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A new life June 2022 Teasers

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Series Finale, Pritam brings Karan’s ashes home and the family performs his last rites, read a new life June 2022 Teasers.

A new life Series
A new life Series

A new life June 2022 Teasers

Wednesday 1st June 2022

Angad and Kabir wonder what’s wrong with their family’s weird behavior. Elsewhere, Pritam and Amrita enjoy their special dinner night! Later, Amrita fights some miscreants when they harass her for a performance. Later, Pritam gets shot while fighting back.

Thursday 2nd June 2022

Kuljeet requests Pritam to stay at his house while Nimmo gets doubtful. Later, Pritam is disturbed when he overhears Kuljeet and Saroj’s conversation. While at work, Pritam receives a call from Nimmo. Later, Amrita and Pritam dance to a song.

Friday 3rd June 2022

Saroj questions Amrita about Yuvraj while Vishaka cancels Kabir’s photoshoot. Elsewhere, Pritam and Kuljeet get inebriated. After getting drunk with Kuljeet, Pritam sobs as he shares his life story; Amrita helps him in getting to bed.

Saturday 4th June 2022

Pritam falls down the steps with Amrita as she attempts to hold him. Later, he detains a man in a hotel room to interrogate him for information.
A sharpshooter shoots the man Pritam interrogates in a hotel room. Eventually, Pritam is asked to abort his mission and return home by his chief.

Sunday 5th || A new life June 2022 Teasers

Santo catches Soniya in Pritam’s room, while the latter tries to explain herself with a lie. Later, Kabir defends Sukhbeer after he causes a mess at his work While UD and Jassi’s marriage talk is underway, he is inquired about Pritam’s whereabouts by a hitman. Later, a severely injured Pritam comes back home.

Monday 6th June 2022

Amrita overhears her parents talking about her marriage with Yuvraj and gets furious at them for lying to her. Later, Pritam gets emotional as he misses Amrita. The Sakhujas remain concerned about Amrita while she recalls her meeting with Yuvraj; Amrita puts forth a special request to Pritam.

Tuesday 7th June 2022

Pritam dreams about Amrita after waking up in the morning. Later, the Sakhujas are astonished as Amrita returns home with Ansh. Nimmo confronts the Sakhujas as they conduct a secret meeting with Kuljeet in the room. Meanwhile, Pritam is relieved as Amrita returns home safely.

Wednesday 8th June 2022

Kabir is excited to meet Meera during his shooting. Meanwhile, Kuljeet gives an important piece of advice to Amrita concerning her future.

Thursday 9th || A new life June 2022 Teasers

Amrita confronts Pritam about his car accident. Meanwhile, Meera faces an uncomfortable situation with Kabir at the cafe.
Angad vents his anger out on Kabir while Yuvraj learns that his men are missing. Later, Amrita encounters Vishaka at the hospital.

Friday 10th June 2022

Amrita tells Pritam that she has not paid heed to a single word from Vishaka; Kabir and Angad agree that Amrita should remarry to come out of her loneliness. Yuvraj makes a shocking discovery about his crew. Meanwhile, Amrita remains firm about her choice when Angad and Kabir make a suggestion.

Saturday 11th June 2022

The Sakhujas are pleased to meet UD at their residence. Later, Amrita helps Pritam fight a mysterious goon in his bedroom. After staying irritated all day, Amrita finally confides her deepest insecurities in Pritam. She also confesses that she cannot forget Karan.

Sunday 12 June 2022

Series Finale

Meera feels embarrassed when she remembers her confession to Kabir while Naveen suffers from withdrawal symptoms. Later, Amrita shares her love story. Pritam compels the government worker to give him the remains of Karan, while Amrita draws his name to dress up as Santa Claus. The Sakhujas wait for Pritam to arrive as Santa Claus; he comes home with Karan’s ashes, and the series ends with the family finally performing Karan’s last rites.

A new series “Unspoken bond” replaces A new life once it ends.

Other Star life Teasers

A new life final episode

The episode starts with Meera saying Kabir isn’t answering my calls, why did I say that I love him, I lost a good friend. He thinks is there any emergency, I will call. He calls her. She asks are you angry. He says you said such a thing. She says I m sorry. He says you were Angad’s fiancee, how can I think this. She says I know, I love you, what shall I do, shall I stop meeting you or talking to you. He says don’t cry, I feel sad. She says don’t get upset with me, I will fall lonely. He says you will never be lonely, just smile, I will come to meet you today as your Santa. She says I love you. She ends the call. Angad and Kabir come and ask him what’s the matter, is there any girl’s affair. Kabir gets a call again. They ask him to show the phone. She says it’s your creative’s call. They go.

Nimmo asks Amrita to forgive her. Amrita hugs her. Dada Ji and everyone talk. Nimmo asks them to call their Santa. Angad says I had called him, but he didn’t answer. Dada Ji says we will wait for some time and then become Santa. Pritam comes home. He sees everyone laughing. Kabir says our Santa has come. Guneet asks where were you Pritam. Amrita says I told you, your name is drawn, become Santa now. Pritam says listen to me. Nimmo says you have to become Santa. Dada Ji says I will become Santa. They all say no. Guneet says make Pritam ready. Pritam says listen to me, once. Angad jokes. Amrita says to wear the Santa clothes fast. Pritam recalls their words. They all dress him as Santa. They laugh. Dadi says Pritam looks so cute like Santa. Amrita gets a bag and says now you look like a Santa, I told you, I will make you roam in the locality. Pritam recalls Amrita’s words. Kabir asks him to just go and come. Angad says to make an entry from outside. They all clap. Monty is waiting outside with the ashes. Pritam goes to him. Everyone waits for gifts. Pritam comes back home. Everyone sings jingle bells. They ask Pritam to sing. Pritam cries. Amrita says he has to sing, lets’s see how he sings, he will fulfill our wish today. Pritam sings jingle bell. They all get shocked seeing the ashes pot. Amrita asks what is this. Pritam says Karan’s ashes. They get shocked.

They cry. Pritam gives the ashes pot. He says you all waited for these ashes, right, I got this, I can just give this Christmas gift. Amrita goes to the room and cries seeing Karan’s pic. Nimmo hugs the ashes pot and shouts. The family men go and perform Karan’s last rites. After two months, Amrita opens the window and smiles. Pritam hums and comes down the stairs. He smiles seeing her.