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This is Fate on zee world, Sunday 7th August 2022 update

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Shristhi pulls the hand of Rishab, seeing the photo of the boy explains he is a lawyer, Karan exclaims they can finalize the person, Sameer mentions that they can arrange the marriage if his bua is not Karina bua, Rishab asks how can they get him married to Shristhi because they know she is not so calm and would start arguing that he will not be suitable for her because the fights would really soon lead to a divorce.

This is Fate Drama Series
This is Fate Drama Series

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Sudha aunti exclaims they all are just picking problems in the proposals which she has brought, Rishab while smiling tries to explain there is nothing of the sort, Preeta replies that Sarla is their mother, she wants that Shristhi get married but she is her sister so knows she would not be able to adjust with all three of them then this would create problems for her.

Sudha aunti exclaims there is nothing to worry about so she can take the photo of Shristhi and find some more suitable relations for her, she goes to take the photo from Pihu, Preeta calls them all close explaining they have to do something that will make her stop bringing the proposals, Karan exclaims they should tell her Shristhi likes the girls, they all get stunned when Shristhi exclaims that he is trying to ruin her image so should keep the plans to himself.

Sudha aunti asks them all to tell her if there is anything which they cannot tell them, because she sits with the children, they all should tell her if Shristhi has any affair, Rishab has an affair with Shristhi, when he in amazement exclaims that she has a relation with Karan, he scolds Sameer asking what is he saying since he is her Jiju, they then put the blame on Rishab but Sudha aunti exclaims she knows Rishab is married, Preeta asks Shristhi to reveal the truth, she asks Sudha if she has any proposal for her of a girl, Sudha aunti suddenly leaves.

Sarla comes with the refreshments when she is worried where did Sudha go, they all exclaim that they did not like any of the proposal so she left, Sarla exclaims there is nothing to worry about since Sudha will come back with more proposals, Shristhi explains Karan favoured the doctor but she thought that she would fight with him, then Rishab jee accepted the lawyer however she thought she would even get in the argument with him which would ruin the relation, Sarla exclaims she feels that even the body builder did not look good, Karan accepts explaining he comes to his gym, Sarla mentions he has his own gym when Rishab explains Karan goes to his gym.

Karina is sitting in the room thinking about how rudely Preeta talked with her at the table, Bani Dadi comes saying she must not think so much about the incident but Karina replies she is not able to take it out of her head and is constantly thinking of it, feeling that she was slapped in front of everyone, she mentions how did Preeta forget that she was able to become a mother because of her as she brought Pihu into her life so how could she say that she is the only one who has any right over her, she is still the elder of the house and should be respected, Rakhi walks into the room, Dadi standing mentions whatever happened at the breakfast table was wrong, Preeta should not have talked this way with Karina as she is her elder, Rakhi defending Preeta mentions that if Karina talked with her in this manner she would have reacted in the same way, Dadi warns Rakhi to not defend her as she is wrong, Preeta should know if she makes a mistake they would scold her and correct her, Dadi sits down while Rakhi is embarrassed, Dadi asks her to bring some water for her.

Preeta is with Shristhi asking her to reveal whatever she feels in her heart as if Sudha aunti comes back with some more proposal they would not be able to handle anything, Sarla calls them both to come, Shristhi hugs Preeta thanking her, the neighbour comes greeting Karan, she asks for some tomato, Sarla replies she knows that she has come because of her son in law, Sarla takes her inside when Shristhi replies she even came yesterday for three onions, Shristhi thanks Preeta and Rishab and even hugs Karan, she also exclaims her love to Sameer which worries everyone.

Sarla comes back with the neighbor handing her the tomato, she clicks the photo of her with Karan, then gives Pihu the Shugun as she has come to her house for the first time, Karan leaves wearing the glasses when Pihu insists that Rishab hold her, Preeta replies she really likes Rishab, Sameer also leaves thanking them all. Sarla asks Shristhi to close the door and help her take care of everything.

Sonakshi enters the bathroom from the window an walks out with the stick when she is shocked to see Sherlin sitting on her bed, she questions what is Sherlin doing in her room, Sherlin asks why does she have her purse as she came from the bathroom, Sherlin says what is to hide from her but Sonakshi refuses to say anything, she explains she got suspicious as Sonakshi left the hall, she came to wait outside her room but saw her make a big picture, Sonakshi says Sherlin has so much free time to make such picture and should use it for something important, Sherlin explains she got suspicious form her since the first day but wanted to know what game is she playing, she knew Sonakshi is not like Preeta because she cares a lot about her family and would get rude to protect them but Sonakshi is not a good women, she mentions she doesnot need any certificate from Sherlin so she should get lost, Sherlin asks if she got hurt after knowing that Preeta is a good women, Sonakshi asks why would she be tensed as she considers Preeta her sister so why would she get jealous from her.

Sherlin explains if she would have acted in front of anyone else then they would have believed her but she should not give such a poor performance in front of her, she reveals that she got to know the truth about Sonakshi, Sherlin reveals the photo which worries Sonakshi, Sherlin replies she knows what kind of a person Sonakshi is but she says that the photo is old, Sherlin laughing questions if she wants her to believe that she wears old clothes, Sonakshi replies it is because she keeps them all in a great condition, Sherlin asks her to look at this mentioning how she came after her to the hotel and then clicked the photos from the register as it is clearly written who did she go to meet and when, Sonakshi asks if she would now go to reveal the truth to Preeta, Sherlin replies she would also go to Karan, Sonakshi takes the mobile when Shelrin asks her to delete the photos as she has already saved a lot of them, Sherlin mentions Sonakshi is right as she is the evil person and if she wants to live happily then should leave the house, Sonakshi stops Sherlin, she closing the door asks what happened.

Sonakshi asks what does she want throwing the walking stick away, Sherlin replies she needs ten crore rupees, Sonakshi gets stunned hearing this demand.

Karan and Preeta are in the car, they both ask each other the question, Karan asks Preeta to say it first, she agrees so asks if like he was thinking if he would sya first then what sort of a tantrum would it create, karan replies he is not that kind of a person as he cares for women, Preeta replies this is the typical Karan Luthra speaking, she asks him to allow others to say anything about him as they would even praise him, Karan says if he is not self obsessed then how would others be obsessed about him, he doesnot think that they will like him otherwise, Preeta replies that it is nice he is self obsessed but if he starts loving himself a little bit less then it would not create any problem, Karan assures her that he will not giver her portion of love to anyone else, he exclaims she is getting jealous but she explains she is not jealous of him, he replies she is since he loves The Karan Luthra more then her, she asks if he is saying but he says it is not that but he loves The Karan Luthra more then her, she questions what is the difference since they are both same things, karan replies it is different because of his way of talking, she mentions how she would get mad being with him, Karan says she cannot go mad as she is already mad.

Preeta requests karan to drive carefully, Karan asks her to not be like a typical wife, Preeta replies that she would say it to him even when she was not his wife, Karan asks her to accept that she was his fan and after some time became his wife, she starts sitting in anger, he questions why is she not saying anything, Preeta in anger asks him to drive carefully, karan mentions that she can say it like this in anger.

Sherlin is in the room, Sonakshi throws the stick asking what does she want, Sherlin replies she needs ten crore, then walking towards her mentions she needs twenty, thirty or fifty crore, Sherlin says she doesnot want her money as she is already married to a really rich person and doesnot need money from a person like her, Sonakshi questions what does she want then Sherlin exclaims she needs her confession, for the lie which she told, she asks Sonakshi to go and reveal to everyone that she lied, Sonakshi asks how much attitude does she have, Sherlin replies she will now go to reveal everything, Sonakshi asks what would she say, Sherlin replies she will tell them how Sonakshi went to meet her father even when he broke all the relations with her Sonakshi asks when did she sy anything of the sort, as her father in anger said those things and she also accepted it, but he realized his mistake and called her so she also accepted his apology, if she wanted to hide then truth then why would she write her real name in the register, she did not say anything because of the incident of Pihu that occurred, Sherlin replies that each and every word she is saying is a lie, Sonakshi says that her truth would not become a lie because of her, Sherlin asks if she wanted to go and meet her father then why did she jump from the bathroom.

Sherlin pulls the hand of Sonakshi showing her the wooden table in the bathroom asking if she went to meet her father then why did she not use any of the cars in the Luthra Mansion as there are a lot of drivers present, Sonakshi is not true with her heart, she pulls the table then places a vase over it, Sherlin asks what is she doing, Sonakshi replies she was saying Sonakshi went out from the bathroom window then everything would be dispersed, Sonakshi asks how filmy is Sherlin because if she had to leave then would use the cars, Sherlin asks why is she lying because she herself saw her going out from the window, Sonakshi questions who would believe them when Sherlin replies the Luthra family, Sonakshi questions how kind family the Luthra’s are since she would herself tell them that she went to meet her father as no one would say anything to her.

Sherlin is tensed when Sonakshi walks into the room where the entire Luthra family is sitting, Sonakshi and Sherlin both come exclaiming they have something to reveal, Karina mentions since Sonakshi is a guest she should say first, Sonakshi explains that she went to meet her father today, she explains that she got a text from her friend Aanaya and went to meet her friend but on the way realized that it was her father who texted her, she was angry with him but then met with him and he once again started saying bad things about the Luthra family which she was not able to bear so came back to them, Karina and Dadi both mention that they have not placed her house arrest because she is free to go and meet anyone, Sonakshi explains she is glad that they believed in her words, Sonakshi turns to see Sherlin standing there and thinks that Sherlin would not be able to do anything about her, Dadi also asks Sherlin what did she want to say, Sherlin advises them to not believe Sonakshi but Karina and Dadi both advise her to not be so judgmental about anyone as Sonakshi is nice which is why she revealed the truth, Mahesh also agrees with Dadi, Sherlin leaves.

Prithvi standing at the backside asks Sherlin why did she call him here, Sherlin reveals how she believed that Sonakshi is a really innocent person but she is actually really clever as she secretly went to meet her father with whom she has ended every relation, prithvi blames her asking why is she going after such a sweet person as she has the habit of being suspicious, Sherlin exclaims how it is rightly said that actors are born, she calls Prithvi as a stupid person. Prithvi then asks her why she not came to him first, she demands a plan to throw Sonakshi out of the house, she says this is why she calls him the most mischievous person, he also calls her mischievous women.

In the night Preeta is picking the things when karan comes, she asks if he had something to say, he mentions she would get angry but then she allows him to speak, he says that it has fallen, she doesnot understand when he mentions her brain has fallen, Preeta looks at him in anger, he asks what would she do, she runs after him with the toy of Pihu, he catches her when she is about to fall, prithvi standing in the balcony thinks how does Preeta not see his love when he always fights with Sherlin even then she still loves him, Karan and Preeta once again quarrel when she runs.

Sameer is in the room, he is really tensed when Rishab comes informing how they would leave the day after tomorrow, Sameer exclaims there is nothing wrong ands thanks Rishab, he asks since when does one thank his brother he making her sit mentions how he enjoyed a lot in London but missed his family, he explains that the dialogues of the film are not true but there is one thing that he realized it is that they only get to live once and must enjoy as a family, they must always reveal what is in ones heart otherwise time would move ahead, they will be left behind, Rishab explains they must take the decisions on the right time, Sameer agrees but Rishab advises him to go and reveal his feelings to Shrishti, explaining if he doesnot reveal then how would anyone know, and what is difficult in saying how he feels to Sarla.

Sameer replies he gets tensed but Rishab explains if he doesnot take the step now the time will move ahead leaving him behind. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.