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This is Fate on zee world, Tuesday 2nd August 2022 update

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Dadi praises for the ladoo which she makes as they are really delicious, Karina mentions that she has made so many ladoo and would have gotten tired, she asks Sarla to tell the amount which they owe Sarla for preparing them as she would then bring it, Rishab in shock questions what does she mean by this, Karina asks why are they all looking at her like this, she has not said anything wrong as Sarla does the catering business, so this is why she was asking about this.

This is Fate Drama Series
This is Fate Drama Series

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Sarla replies she herself runs the Kumkum Bhagya hall and even her own brother is a caterer who manages most of the things, she herself cooks for the small functions as no work is small, but she has not come here as a caterer but as the mother in law of Karan, she considers Rakhi and Mahesh as her own family so brought these ladoo for Ganpati Papa, as if she was a worker Karina would not be talking to her like this so as being the bua of Karan, so they should at least hug, Sarla forcefully hugs Karina which angers her, prithvi thinks Sarla did something really worthwhile as she has given a befitting reply because Karina left so stone unturned in ruining the image of Sarla however she gave a befitting reply, Dadi advises Rakhi to go and have Sarla perform the darshan of Ganpati papa.

Dadi then leaves with Preeta, Rishab also asks Karina to come with him as he needs to talk something important with her.
The goons enter through the gate and are about to go inside but the guards stop them questioning whoa re they since all those guests who were on the list have arrived, they have marked them present, one of them says they are goons which worries the guards, they exclaim what do the guards thinks they are because they have just come to play and would not leave without performing, they ask the guards to confirm from their boss, they are about to dial the number of Mahesh when they beat them both, planning to put them in the car of any one of the guests.

Karina asks Rishab where is he taking her, he replies he cannot take her on a date so is taking her to the Pandit, she questions why would she go to a Pandit, he replies it is because he wants to ask a questions from him, weather she would ever change in her life, he explains everyone changed in this house except her as she is just the same, he asks why was she trying to give Sarla the money, Karina mentions she has still not been able to accept Sarla as a relative, Rishab says she has a good heart but every time her mind come in between her feelings, Karina exclaims if he means to say she is not good enough, Rishab replies it is not like this as he knows she is really a good woman but sometimes she does something which is a little harsh, he asks if she would accept his one desire and then says she must try to be nice with Sarla just a bit, Karina asks if he knows why did she bring Pihu into this house, she replies it was for Karan and Preeta along with her entire family as she really loves them, Rishab explains she only loves her blood relations, Karina leaves saying now he is judging her. Rishab stopping her explains he is not anyone to judge her nor was he fighting with her because he is not anyone, Karina coming explains she knows this because he is her obedient son, Karina says he asked her for something now she also wants to ask him, she then request him to not leave and stay with them all because when he is not in the house, their family doesnot seem complete, she advises him to also think about his own family with Sherlin, now that Karan and Preeta have gotten Pihu, Rishab exclaims he is happy with Pihu as she calls Rishab, Karina tries to convince him so agrees to try. Rishab once again requests her to be nice with Sarla, she however is adamant that she has changed a lot but agrees to try just for Rishab’s sake.

Sarla says to Rakhi that the murti of Ganpati is always really beautiful but this time she feels it is a lot more beautiful since Pihu has come into their house, Rakhi also agrees with her saying that she is right, they both then see Dadi and Preeta coming to the Pandit where Bani Dadi exclaims she feels there are a lot of boxes her so they should take some of them back and wrap them in the wrapping sheet, Sarla and Rakhi also come to offer their help, Kritika also follows them.

The goons enter the party where they see Sarla however the boss mentions they have just come for their drugs and have nothing to do with any women, Mahesh stops them questioning who they are as no one invited them, they take the name of Mahesh Luthra not knowing he is actually standing in front of them, Mahesh questions who invited them as it was not him, they insist it was Mahesh. Karan and Rishab are walking down the stairs, Mahesh sees them both so going to them explains they both should say to the players that no one has invited them, Karan and Rishab leave mentioning that there has been an emergency at the stage, Mahesh also leaves them ordering they stay here as he would come back, however they all leave to find their drugs.

Preeta is walking with Kritika who asks if it is true that Sonakshi is able to walk, Preeta replies it is the truth as she is getting better, Kritika asks if Preeta it not at all bothered by her because she had a past with Karan, Preeta mentions they should not judge anyone by what happened in the past, as they should be left in the past, Kritika replies she even heard that the past even changes the present, Preeta asks has she not heard that a lot of people have changed, Preeta mentions the dacot who used to cut the fingers, but one day he met a Pandit who informed him he has no right to take anything which he cannot return, Kritika questions what does it have to do anything with their story , Preeta replies it is that they should not judge anyone by their past. Shristhi comes with Sonakshi and Pihu who is wearing really cute glasses, Pihu also offers her help, but Preeta replies she is holding it comfortably, Preeta then gives a box to Pihu, so they all leave for the kitchen.

Preeta gets scared after entering the kitchen which even worries Karan, Preeta however replies she thought that it was a snake, then Preeta starts wrapping the boxes and Pihu even helps her, Karan however starts fighting with Preeta which makes Pihu scold Karan warning him to never fight with Preeta since she is the best mother in the world, however Shristhi along with Karan and Sonakshi start teasing Preeta, even Sonakshi acts as if she is hitting Preeta which angers Pihu who starts beating Sonakshi, Karan then exclaims they all would apologize to Preeta so Pihu also forgives them, Pihu then asks Karan to take her to the room but at first Karan refuses so Pihu mentions only her mother Preeta is the best, karan leaves with her.

The goons standing outside plan to leave for the guest room as there are also some boxes there so they can first check them.
Kritika going to Ganesh mentions he must bring a cart for the boxes as they have all been wrapped, she sees Prithvi so going to him asks if he is getting bored, he however replies he was just thinking about how he would takeover new companies and would generate a lot of profit, Kritika exclaims that she feels he should be jailed, Prithvi gets shocked hearing this.

Shristhi in the kitchen exclaims she is really impressed with fate as Pihu just came to their house a few days ago but now she loves everyone a lot however is really protective about Preeta as she considers her to be her actual mother, Preeta assures it is not like this as she loves everyone, but was just saying like this as she was in a good mood.

Sonakshi walking in the hall thinks how Pihu was hitting her actual mother for the sake of Preeta, she felt like slapping her as she is her biological mother but was not able to as Pihu is the bridge which would take her to Karan as she would do all she can to get the love of her life.

Kritika comes to Prithvi who is standing,, she questions if he getting really bored, Prithvi replies he was working with his head, thinking how he would work in the future and how he would generate more profits, Kritika replies she feels he must be arrested, he gets tensed when she explains it should be a crime to be so cute, Sherlin standing from the corner thinks they both are having a lot fo emotions between them both, she is about to go to him when she sees Rishab talking on the phone, she thinks Rishab is acting a little weird ever since he came back from London, she thinks of going near him to find out the truth.

Prithvi looking at Rishab mentions that he is the reason Sherlin is his wife, since this is what he wanted because there was no other way to keep an eye on him, Prithvi exclaims had Sherlin not married him, he would have had Sonakshi get married to Rishab as they both are the same and irritated by their life, he wonders why is he constantly thinking of Sonakshi as he already has three women in his life, one is the women of his dream Preeta, second is his wife Kritika while the third is the women who is in front of him Sherlin, he looks at her so wonders why is she looking at Rishab with such a smile, he warns her to not look at Rishab in such a way, he in anger puts down the glass but Sherlin follows Rishab when she hears him exclaim the emotion I LOVE YOU, she gets tensed when Prithvi pulls her with him.

Mahesh is in the hall when the goons are walking, Mahesh stops him asking where are they coming, they all reveal how he said he would come back within five minutes but did not return so they thought he might have forgotten, they themselves came to search for him, Mahesh replies he in a very polite manner refused them, but they did not hear him properly, one of them requests Mahesh to at least listen to their song since they have come because they have already suffered a loss since two of their contracts have been cancelled, Rakhi coming asks Mahesh to give them their payment, Mahesh questions what should he pay when they have not performed, Rakhi insist so Mahesh agrees to pay them, he however exclaims they all seem hardworking so would not accept the payment, he asks them to sing a romantic song for him and his wife as they are standing in front of them, they agree and then huddle after which they sing a song, which is not at all so romantic but instead seeing them sing Rakhi thanks them so leaves, Mahesh says they have come so now should perform the Darshan of Ganpati papa and leave after taking the payment.

The boss of the goons exclaims their pot has filled, he explains how he would go with peter to the guest room and take all the boxes which have been packed, he then orders the others to also take the rest of the boxes in their custody.

Prithvi pulls Sherlin who questions what is he doing, Prithvi asks how was she looking at Rishab because he saw the love which had in their eyes, Sherlin assures that there is love but she doesnot love Rishab instead he has an extra martial affair with someone else which is why he was not ready to return to Mumbai, Prithvi is stunned questioning what is she saying as they all know Rishab only married her because it was what they planned otherwise he would not have even married, how can he have any affair, Sherlin assures it is not her suspicion as she herself heard it from her ears, that he was exclaiming he loves her and would come back.
Rakhi and Karina come to the corner and then hear what both prithvi and Sherlin are discussing, Prithvi mentions this is really problematic for him when Sherlin replies it is more worrying for her since Rishab is her husband but even has an extramarital affair, she mentions she has a boyfriend who already has a wife and a husband who is ready to bring another wife in his life, she feels as if she should go to the Himalaya, Prithvi corrects her saying they go into hiding in the forest, Sherlin leaves after hitting him on the foot, he starts jumping.

Preeta enters the kitchen where she is shocked to see Pihu who asks if she is fine, Preeta assures her to not be worried since she is really fine, Pihu exclaims it is her doll kuku who is more worried about her, Preeta holding kuku exclaims that she is fine, then Ganesh comes mentioning how he has brought the trolley, Sonakshi also comes asking Preeta what would happen of the gifts which are in the guest room, Preeta mentions they would bring them after finishing those which are in the kitchen. They leave while Pihu is trying to get her doll when the boss comes in asking where are all the boxes which were in the kitchen, Pihu demands to first give her the doll then after she gets it, she reveals how they all took the gifts outside, she leaves ordering them to come with the rest of the boxes, Robin asks the boss what would they do about those boxes which are in the guest room, the boss replies they can create a blast.

Karina and Rakhi are tensed after hearing what Sherlin said, they see Rishab and are about to ask him but he leaves saying he needs to charge his mobile, Karina and Rakhi both follow him into his room, demanding that he speak the truth about why is he having an extra martial affair, Rishab gets shocked to hear about this and mentions how he doesnot have any affair, Rakhi mentions how she never thought Rishab would be the one to have any sort of affair, Karina even scolds him, Rishab in a state of confusion accepts that he had the affair, Shristhi hears this from the door so runs outside. Rishab mentions he was talking with the daughter of his employer who comes into the office, Rakhi and Karina, both ask him to call Sherlin and say I LOVE YOU; he mentions how he cannot do it like this but they still pressurize him.

Sameer comes out of his room, Shristhi stops him from behind revealing how she heard Rishab has an affair, Sameer tries to explain this is not possible, Karan also coming from behind says it is not possible when Shristhi reveal show she herself heard Karina and Rakhi saying this to Rishab, Karan starts smiling mentioning how he is proven right, Shristhi questions why is he laughing when karan says that he knew Rishab was having an affair and would now be able to prove it, he leaves without listening to Shristhi, Sameer also explains it is for the betters since now they would get rid of Sherlin because Rishab was never comfortable with her, Shristhi questions where are his moral values, since if they are not able to be comfortable they should try to work on the relation, Sameer asks what has got in her because she never liked Sherlin, Shristhi replies that she is a women and would always take the side of her because she is also a daughter, so she would always stand with Sherlin in this matter, Shristhi exclaims she never thought that her favourite Risahb jee would do something like this, Sameer gets tensed saying how she said Karan was her favourite and he was the second one, she leaves replying he is on the third position.

Rakhi and Karina both pressurize Rishab to call Sherlin now, he at first declines saying that he cannot say it in front of them, Karina suggests how they both would hide but Rishab is forced to call her, they follow him when he reveals he is calling her and so Sherlin answers his call.

he asks her to come into the room as he needs to talk with her, she wonders what would he want to talk with her. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.