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Anupama on starlife, Monday 12th September 2022 update

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Kinjal confronts Anupama that she great, but that doesn’t mean other bahus should be compared with her and until that happens, they cannot be expected to live freely or prove themselves. Baa asks why is she comparing herself to Anu. Kinjal walks away saying this is what happens. Kavya says they thought she overreacts always, even Anu’s bahu told today that she is the real problem. Anu stands shattered.

anupama series
anupama series

Baa says she didn’t scold Kinjal purposefully and was explaining her, then seeing Anu’s condition says sorry. Anu reminisces Kinjal’s words. Kavya videocalls Rakhi and says her daughter gave a befitting reply to Anu and Baa. Rakhi says nice, but what actually happened there. Kavya says all the work is dumped on Kinjal as Anu’s mother is ill and she leaves in the morning and returns home at night, Baa sits on swinger whole day and orders, instead of hiring a maid they made Kinjal a maid like Anu, Anu escaped throwing her snare Kinjal, finally Kinjal’s patience gave up and she took Anu and Baa to the task, etc. She then asks if she will not come to confront Anu. Rakhi gets angry on Anu.

Anu cries sitting in lawn. Bapuji consoles her. She says she failed, she promised Kinjal that she would be her mother and her house problems will not interfere her work, she promises that she will not let her become another Anupama, poor Kinjal is stuck in a trap; she scolded Kinjal, but Kinjal is right and she is wrong. Bapuji says its because her mother is ill. Anu says her mother is ill and its her problem, but its all her mistake because of which Kinjal is suffering. Bapuji says Leela made a mistake and shouldn’t have scolded Kinjal. Toshu returns home and tells Kinjal that Kavya told she argued with Baa and mummy, what exactly happened. Kinjal describes Baa’s reaction in detail and comparing her with Anu. Anu walks towards Kinjal’s room to speak to her. Bapuji tells Baa that she shouldn’t have scolded Kinjal. Baa says even her grand MIL used to scold her like this. Bapuji says times have changed, now bahu has to work at office and at home, its become a menace to become a joint family bahu, bahu is under a lot of pressure and she should not pressure more if not lessen it. Baa says she didn’t. Bapuji says she shouldn’t throw tantrums. Baa says she was teaching her. Bapuji says she shouldn’t and shouldn’t try to make Kinjal as Anu as they both are different. Toshu tells Kinjal that its not a question of scolding but explaining things, there is no better example than mummy when it comes to handling family. Kinjal asks him not to start now. He says there are several traditions which carry in the family, Baa’s MIL taught her and she taught mummy. Kinjal says its not necessary that they should follow the same, earlier there were never mixer, washing maching and other gadgets and why shouldn’t they use it now, it doesn’t matter if they cook rice in microwave or utensil. Toshu says it doesn’t matter of powerpoint content be in landscape or portrait mode, even then she asked Kavya that she needs all content in landscape. Kinjal says she is try to change. Toshu says few things take time to change.

Anu tries to knock Kinjal’s room door when Kavya walks to her and asks if she couldn’t hear anything, even she couldn’t, one thing is clear that they are fighting as she informed Toshu that Kinjal and Baa fought; Anu must have come to speak, but this part of house comes in her and V’s share, so she should get out. Anu leaves. Kavya thinks what will Anu do if the relationships she boasts of break. Toshu tells Kinjal that he cannot believe that she warned him that if he doesn’t stop misbehaving with mummy, she will not marry him; she completely changed him. She says instead of explaining Baa and mummy, he is explaining her; how can Baa expect her to become like mummy. He says whether she comes like mummy or not, she shouldn’t become like Kavya; then asks her to take a break, visit to her mother’s house for a few days and think calmly. She asks why do he think so. He walks out. She continues fuming. Rakhi calls her, and she disconnects call.

Vanraj returns home and seeing everyone silent asks Kavya if she did something. Kavya says for a change Anupama did. Rakhi barges in shouting at Anupama. Kavya taunts Vanraj that he will see that his ex-wife cannot always be right. Rakhi reminds Anu’s promise that she will keep Kinjal as her daughter and not bahu. Toshu tries to interfere. She shouts to dare not speak or else she will not spare anyone. She reminds Anu’s promise that she will not let Kinjal become like her, says all her promises were false; she brought up her daughter like a princess, but Anu made her a maid; she didn’t let her daughter lift a thing, but she made her daughter lift vegetables; Anu is no one to force her daughter to work in kitchen, just because Anu’s son is married to Kinjal, she cannot make her a maid; her daughter loves and respects them all and hence staying in this house or else she can buy 50 houses like this for her. Vanraj warns her to mind her tongue. Rakhi shouts he doesn’t know what her daughter has to suffer behind him. Vanraj says its all rubbish. She shouts its not. Bapuji stops her and says this is a house and not a market where she is shouting.

Rakhi says she can send them all to jail for torturing his daughter including Bapuji. Anu warns her to dare not speak ill about Bapuji, she will not tolerate it.

Anupama warns Rakhi that she was quiet till now as a mother was speaking, she can understand how Rakhi is feeling hearing about Kinjal’s troubles, but nobody did it intentionally and it was situational instead. She promises that it will not be repeated and Kinjal won’t face any problem, she will take good care of her daughter. Rakhi laughs and says if she had considered Kinjal as her daughter, Kinjal wouldn’t have been in this condition. Baa says nothing happened to Kinjal and what is wrong if they gave her some work, Anu’s mother is ill and Jhilmil is on leave, whole family is helping each other, what is wrong if Kinjal also helps. She agrees that she made a mistake by scolding Kinjal, but what is wrong if she scolds her as an elder. Rakhi shouts if she had informed her, she would have send 10 servants. Baa says she didn’t know that there would be so much issue if she asked Kinjal to do a few chores. Kinjal says its not a question of work but an issue of comparison. Rakhi says she should be thankful that she got a well-educated bahu who is preparing rotis. Baa asks if preparing rotis is bad. Rakhi says a working woman cannot do household chores and there is a maid for that. Baa asks what if maid takes leaves, if working woman’s children should starve; nobody becomes a servant by preparing rotis, she realized that its wrong if a MIL considers her DIL’s work as small and even they should understand that we are not beggars to save servant’s salary, there is problem as Jhimil is on leave.

Samar backs Baa and says she is right, even he peels vegetables and cleans furniture and he is proud of himself, he feels everyone should help in household chores; he tells Kinjal that nobody forced her work, so she shouldn’t have created an issue. Pakhi says she never asked her to prepare coffee and herself prepared it, in fact Bapuji helped her once. She asks Kinjal to speak. Rakhi yells she is mannerless and shouts to stop targeting her daughter instead of Anu, they all are attacking Kinjal just because Anu is questioned. Samar says she is crossing her limits Anu asks him to stop. Vanraj says Samar is right. Kavya asks him in not to interfere. He asks her to shut up. Baa says all the problem is because of maide ki katori who set this fire. Rakhi says fire can be increased externally but can be set only internally, so all this happened because of Anu. Toshu asks what is she speaking. Rakhi says she is speaking better than him and not hiding behind his mother’s pallu. Kinjal asks him not to interfere. Vanraj asks why shouldn’t he interfere as he stays in the same house. Kavya says this wouldn;t have happened if Anu had not sent the maid out. Baa says she brought an arrogant maid like her, so kicking her out was obvious; nobody forced Kinjal to work on a sword point. Kinjal says she doesn’t have problem working but problem with comparison. Rakhi yells again they are all targeting her daughter. Pakhi asks Kinjal to explain her mother. Kinjal asks her not to interfere. Samar says she and Kavya want everyone to shut up and speaking continuously without letting anyone speak.

Argument continues. Rakhi shouts her daughter working in kitchen is wrong, Baa scolding her and comparing her with Anu is wrong, everyone attacking Kinjal at once is wrong, etc. Anu asks her to stop as Baa, Kinjal, herself and everyone are wrong. Rakhi thinks her drama of greatness started again. Anu says everyone feel others are wrong, but getting adamant is wrong, not understanding other’s view is wrong, exaggerating the issue is wrong; differences happen in family; each family member’s view is different and family needs both elders and youngsters and they should walk holding each other’s hand to move ahead in life; so she wants this issue to end here right now. She asks Kinjal to forget whatever happened today and concentrate on office work as she will handle whole house, she will keep her promise made to her on the first day, nobody will disturb her, she just should remember that she shouldn’t argue with elders. She apologizes her for whatever happened today and promises that she will not make her another Anupama at any cost. She then walks to her room reminiscing the incidents happened today.

Vanraj returns to his room fuming on Rakhi’s drama and scolds Kavya that she should have helped Kinjal instead of setting fire, she is a bahu now and not a guest anymore. Kavya says he is shouting at her like he used to on Anu, his family hasn’t considered her as their bahu yet and will not accept whatever she does. He asks if she will not work at all. She says she will when there is time for that, for the time being she is busy in her office project. He says only herself and her job matters to her. She asks why he taunts her always. He says he is not and cannot expect anything from her, anyways Anupama will set everything right. She yells he always finds a chance to praise Anu. He says he wants to praise even her, she should prove to be a good bahu to his parents, there is no problem in the house except her and Rakhi. She says he blames her for everything. he says it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t wash utensils, but she shouldn’t strike them. She thinks he will blame her even for global warning and sirks thinking seeing Kinjal’s changed behavior, Anu must be in shock.

Baa asks Anu not to wake up at 4 a.m. and prepare tiffin for Kinjal as Kinjal argued with her; she knows she is wrong, but she never argued with her MIL once; Kinjal shouldn’t have called her mother. Anu says Kinjal did wrong, but as elders, they should forgive her like they forgive their daughter Pakhi when she argues with them.

Baa says her days were manual days where she had to work really hard, but with automation, everything became easy and a distance developed instead; Kinjal did wrong by involving her mother. Anu says Kinjal will never do that, she doesn’t know who did that, Kinjal is very sensitive girl and will understand soon. She says even Baa got adamant, she shouldn’t have made an issue if Kinjal cooked rice in microwave instead of cooker. Baa says even Bapuji said same. Anu reminds how she hated chowmein at first and now loves.

Baa says changes should happen from both sides and not just one. Anu thinks she needs to clear the differences between Baa and Kinjal. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.