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Age is just a number, Friday 16th December 2022 update

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TV series

Tanuj buries the coffin. Sahil tries to find the spot where Vaidika had been buried. Arju comes to Vaidika’s house. Prem Pratab and wife pray for Vaidika’s safety. Prem Pratab says Vaidika has proven to be a good daughter, wife and daughter in law. They decide to call Avantika and try to convince her for not ruining Vaidika’s life. Avantika takes her mother’s call.

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She convince Avantika what she is doing is wrong, she must come back. Sahil is her sister’s husband and loves Vaidika; why she wants to interfere in their love. Avantika questions if her own parents doesn’t want to see her happy. Avantika says Sahil must have been her husband, hadn’t Vaidika interfered. Her father stops Avantika, else they can treat her in another way as well. Avantika forbids them to warn her. She

accepts her plan, hitting Shashi and changing his will was also her plan. They dare not try to stop her. She will become Sahil Kashab, and run away with all their money and her love. Arju questions how Avantika can fall down to such an extent. Avantika says the crime which can’t be proven isn’t a crime. She need no lectures from all of them. Sahil will have to marry her. Arju says before that, they will come to Sahil’s place and reveal all her truth. Avantika smirks that they won’t be able to leave home. Some masked men had locked the family into their house. Avantika speaks from the phone that these are her men, they will stay there till she and Sahil are married. She thinks Sahil will have to marry her, to save his Vaidika and family. He will have to give the biggest sacrifice for the sake of his love.
Tanuj tells Sahil to dig the whole ground, but he won’t find her. Sahil asks Tanuj where he has buried Vaidika. Tanuj asks Sahil to give up. Sahil kneels down. Tanuj was boastful of his victory and asks who the hero is. Sahil begs for Vaidika’s life, and wants Tanuj to leave Vaidika. Tanuj claps for his love. Tanuj says Vaidika is his wife, he can’t let Vaidika die so easily. She has an oxygen for thirty minutes. Sahil agrees to do anything for Vaidika. Tanuj shows him a video of Vaidika’s family as well. Tanuj says he must sacrifice for her and the family. He tells Sahil to go home and marry Avantika.

Rekha was apologetic to Avantika. Deepak tells Rekha Sahil is in a problem. He was spot near the old garage but didn’t respond to any call. Rekha says Sahil must be in this trouble only because of Vaidika. Mina argues why Rekha always blame Vaidika. Rekha tells Mina to stop it, and asks Deepak what she must do. Avantika flatters Rekha not to take much tension, else she might get asthma attack. She will marry Sahil and be his wife, then she will serve Shashi and make him well once again. Shashi moves his hand. Deepak tells Rekha they must not hurry anything, what if Shashi means something else.

Rekha claims to understand her husband, he always disliked that divorcee Vaidika. No one can stop the wedding of Sahil and Avantika. She is sure he will be fine after the wedding. Deepak gets a call. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.