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Anupama on starlife, Tuesday 13th September 2022 update

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Anupama sends milk for Kinjal via Samar. Kinjal asks if he also came to give her gyaan/knowledge. He says if he can, he will post a board that nobody should share gyaan in this house; he feeds her milk and leaves wishing her good night. Anu says Kinjal must be hungry, youngsters starve in anger, she will prepare Kinjal’s favorite breakfast in the morning. Once she leaves, Bapuji walks in. Samar tells him that there shouldn’t have been a fight between bhabhi and mummy.

anupama series
anupama series

Bapuji says he need not worry as they love each other a lot and will reconcile soon. Next morning, Anu serves breakfast to Baa, Bapuji, Samar, and Pakhi and asks about Kinjal and Toshu. Baa says Toshu went to office early. Kinjal walks in ready for office and ignores Anu. Anu serves her roti. She gets a call from office and tells Kavya that they need to go right now. Kavya says she finished her breakfast, so even Kinjal should. Kinjal says they don’t have time. Anu spreads jam roll and asks Pakhi to give it to Kinjal. Kinjal says she is very nervous and cannot have it and leaves with Kavya. Kavya smirks at Anu. Anu cries saying her daughter left home hungry. In car, Kavya tells Kinjal that they both should have dinner in a restaurant tonight and invite even Rakhi. Kinjal says she is not in a mood. Kavya says she shouldn’t bother about Baa and Anu as they didn’t even speak to her during breakfast. Kinjal agrees.

In the evening, Anu returns home from school and thinks she didn’t have medicine today. She sees family sitting outside tensed and asks what happened. Baa says Kinju baby hasn’t returned home yet and her phone is switched off. Anu says they should have checked her office. Vanraj says he called office and both Kavya and Kinjal left early. Baa says she should have called at least, youngster don’t know how parents feel when kids don’t return home on time. Kavya with Kinjal returns home laughing and seeing family out asks why are they standing out.

Vanraj asks why are their phones switched off and why didn’t they inform that the will be late. Kavya says even Toshu and Vanraj used to come late. Vanraj says he used to inform whenever he was late. Kavya asks what is wrong if she took Kinjal for dinner to cheer her up, she can become a good MIL at least if not a good DIL in Anu’s presence. Baa says forget a good MIL or DIL, it would be a miracle if she becomes a good human. Anu says they both can go anywhere they want, but should inform family at least; she tells Kinjal that whole family is worried for her, Baa and Bapuji are still hungry and haven’t had their medicines yet. She says she didn’t ask anyone to be hungry and why they make an issue about food. Vanraj says she is overreacting. Kinjal says what is wrong if she comes home late, even mummy came home late. Samar says mummy had already informed that she is going to hospital. She says Toshu will coming late, so she went out for dinner, what problem they have if she enjoys for just one day. Kinjal taunts family that she will surely inform next time and walks in. She provokes Kinjal that family has issue if she enjoys life for 2-3 hours, there is no difference between an ideal DIL and a doormat, Anupama didn’t gain anything being an ideal DIL, she lives on her terms and enjoys life even if she is considered as a bad DIL. Kinjal leaves wishing her good night and thanking her for the treat. Kavya thinks she enjoyed a lot in a small treat more than a big party.

Pakhi tells family that its just a question of 1-2 days. Baa says its a serious issue, a small loose thread can shatter a sweater. Bapuji says he didn’t know issue would exaggerate so much, Kinjal was never like this. Samar says let us go in and have food. Vanraj tells Anu that this house is broken because of him and hence she shouldn’t let it break more and handle Kinjal and not let her become like Kavya. Kavya taunts him from balcony. Vanraj says if he shouldn’t talk at all. She walks down and says she knows Anu fills his ears against her. Anu says its Kavya’s job and not hers; she doesn’t say anything doesn’t mean she cannot see what Kavya is up to; Kavya and Kinjal can go wherever they want to, but Kavya should remember that Kinjal is her daughter and they both love and fight, Kavya shouldn’t try to spread hatred between them as she will fill the gap with her love how much ever Kavya tries her best; she can share her love for Baa, Bapuji, and children with her, but if she tries to provoke them against her, she will not let that happen. Kavya asks is it. She says yes and leaves. Vanraj says Anu told her everything, but since she doesn’t understand Anu, he will repeat that she should stop her drama and try to separate Anu from Kinjal. Kavya says she didn’t do anything, he didn’t realize that Anu is trying to make everyone dance on her tunes, she is just trying to be a good friends with Kinjal. He says what can be expected from a person whose friends are like Kavya.

Samar informs Nandini what happened at home. Nandini is shocked. He says Anu and Kinjal love each other like a daughter and mother and doesn’t want to see their bond breaking. She says Kavya is provoking Kinjal against Anu. He says mummy says they shouldn’t get provoked by evil people. She says she will not fall in Kavya’s trap or misbehave with Anu, he should scold her if she does so. He asks if she is sure. She messages him and says its her confirmation and if he doesn’t stop her, she will not spare him. He hugs her emotionally and prays god that mummy and bhabhi’s bonding should become like before. Anu gets sad looking at her and Kinjal’s photo and reminiscing their happier days. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Anu prepares breakfast hurriedly early morning. Kinjal walks to kitchen hesitantly and sees Anu finishing all the work alone. Anu offers her coffee. Kinjal says she finished all the work, became great/mahaan, and proved her bad. Anu says Kinjal is so good that she cannot be bad even if she wants to, she is doing office work as well as house work; she became bad in my her eyes as her beautiful became bad in everyone’s eyes because of her; she has a small job and it doesn’t matter if she loses it, but Kinjal has a corporate job and a bright career and all her studies and hard work will go in vain if she loses it; she is her daughter and just like Sweety gets angry on her, she can also get angry on her and at least told that she cannot do it, but instead tried to become great; she should finish coffee and fight with her whenever she feels bad, but should never think that she doesn’t love her or loves lesser than her own children; her love will never lessen for her as mother knows to get angry and scold, but cannot for long. Kinjal stands thinking. Once Anu leaves, Kaya enters and says Anu is so predictable and is trying to prove them wrong, she doesn’t mind if Geeta left her job as Anu is her new maid now and new maid is unable to tolerate their friendship. Kinjal says Anu is mummy and not a maid and its their issue. Kavya says she shouldn’t fall for Anu’s buttery talks. Kinjal says she will not fall for anyone’s buttery talk and overreacted in frustration, she is upset on mummy for some issues but can stand up for herself and doesn’t need Kavya’s support. Kavya thinks what did Anu feed her early morning that she changed suddenly.

Mr. Dholakia calls Kinjal and asks her to handle today’s meeting as his wife is ill. Kinjal says she will handle the client. Boss says client doesn’t understand their problem and she needs to handle client sensitively. Kinjal sees Anu working and realizes her mistake and disconnects call. Samar walks to her and says he couldn’t stop hearing her conversation, she happily agreed to help her boss in need, but didn’t want to help family in need. Kavya walks to her next, and she walks away. Kavya thinks if she is avoiding her.

Vanraj discusses with Bapuji that he needs new ideas for his cafeteria, he has some ideas which are not exciting and wants to do something new. Anu offers Bapuji’s medicine. Bapuji says how much ever big the lock it, it is opened via a small key, similarly his success can be achieved with a small idea. He says even he is searchig for a similar idea as his friend trusts him immensely. Bapuji asks Anu to give her idea. Anu says usually school and cafeteria kids visit cafeteria, so he should create menu according to their pocket money. Vanraj says if they reduce price, even portion will be less. Anu says that is ok as both food and money won’t be wasted; he should organize standup comedy, music, etc., each day and prepare takeaway dishes also. Bapuji asks if she did MBA hiding from them. She says she learns watching kids and leaves for her job. They both like her idea. Kavya walks in next. Bapuji asks her to give some idea for Vanraj’s cafeteria. She says she has a lot of work pressure and is getting latge for work and walks away. Vanraj reminisces Anu’s encouraging words and Kavya’s discouraging words both.

In the evening, Anu rushes home apologizing family for getting late due to her hospital visit and says she will prepare food soon. Family smiles at her and shows sorry note. Kinjal hugs her from behind. Anu says she can tolerate anger but not hatred. Kinjal says she can get angry but not hate. Anu emotionally hugs her. Bapuji tells Toshu that it was most difficult for him as man has to tolerate both mother and wife. Kinjal apologizes Anu. Anu says it happens between mother and daughter like between Baa and Dolly, her and Pakhi, Rakhi and Kinjal. Kinjal says she today realized that they silently tolerate boss’ humiliation and torture, but cannot tolerate family pressure. Bapuji and Baa say it happens that they please boss and pain mother. Kinjal says she will never repeat her mistake and asks her to play guitar under her ears if she does so. Baa says its sitar and not guitar. Anu says realizing a mistake and apologizing is not easy and Kinjal did both. Samar also apologizes Kinjal. Kinjal says he should help her in presentation. Pakhi says she will prepare ppt, Toshu says he will help in financial aspects, Baa says she will not disturb them, Bapuji says he wil have only 1 gulab job. Everyone laugh. Vanraj with Kavya returns home and seeing family happy tells her that god gave her such a nice family, she should consider them as dear ones and get love in return. He joins family. Kavya gets jealous seeing that.

A grocer brings grocery. Anu says she didn’t give any order. Kavya says she did. Baa asks why so much. Kavya says its whole month’s grocery. Baa says they buy monthly grocery from wholesale shop. Kavya says she paid for it. Baa says whoever pays, extra grocery in the raining season spoils, so she should have asked her once.

Kavya yells what problem she has if she ordered grocery for whole month, she should tell her and Vanraj’s share so that she pays her and don’t bother whether it comes from wholesale shop or China. Baa says she divided hosue and now wants to divide expenses. Bapuji says Kavya is right, its better to divide expenses than a rift in family; let us have dinner and the decide about it. After dinner, Bapuji calculates expenses and says there are 6 working members in family and will divide expenses. Samar insists that even he works and will contribute. Bapuji agrees. Bapuji everyone will contribute 20% of their earnings into monthly expenses; Baa will take care of everything and they all will give their contribution on the 1st of every month. Kavya says she and V are one, they should they contribute separately. Anu says even family is one but many individuals, asks Bapuji if Vanraj can contribute from next month as he will get salary from next month. Kavya yells V is not so poor. Baa asks if she was born a wrong way that she speaks always wrong. Kavya yells at Anu. Vanraj asks her to stop overreacting. Kavya says Kavya is trying to prove that he is not earning yet and continues shouting..

Bapuji walks away. Vanraj scolds Kavya and tells Baaa its his family and he will take care of all the expenses soon, he will not put responsibilities on his children as they need to enjoy life now, neither on his parents, nor his wife or Anu. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.