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This is Fate on zee world, Wednesday 3rd August 2022 update

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Two of the gang members while walking exclaim they have been searching since forever and wonder how many rooms are in this house, Shaka points out to the other side saying that they have not checked that side so he believes the guest room would be on that side, one of them mentions why should they not take out their guns since there are not so many guests.

This is Fate Drama Series
This is Fate Drama Series

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Shaka asks if he thinks he is the only one who is intelligent as they would only use the weapons at the last moment, Sarla while walking hears them both talking, she gets tensed so tries to see who are they.

The boss enters the guest room with Robin, they are able to find the drugs, Robin asks how would they manage to take so many boxes out of the house, the boss asks him to search the room as they would surely find a way, he brings out a bed sheet, boss orders him to place it on the floor, they both quickly start placing the boxes on the sheet when Pihu from the corner sees them both so asks if they are stealing exclaiming it is not right as stealing is a sin.

Sarla stops both of the men requesting them for their help however they refuse to help making an excuse that they are busy, she then points at the corner saying someone is calling them, she manages to pull the fake beard of one of them, realizing that he is the same person whom she scolded when he was trying to steal the boxes from the tempo.

Rishab says to Karina that he has called her and she will come, Rakhi and Karina are both looking at him, Rakhi exclaims I LOVE YOU, to which Rishab also replies, but she explains this is not that I LOVE YOU, but she along with Karina desire to listen to him when he proposes his love to Sherlin, Rishab from nervousness sits on the bed asking her what is she saying as how can he say it in front of them, Karina mentions she has an idea as they both would hide and as then they would not be able to see him but can hear it when he says this to Sherlin, Rishab tries to convince them that he cannot say it in front of them as he is also really nervous alone, they both hide behind the curtains when Sherlin comes to the front gate, he requests her to enter into the room and then after a lot of hesitation exclaims that he loves her, Prithvi also comes to stand at the window but leaves as he got really mad.

Rishab sends Sherlin back when Rakhi coming out of the curtain signals what has he done as he should have also hugged her, Rishab then calls her back hugging her, he once again exclaims that he loves her, Karan sees them both hugging, Rishab seeing him immediately leaves with Karan.

Karina and Rakhi both come out of the hiding when Rakhi exclaims she is glad that Rishab finally said this to Sherlin, Karina says that she was not able to make her brother say it, Rakhi exclaims there is no need to make him say it since he already says it a lot.
Pihu exclaims she will tell everyone they are stealing when both of them try to catch her but stop after hearing the voice of Preeta, she even informs her that they are stealing but Preeta explains that it is not like that since they are just working, she leaves after instructing them to come out with the boxes.

The boss along with his men once again start packing when they hear Mahesh coming with his inspector friend, they both enter the guest room but get shocked to see that one of them is unconscious, Mahesh helps him regain conscious and then hands him a sweet box saying that he can have it as this would help him get healthy, Mahesh after seeing the inspector to the washroom questions what are they still doing here as he a lot of times told them they don’t need any musician, one of them points a gun at Mahesh but the boss stops him pushing the gun under the bed, Mahesh asks both the constable to arrest them.

Sarla hides behind the curtain in a room when she hears them both mentioning how they are really dangerous people and she is a women, they are in the business of trading drugs, Sarla wonders what such sort of people are doing in the Luthra Mansion, they both enter the room thinking this is where she would be hiding, they start searching ever corner of the room when Sarla takes out her face from the corner of the curtain, Vishnu of them asks Shaka to look behind the curtain but just then he receives a call and so explains they have found out who leaked the information reading their operation.
They both hide after going out of the room thinking that she would surely come out which is when they will catch her, Sarla after coming out sees their shadow and so hides behind the wardrobe, Vishnu and Shaka wonder where did she go as she was hiding behind the curtain, Sarla wonders why did she not bring her mobile when she always keep it with her, she decides to hid here for some time as the goons are also working secretly.

Mahesh in the room instructs the constable to arrest them when the inspector coming out questions what happened, Mahesh reveals how one of them had a gun so they should arrest him, Robin asks what is he talking about when his brother is unconscious, they wake him up, the boss stands beside Robin signalling him there is nothing to worry about, the constable pulls out the gun handing it to the inspector, who takes a look at it and asks the constable how does he not know the difference between a real and fake gun, he hands it to the constable who is stunned by saying it is actually fake, the boss explains that his brother is a little mental because of which he does such things which is why he brought the fake gun and their parents died when they were young, Mahesh after questioning if he is fine asks them both to leave, they take the utensils and leave, Mahesh assures them that there is nothing to worry about as no one in their house involves in drugs usage, the inspector warns him to be careful as the drug peddlers were seen around his house, he advises Mahesh to close all the doors of the house, Mahesh gets worried.

Karan stops Rishab asking why is he acting so good since it seemed he was pulling him when in reality Rishab was pushing him, Rishab makes him sit questioning what does he mean, Karan mentions he would be scolded by the younger brother when Rishab questions what does he mean, karan says that he came to know Rishab is having an affair, Rishab asks what does he mean because he was just saying it because both karina and Rakhi were hiding behind the curtains, Karan advises Rishab to look as he would then find someone who loves him after which he would get the chance to complain about Rishab, he sees Sonakshi so goes to meet her, she exclaims it is really nice to see that he has returned, she leaves after seeing that karan is angry, Rishab sitting with karan explains how he forgot to inform Karan that when they were on the trip to the mountains in the twelfth grade, he heard her talking with her friend of how she loved him, karan questions why did he not tell him this before, Rishab questions when did he used to consider her important as he would always say that she is a boy, Karan leaves saying he is going to complain to their mother, Sherlin coming out of the corner thinks she must inform Karina bua as she is the only one in this house who listens to her.

Mahesh is walking when Rakhi comes to stop him asking if he knows what happened as Rishab said I LOVE YOU Sherlin, he questions what is so big in this as each and every husband says the same to his wife, she leaves in anger.

Sarla hesitantly comes out of the hiding thinking they both would have surely left, she goes out to the hall where she sees them both, they are still searching for her, she gets scared after coming face to face with them.

Sarla quietly comes out of the room, she reaches the hall seeing them both, they run to catch her.

Mahesh tries to stop Rakhi, but she leaves, Rishab coming to him asks what was going on which angered Rakhi and she left, Mahesh replies there is nothing of the sort as he will apologize and it will correct everything, Rishab asks why does he apologize so much even when he doesnot have any fault, Mahesh explains Rishab should follow in his foot steps learning what he is telling him, Mahesh explains he wants to live happily then should learn to apologize to his wife otherwise he would not be able to live a happy life, Rishab then asks why is he so worried, Mahesh reveals that he is trying to call Bharat but he is not at the gate, Rishab requests him to calm down as Bharat might be near papa, Mahesh mentions he never leaves the gate for so long, Rishab replies he is going to call the security agency, Mahesh also leaves to call the inspector if he is not able to reach Bharat.
Rishab is standing, Sarla comes to the balcony screaming, Rishab gets tensed hearing the scream, he is not able to judge who is screaming, just then both of them manage to cover her mouth so she is not able to signal Rishab who also tries to search from where did the voice came, they both pull Sarla behind the pillar, Rishab calls Mahesh asking if he heard that someone was calling his name, Mahesh replies he did not pay any attention, Sarla is pulled from the balcony.

Mahesh notices that Rishab is really worried so questions what happened, Rishab explains how he feels Sarla was calling him, Mahesh says he cannot see her anywhere, Rishab looks suspiciously at the balcony.

Shaka along with his accomplice manage to bring Sarla into the room, Shaka instructs his accomplice to make Sarla falls asleep, he starts singing the songs which angers Shaka then he instructs him to take out the chloroform, they make sure Sarla is unconscious and then plan to tie her.

Sherlin comes searching for Karina, she finds her in the room while she is talking with Sanjana questioning why did she not come to the party, Sherlin taking the mobile says to her mother she would call her after a while, Sherlin explains that she needs to tell something important to Karina as she is the only one who would listen to her in this house, Karina questions what does she want to talk about, Sherlin explains that she came to know Sonakshi loves karan since their collage days, they both might be in a relationship, Karina at once disagrees, replying that Sherlin doesnot know the sort of person Karan was in his collage days, he was really flirtatious, he was not serious with any single girl but had a lot of girlfriends, she explains how he has changed after his marriage by becoming responsible, she leaves scolding Sherlin for ending her call without any reason, she leaves the room, Sherlin thinks she should give it another try.

Sherlin rushes out of the room bumping into Prithvi, she accidentally calls him Bhai, he seeing her explains she should never call him Bhai as it would be better for him to die, she tries to leave but he stops realizing how Rishab said I LOVE YOU, to her, he questions if she has anything to say but Sherlin tries her best to get away, he questions why was Rishab saying I LOVE YOU, to her when Sherlin questions if he is suspecting her, because she never says anything to him when Kritika exclaims her love for him in front of everyone, they both see the two men standing staring at them, Prithvi questions what are they staring at since it is an argument between a husband and wife, one of them requests Prithvi to not fight like this with his wife since she is really beautiful, they both instruct them to run away, they immediately leave. Sherlin says he can think whatever he wants because she doesnot care, Prithvi thinks it is opportune as others only love what is meant for others, saying that Rishab said I LOVE YOU to his girlfriend when he is also forced to be with Kritika.

Rishab and Karan are both taking selfies together, Preeta and Pihu come to the party, Pihu points towards Karan, Preeta going to him asks what has he done, Karan asks what does she mean, Preeta questions why did he leave Pihu alone in the toy room, Karan replies she was not alone as she had Kuku with her, Preeta mentions it is a toy and cannot take care of her, Rishab also starts scolding Karan saying he must not be so irresponsible, Karan says he should not take her side as things have changed, Rishab questions what has changed as they are still a big family, he then turning to Preeta explains even Karan is not that wrong as he admits that not everyone in the house is family but ninety eight percent of those are a family, Preeta still explains it is not right to leave the child alone as she is really young, Pihu insists that Preeta lift her up in her arms, Pihu exclaims that both Papa and Rishab are wrong as papa left her alone in the toy room, she asks what would have happened as if anyone kidnapped her, Rishab says how could anyone take her when they both are here, Pihu then says to Preeta there is nothing to worry about as they both would protect her, she however says her mother is the best then calls Preeta as baby doll, Rishab asks Pihu to come with him as they will give some time to the both of them.

Karan asks Preeta what happened, she asks him to at least stop calling her baby doll now, karan says he is not bothered by what anyone calls her and even doesnot care when Pihu calls her pretty mama but he would not change when anyone comes into their lives, he once again calls her baby doll, she picking up Kiku asks if she looks like her, Karan replies she looks better then her, he asks why does she not wear the clothes like her, Preeta exclaims he is talking nonsense, Pihu coming asks why are they both fighting, Preeta and Karan try to explain how they were just talking but Pihu insists they were fighting, she demands them both to apologize, Rishab says he did not say anything to her as Pihu is really clever, she forces Karan to apologize but he asks her to give him some other punishment, she demands him to kiss but Karan leans to kiss her, she however asks him to kiss Preeta, they both pick Pihu and start laughing, Sonakshi coming from behind wonders how is Pihu bringing them both closer, she mentions how she is grateful that her father gave Pihu for adoption as soon as she was born but had she remained with her she would have beaten her a lot. She mentions now she would find a way to make her place in this house.

Pandit jee asks Rakhi to call everyone for the pooja, Rakhi calls Pihu then asks her to go and call Rishab along with Karan and Preeta, she calls Rishab by her name but then Preeta calling her asks why is she taking his name as he is a lot elder then her, Rishab mentions there is nothing to worry about since they both are friends so they leave for the pooja, Preeta asks Karan if he has seen her mother, he points to the other side but it is just to tease her, Preeta also sees Shristhi so questions if she has seen Maa, Shristhi explains she would also come with her to search for pooja.

Sherlin is walking she once again bumps into the musicians and gets scared, the advise her to not fight with her husband as he is her life partner, they ask the reason she was fighting when Sherlin leaves asking why should she tell them anything.

Sonakshi enters the room where Sarla is tied up, she calls her father mentioning he was right as she thought that she would get close to Karan but now needs another plan, she feels that she should reveal her feelings to him as it would be best thing, he however stops her explaining karan doesnot consider their past to be worthy of accepting but she must make sure she gets a place in his heart, Sonakshi mentions he is right as she must get close to Pihu as only this way would she get karan for herself, she thanks him for always giving her the right advise. He requests her to always call him if she ever feels anything is wrong.
Preeta also enters the room, Sarla calls her but Preeta doesnot recognize her voice however feels she is close by, she then leaves wondering if Sarla is in the pooja.

The boss looks along with his men looks at the family, informing how they must leave with the boxes as quickly as possible because if Mahesh Luthra sees them, he would create a tantrum as he has already asked them a lot of times to leave his house, Preeta going informs Dadi how she was not able to find Sarla, Karina responds they cannot stop the pooja because of her mother and she should call her, Preeta replies she tried a lot times but Sarla did not answer it.

Rakhi then asks her to come and stand with karan, they all one by one start performing the pooja, when Karan, Preeta along with Pihu perform the last pooja after which they all bow in front of Ganpati Papa. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.