least. Anu stops her reminiscing earlier incident where she says Kavya’s promotion cake cannot be her birthday cake. Kavya she didn’t have it last time also. Anu says she can’t and walks away to bring plates. She thinks she is doing right and should continue it.

Rakhi walks to Kavya and asks what is happening. Kavya says sorry. Rakhi says she doesn’t have to act in front of her and tell why she is acting so sweet. Kavya says what she couldn’t’ do being outside the house, she wants to do it being inside; she wants to destroy Anu, kick Vanraj’s parents out of house, send Pakhi to hostel, get Samar and his mother out of house, and slowly get Vanraj’s family out of his life.

Kavya tells Rakhi that she is sorry to spoil her expectations as she will not do what she is thinking and wants her to do as this is not a drama but her decision. She continues that she doesn’t like daily drama as she is not a serial vamp but a normal girl and it will hurt her self-respect, she needs peace and V in life and she has to accept V’s family if they are coming along V as a package and she has develop relationship between V’s important relationships or else he will be stuck between her and his family; she still remembers Anupama’s words that a woman can leave her family for a man, but a man cannot leave his family for a woman; she slowly realized Anu was right, so she will not make a mistake now. Rakhi says she is acting. Kavya walks away saying she doesn’t care whatever she thinks.

Pakhi clicks selfies with Vanraj and family and makes him sit on a chair for a surprise. Baa, Bapuji, Kavya, and Dolly dance on a song Tum Jiyo Hazorn Saal..song. After their performance, Mamaji dances around Rakhi on Ye Twist Ye Twist… song. Whole family joins him. Kavya walks to Vanraj and dances around him, but he feels embarrassed in front of family. Pakhi getting angry seeing Kavya’s act takes Anu to Vanraj and insists her to dance. Kavya denies. Baa insists that she teaches dance to the whole world and should in family party. Anu says when her family is happy and there is a party at home, why can’t she dance. She dances beautifully on Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai…song. Everyone enjoy her dance. Rakhi taunts Kavya that everyone were angry when she was dancing, but now even Mr. Shah is also enjoying. Kavya says she shouldn’t waste her ghee as she cannot set fire here. All youngsters join Anu and dance with her. Pakhi then takes Vanraj on dance floor and makes him dance with Anu and all youngsters. Nandini video calls Samar and shows him family’s enjoyment. Baa does nagin dance around Rakhi, Bapuji does break dance. Kavya joins Vanraj, irking Baa and whole family.

Pakhi walks aside and tries to open cool drink can. Kavya walks to her and opens can for her. Pakhi angrily asks can’t she see papa is happy with family and mummy. Kavya says she is a kid and cannot see or understand many things. Pakhi says she is not a kid. Kavya asks why is she behind her. Pakhi says she broke her family, came between her parents and divided whole family; she knows she is not sweet as she is acting. Kavya says this is not acting beta. Pakhi warns to don’t dare call her beta, papa’s happiness is with family and not her. Kavya says if that is the case, V wouldn’t have come to her. Pakhi says papa will not stay with Kavya for long as she will not let him stay with her. Kavya says when her mom couldn’t do anything, what she will do; she shouldn’t dare provoke her or else she will make Vanraj go away from even he and she can do this or anything. Pakhi angrily splashes cool drinks on her, and she shouts gaining everyone’s attention. Rakhi thinks now she will enjoy the drama, Kavya provoked Pakhi at last.

Anu gets angry on Pakhi. Kavya says Pakhi doesn’t like her here, so she is going. Pakhi asks her not to pretend to be good. Anu and Vanraj scold her at once. Kavya says she doesn’t any problem because of her, so she will go from here. Baa says she should go then. Rakhi asks to go in her car. Kinjal stops her. Anu insists Pakhi to apologize Kavya and even Vanraj insists. Pakhi says sorry. Vanraj asks Kavya what did she do and what had happened. Pakhi says she dropped cold drink on Kavya by mistake. Kavya asks her not to lie. Pakhi says Kavya is a liar, not her. Anu scolds Pakhi not to misbehave. Pakhi says every time she is scolded for other’s mistake, children are scolded for elders’ mistakes. Vanaj says she can tell this calmly. Pakhi says she splashed cool drink on her while opening can in anger, but Kavya is acting as if she did it purposefully. Kavya says fine she agrees her justification, she should tell what she did that she got angry, she herself came to her and started chatting with her and got angry when she called beta. She further tells Anu that her daughter is not only stubborn and irresponsible, but also extremely arrogant; she came here on her wish but stayed here on Anu’s permission, Pakhi didn’t like it and misbehaved with her, even then she ignored Pakhi as she is a kid.

Pakhi says she is angry. Kavya continues that Pakhi misbehaves with her even at her home, Vanraj knows everything. Pakhi asks what about what she does. Kavya says she tolerates her tantrums, mood swings, everything; she gets angry for silly reasons and doesn’t know to live happily, so she spoils other’s happiness and is not letting them leave peacefully. Anu asks Vanraj why he told Sweety is happy there. Vanraj says let us discuss about it later. Kavya continues that Anu spoilt Pakhi with her pampering.

Pakhi angrily warns to don’t blame her mummy and tells Anu that she does all her work herself, she doesn’t like being there away from family and Pakhi is trying to separate her from her papa. Kavya says Pakhi is not only arrogant but also a liar. Pakhi says Kavya is a liar who wanted to take papa to a resort and over phone told her friend that she doesn’t get privacy with Vanraj because of her, she doesn’t like her being there and even makes papa do household chores. Vanraj shouts at Pakhi to stop. Kavya says what is a big deal if V makes tea and coffee for himself, she does all the other work.

Pakhi says maid does cooking and rest of work, she prepares such a bad food that she borrows food from her friends in school and orders food from outside, but Kavya has problem even with that and yells that papa is jobless and she is wasting his money.

She tells Anu that she is angry as her parents separated because of Kavya and whole house shattered, she hates her. Vanraj shouts at Pakhi that she cannot to misbehave with elders to vent out her anger; everyone were enjoying party, but she spoilt it;

Anu didn’t have issue with Kavya, but she has and spoilt everything; he is tired of handling her and is stubborn like her mother. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.