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Anupama on starlife, Friday 14th April 2023 update

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Anupama on starlife Friday 14th April 2023 update, Anuj gets romantic with Anupama. Anupama feels shy. Little Anu walks in and wishes them happy danteras. Anuj replies her happy danteras and takes a family selfie. Anupama hopes only good happens this diwali. Leela makes a note of her jewelry and tells Hasmukh that she is distributing her jewelry among her children as she feel she may not be alive next diwali. Hasmukh asks why is she saying that.

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Family also gets worried for her. Leela says she fell ill many times, but this time she feels she may not be alive for till next year. Family tries to cheer her up. Pakhi asks her to prepare snacks and sweets for her. Kavya says she wants to learn preparing snacks and sweets and takes her to kitchen.

Kapadia family prepares diwali sweets. Anuj says they need to order sweets for office staff. Ankush says he will order it. Adhik says he will deliver them. Barkha fumes sitting at a distance and thinks they are all so fake and acting as if nothing happened, Adhik and Ankush are trying hard to make Anuj and Anupama happy, but she will not let Adhik and Pakhi’s marriage happen. Anuj says they will gift silver coins with sweets to staff. Anupama says they shall offer cash instead of silver coins. Ankush says forgein country’s gift registry system is good in this case, they make their own of gift. Anupama says its weird to hear, but a person receiving gift can get what he wants and one who is giving doesn’t have to think much. They all discuss what they bought first from their diwali gift money.

Ankush tells Anuj that accounts file of their new Japanese client is ready and he will give it to Anuj or Anupama to check. Anuj says he will handle it as international law and orders are involved and Anupama can’t handle it. Anupama feels disheartened hearing that and leaves in lieu of getting sweet boxes. Barkha watching them says Anupama felt bad, Anuj shouldn’t have said that. At Shah house, Leela continues talking negative while preparing snacks. Family cheers her up again. Anupama takes Little Anu out for diwali shopping. Little Anu buys a lots of mud lamps, then asks Anupama if they can buy beautiful foreign stuff. Anupama explains her the value of Indian made goods and how its helps poor potters and artists celebrate diwali. She then talks about troubling innocent animals and polluting environment when they burn crackers and says diwali should be a happy festival for all.

They return home. Anuj waits for Anupama and apologizes her for hurting her feelings. Anupama says whatever he said is true, she feels bad for being unable to help him completely in his business; he always supports her whenever she falls short, but she is unable to help him much. Anuj asks her not to say that and says he spoke unintentionally. Anupama says she feels bad that she is not highly educated like him and hopes if her children wouldn’t have felt embarrassed because of her, hopes she could help him in his business, etc. Anuj says she is not highly educated, but she topped in an exam of life; he will find crores of people, but she is the best. She says he may not, but she needs education though.

After some time, Kapadias and Shahs perform danteras pooja at their homes. After pooja, Vanraj gifts beautiful toe rings to Kavya. Kavya feels very happy and says once upon a time, she used to love expensive gifts, now she needs only her family. Vanraj thanks her for considering his family as hers.

Leela offers gift to Kavya next and thanks her for giving respect and becoming a good daughter-in-law. Samar clicks their pics. Anuj gifts a college admission form to Anupama. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.


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