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Age is just a number, Friday 21st October 2022 update

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Age is just a number Zeeword
Age is just a number Zeeword

Aarya hears Sahil’s voice. She asks an organizer about the voice. The man tells Vaidika it’s the same person who will perform today. Vaidika wonders if Sahil will do the dancing and music. Soon, the performance begin. Sahil jumps onto the stage and flies his shawl in the air, it fells over Vaidika. She cries of relief as Sahil performs on the stage.

Prachi decorates Aarya for her Suhag raat, she tells Aarya Puneesh would be happy to see her there. Aarya thanks Prachi, then says Puneesh won’t like the necklace she has given her. The one Prachi is wearing will suit her dress more, this will get them best results. Prachi gives the necklace with a heavy heart. Puneesh watched this, he thinks Aarya is shrewder than her mother. He will have gain and fun both with her.
Vaidika runs

into Sahil’s arms, hugs him and cry. Sahil forbids her shed any tears. Vaidika asks where he had been, why he came here. Sahil says he doesn’t remember a lot, it’s just that an old woman saved him from death. She needed money and he came over to dance for her help. He says he is now relieved after meeting her. Vaidika asks Sahil to go to Kanpur with her, a lot has gone wrong there. Aarya married Puneesh, Bhoomi left for US with Ved and Puneesh took over the business and their house as well. Sahil was in a deep thought and didn’t pay attention.

Vaidika confirms if he is with her? He replies he is with her forever. The crowd claps for them, while the two walk outside.
Aarya was waiting on the bed when Puneesh comes to the room. She walks towards Puneesh and says girls of this generation want romance, but may be man of Puneesh’s age can’t give her… Puneesh interrupts that he can give her anything that any young man can do. Aarya asks him to wear the costume on the bed. Puneesh excitedly runs towards the costume and wears the Romeo cap. Aarya then demands him to climb the stairs and propose her in the balcony like in Romeo Juliet. Puneesh was initially reluctant, but agrees to do later on.

Puneesh had worn the costume and climbed halfway up the stairs. Aarya stood on the balcony and vibrates the stairs. Puneesh fell down from a height hurting himself. Aarya thinks she is Vaidika Agarwal’s daughter and will make him suffer badly; it’s just a beginning.

Sahil walked ahead of Vaidika. Vaidika stops him as he went the wrong way and asks if he forgot the way to home. Sahil replies his head was a little injured, he will just follow her now. Vaidika walks ahead, Sahil looked around cautiously. Vaidika’s foot slips on the way, Sahil comes to support her. Her foot got a strain, Sahil holds her in his arms while everyone gathered. They smile at each other while walking towards Vaidika’s house.

Sahil carefully carries Vaidika to bed. Nani comes there and was elated to see Sahil there. Sahil says she couldn’t go anywhere else. Usha also comes there and was excited to see Sahil. She tells Sahil that everyone had accepted him to be dead. Vaidika asks Sahil to leave home as they have little time. Usha assures Nani that her son in law was crazy out of love. She then thinks it’s only she, who understands the whole story.
Prachi twists Aarya’s arm behind for manipulating her husband. Puneesh comes there and tells Prachi that Aarya is doing anything because of the compromise, she must apologize Aarya. Prachi was reluctant but then says sorry. Bari Amma comes clapping and says Aarya is the daughter of Vaidika Agarwal, she will snatch Vaidika’s husband from her. Prachi tells Bari

Amma to stay out of their matter, they are doing this with mutual consent. Bari Amma tries to inquire Prachi about deal they were talking about. Puneesh tries to take Bari Amma to her room for rest. Bari Amma forbids him get any closer and was about to slap Bari Amma. Aarya interferes holding her hand in mid-way. She tells Bari Amma to stay away from her husband. Bari Amma leaves the hall saying she will soon discover why they are doing so.

It was a press conference. Puneesh announces the change of business name of Agarwals and announces he has taken over the business and the new name is Tiwari Jewelers. The reporters ask how Bari Amma allowed this. Puneesh says Bari Amma can’t anymore handle the business. Sahil had died while Ved has left the country. He asks Aarya to make further clarifications. The media questions why Aarya agreed to marry a man double her age, her mother had an enmity with Puneesh already, if she had some pressures? Aarya replies she had no pressures at all and married him willfully.

Puneesh takes Aarya to inaugurate the name of their new business.
Soon, Bari Amma comes to the hall badly drunk. She creates a huge drama in front of the media and denies handing over her family business to Puneesh. Puneesh dismiss the press conference and make the media leave. Afterwards, he handles Bari Amma angrily. Prachi tries to save Bari Amma, Puneesh twists her arm and says Bari Amma is the left over filth of Agarwal family which has no place anymore. He pushes Bari Amma out of the house but someone comes as her savior. It was Sahil.

Everyone was elated to see Sahil, Bari Amma hugged him tightly, relieved over his return. Vaidika enters the Agarwal house from behind. Sahil says he is back home. Puneesh wonders how he could be alive. Vaidika says Sahil is alive to fight a monster like him, even God doesn’t favor people like Puneesh. God saved Sahil and here he stands. Sahil questions Puneesh how dare he tried to push Bari Amma out of the house. He punches Puneesh. Prachi says Puneesh did everything because Sahil had died.

Puneesh says this house, this business and everything belongs to Puneesh Tiwari legally. It was Sahil who left this business, and today he feels pity for his Bari Amma? Now, nothing matters to Puneesh Tiwari. Bari Amma shouts that Puneesh is like a snake she had been feeding milk. Vaidika tells Puneesh they will go to court and get Sahil’s rights. Sahil is the real heir of Agarwals and she herself claims to be Mrs. Agarwal even today and Puneesh has no right to make Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal leave.

Bari Amma tells Sahil to go into his room, she will cook for him meanwhile.
Sahil enters his room but looked around. Vaidika comes there asking why he is looking around like stranger. Sahil replies he got a new life, everything looks as if it’s new. Vaidika tells Sahil she fall ill without him.

Sahil assures he is back and will take care of everything now. He promises to take care of her and makes her lay down, she needs rest now. He claims to be her husband and holds a right over her. Vaidika smiles that in his new life even his style of speaking changed.

Sahil asks Vaidika to promise him, she won’t neglect her health anyway. He makes her easy in bed, and promises to take care of Aarya and Ved’s matters now.