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Agent Raghav January 2023 Teasers

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Series Finale, Raghav and team must solve another Ghost killing, a murder in space and a campus murder. On top of it all is solving his father’s death which leads him to an unexpected ending. Read agent Raghav January 2023 Teasers

Agent Raghav January 2023 Teasers

Sunday 1st January 2023

No Teaser Available

Monday 2nd January 2023

When Inspector Joseph is killed while on a secret mission and Inspector Niketan is buried alive, Agent Raghav and his team are responsible for uncovering the truth and saving Niketan.

Tuesday 3rd January 2023

A mysterious shadow kills people on the outskirts of Meerut on the night of the full moon. Agent Raghav and his team are put on the case to find out the truth behind such incidents.

Wednesday 4th January 2023

Sahay, an influential right hand of MP Rana Bisht, is murdered. When Agent Raghav begins to investigate, he meets Gehna and realises there is more than what meets the eye.

Thursday 5th January 2023

Agent Raghav and his team meet Rishab’s friends, who inform him that Rishab was a great swimmer. Trisha now seems confident that Rishab could not have drowned and was murdered instead. Will Agent Raghav and his team nab the mysterious murderer? Watch Agent Raghav to know more.

Friday 6th January 2023

A school van with home-bound kids is hijacked. When the van goes missing for three hours, the parents get frantic with worry. It is now up to Agent Raghav to save the lives of the innocent kids.

Saturday 7th January 2023

Ritwika, the wife of Rishabh, a famous television star, is stabbed to death. The CBI and agent Raghav uncover dark secrets while investigating the case.

Sunday 8th January 2023

An astronaut dies a mysterious death on his mission to mars, which raises questions in the media as to how that is possible. The space council team claim that the specific astronaut was attacked by an extraterrestrial being.

Agent Raghav January 2023 Teasers
Agent Raghav January 2023 Teasers

Monday 9th January 2023

After a confusing murder in a college, the CBI team is given the task to solve it. Agent Raghav and his partner enter the college as a watchman and professor respectively. Raghav learns of a love story and how it ended in pain. The girls, who narrated this story to Raghav also tell him that anyone, who falls in love, hears the sound of flute and commits suicide by jumping from the college terrace.

Tuesday 10th January 2023

Film star Rhea acts in a biopic based on the life of Kalpana, a late B-grade film star. Since she was not successful in her time, her spirit possesses the body of Rhea to enjoy her stardom.

Wednesday 11th January 2023

When an anonymous caller threatens to kill minister Aruna Devi, the CBI must track him down before it’s too late.

Thursday 12th January 2023

Twenty-five years after his father’s death at the hands of Vidushak, Agent Raghav finally decides to pursue his nemesis. However, he must put his plans on hold to attend to a bomb threat which eventually took the life of one of his beloved friends, the series ends with Agent Raghav father’s murderer running away.


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