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This is Fate on zee world, Friday 5th August 2022 update

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The boss takes Sarla as hostage placing a knife on her neck, Shristhi exclaims they would also have mothers in their homes so how can they do such a thing, the boss explains that he is purely mad because he doesnot have any family, the boss warns Preeta to bring the drugs otherwise he would kill Sarla but she explains that Preeta must not accept anything as this would end the youth of the country.

This is Fate Drama Series
This is Fate Drama Series

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Preeta goes to bring the drugs saying that she has all of them but they should never harm her mother, she brings the table showing them the drugs, she asks them to take them all and leave her mother, they let Sarla go but quickly pull Preeta towards them, the entire family panics, Sonakshi standing on the balcony smiles seeing Preeta in danger, thinking now her dream would be fulfilled.

The drug dealer warns them all to go back otherwise he would kill Preeta, Rishab exclaims they have got what they desired so no one would even touch him, they once again threaten the Luthra’s to stay back and not try anything smart, Rishab requests him to remove the gun, they ask Shaka to go and open the door, he mentions they cannot see Peter when the boss exclaims they can take him but first need to take Preeta, they take their steps backwards when Prithvi and Sameer hide behind the gate, they both manage to close the door so they themselves get hold of the gun, all of them gather and start beating the drug dealers once again, Shristhi even gets excited seeing how they are beating them all, Sonakshi however is not so glad as her desires would not be fulfilled.
Karan is constantly hitting the drug dealer saying he warned them to not touch Preeta but they did not listen, the police inspector walks into the house firing his gun so as to disperse the drug dealers, the take the drug dealers into custody, Shristhi explains that to of them are also in the room, he orders the constable to bring them both, the inspector starts questioning the boss asking about the drugs but he refuses to accept he knows where they are, the inspector slaps him so the boss reveals the drugs are in the drum, Inspector explains they are the same drug dealers for whom they were searching for since the past couple of days, they all have done a tremendous job in helping them.

Shristhi gets worried so goes to hug Preeta, Rishab also goes with Sameer, Karan comes to Preeta asking if she is fine.
Shristhi and Rishab enter the room when he asks where Pihu is, she points to the table, he gets tensed but she assures that it is just for hiding, they both lean down, Shristhi asks how did Kiku come to her, Pihu replies she was getting scared which is she brought Kiku, they both ask her to come out when Rishab is about to lift her but Shristhi exclaims she can manage, he shouts saying there is a cockroach, Shristhi turns so he immediately lifts Pihu, Shristhi turning exclaims it is wrong, Rishab replies he is learning this all from her and Sameer, she questions if he means cheating but he replies he meant winning, Shristhi is constantly looking at his eyes, he asks the reason, she replies that a wise man once said if they want to know if someone is telling the truth then should look at his eyes, he comes close to her saying she can be sure as he is not cheating, she gets convinced but asks what did he meant when he himself accepted this, Rishab questions if she had heard him talking with Karina bua and Maa, he advises her that next time when she has some sort of confusion then she should come to him as he will clarify if there is any such problem, he leaves the room when Shristhi exclaims how nice is Rishab jee, Pihu also replies after her, Shristhi demands a kiss then leaves with her.

In the night Preeta is standing when she recalls how Karan was beating the drug dealer exclaiming that he should not have touched Preeta, karan comes asking why is she so tensed, she replies today he would just listen, she asks why did he beat that drug dealer so much because they don’t have any heart, if they had fired at him what would have happened, she leaves exclaiming he would not understand and is really angry, karan follows her when she questions what does he think of himself, karan says he is even then fine but she asks what does he think of himself because such people are not nice, had he killed anyone then does he know what the punishment would be, Karan replies he gets tensed thinking they both would be separated, he even gets worried thinking about it, Preeta tries to explain that he now has a family and should think of them first as he has parents and a wife, and even now a child so when would he be serious, Karan questions if she did not see how they were hurting her so if anyone even tries to harm her, he would beat them even more, she gives up wondering why is she even trying to convince him, she hits him when he exclaims it is hurting, she questions what was it when he was fighting with them all, he replies he would do anything for her.

Karan and Preeta are standing when she exclaims, he should not even try to talk with her, he is getting frustrated tries to leave but she stopping him exclaims he should not talk with her but can also not leave, he seeing how mad she is, he pulls her close to him, hugging her he realizes she is even crying then exclaims he feels he would die if he has to live without her, Preeta replies he should not talk such awful things, she touches his hand when he immediately pulls it back, she insists that he show her and realizes that he injured his hand, she pulls him inside the room, sitting on the bed starts applying the bandage on his hand, karan is left with no other choice but to see her.

Karan and Preeta both sit together smiling when Preeta asks him to see how much injured he is but Karan replies it is just a scratch as he is a big boy, Kritika knocks on the door, exclaiming that she feels she has come on the wrong time and should go back, Preeta however explains that she can come in, karan says to Kritika that she has come on the right time since just now Preeta was scolding him, Preeta however replies she has not said anything of the sort but Kritika exclaims she is right and should scold Karan even more as he deserves it, Karan asks what is she saying as she should take his side, Kritika exclaims she is taking his side but is just saying he deserves the scolding, Preeta and Karan both start to quarrel when Preeta exclaims this would continue forever but she must say what she came for, Kritika replies that she came to call them for dinner, Karan stands exclaiming that he is really hungry.

Sarla in the house is praying for the good health of both Karan and Preeta, Shristhi exclaims she should be given some credit since she was the first one to have a heart on karan and now both Preeta and Karan are happy because she used to constantly say this to them both, Sarla threatens to hit her but Shrishti replies she is telling the truth, she says Sarla should reveal the entire story of how she sacrificed her love for her elder sister, Sarla exclaims she should not talk like this about her brother in law, Sarla requests Shristhi to also get married now because after she gets married Sarla would be relieved that both her daughters are living happily in their lives just as Preeta and Karan, Radha at the door exclaims Sarla should leave this on her, she enters the house with the Parshad of Ganpati papa, explaining how she has a lot of proposals for really good men, she can come with their photos tomorrow if this is what Sarla desires, she accepts saying that she can surely come tomorrow and even asks Shrishti to go and bring some refreshments, Shristhi gets really tensed saying that Maa is surely going to get her married.

Karan coming down with Kritika mentions ever since Preeta has become their Bhabhi she has started telling lies, he coming down wishes Mahesh good morning, he asks why is Mahesh wishing good morning in the night, Kritika leaves when Karan asks why did Preeta lie, so Preeta says that she doesn’t have a habit of lying so he must not talk like this.

Rishab comes with Pihu in the arms mentioning that she has slept, Rakhi asks him to hand Pihu to her, however Rishab replies that he is going to give Pihu to Preeta as then she will go and sleep, Soankshi exclaims that she can take Pihu upstairs but Rishab refuses saying he will himself take her up to the room as Soankshi is not well.

Rishab brings the pencils of Pihu from his room, Karan replies that Preeta lied and even to Kritika that when he fought with the drug dealer then she said what would have happened if they instead started beating him but when Kritika asked the same questions she lied to her, Karan asks what is right in this as why did Preeta have to scold her, Rishab asks Karan to come and have dinner with them, Karan replies she scolded her, Mahesh says it is not scolding as one their mother got angry with him when he was going for a party, he explains that the way women love is a lot different because they themselves do not know what is going on, Rakhi leaves in anger, Mahesh exclaims it is all because of Rishab which worries him so he asks what does he have to do with it, Rishab asks why does he have to blame him, Mahesh explains it is so he should teach something to Karan who asks what has he done that caused a fight amongst Mahesh and Rakhi, Preeta replies it is because whatever she says to him should remain amongst the both of them and is not for everyone, Mahesh comes with Rakhi, he starts fanning her so she calms down, Karan mentions his way of convincing is really poor, Mahesh replies still he is doing it which Karan doesnot have the strength to do.

There is a door bell, Rishab asks Ganesh to go and check who is it, he opens the door to find a women who comes in explaining she is Vumber Sharma who was sent by the agency for the caring of Pihu, Rakhi explains she had to come in the evening, Vumber replies she was going to but got late because of the traffic, Mahesh introduces them all to her, Preeta says that she would not be able to meet Pihu because she went to sleep, Rakhi asks Ganesh to go and show her the guest room.

Preeta while walking with Karan exclaims he made a mistake by revealing what they both talked about, Karan asks if she means he should not have revealed her truth, Preeta tries to explain that it is something between them both, Karan however gets tensed when Preeta mentions she thought that before when Karan used to say such things she felt he had a lot of attitude but now has realized he is just the mad Luthra, he questions if she is calling him mad, Preeta walking away exclaims that she has a right over him.

Karan and Preeta are stunned to see that Pihu is still awake, they both ask her the reason when Pihu replies she was not feeling like sleeping so is making tea, Karan tries to explain that it is time to sleep but then Pihu mentions how she needs to go and meet Rishab as even Kuku wants to play with him, Preeta insists on going with her but Pihu assures she can go by herself, Karan advises her to go with the cycle.

Rishab is in the room looking at the files, he is really tensed when Sherlin coming in questions what is wrong however Rishab says he was just looking at the files, Sherlin exclaims that it is getting really late, Rishab says that he is getting tensed as someone from their company is giving their confidential information to the outsiders, Sherlin realizes how Prithvi is the one who stole the business files and is behind everything, Rishab asks Sherlin if she knows when Karan leaves for the office, she explains she thinks he goes in the first half, Rishab is adamant to find out the truth about their company.

Soankshi is walking wondering why are the nights so long at the Luthra house as she cannot stay away from Karan, she sees Pihu riding her bicycle so asks where is she going, Pihu exclaims she is going to meet Rishab and can go alone as she is old enough, Soankshi knocks on the door of Karina’s room, she coming out questions the reason, Soankshi replies that it is because Pihu was going alone so someone needs to look after her, Karina calls Vumber to the room and instructs her to take Pihu to the room of Rehab.
Shristhi is really worried in her room wondering why did the aunti had to come to their house at this time because she doesn’t want to marry anyone else, she calls Sameer informing there is a bad news as when they came back Sarla talked with the matchmaker and then asked her to bring the photos of boys to their house, he asks then who does she want to marry, she immediately ends the call when Sarla calls her, she coming in questions Shristhi who was she talking to, Shristhi replies it was her friend when Sarla explains she knows all of her friends, demanding Shristhi to reveal the truth about who was on the call.

Sherlin is really mad as Rishab is still working, there is someone at the door, Sherlin opens it to find Pihu with Vumber, Rishab questions who is it, Pihu calls for him, he gets really excited and then even talks with her, she says something in his ears which Sherlin is not able to understand, they both do not even tell her when she questions about it, Sherlin thinks Pihu has become just like Preeta. Sherlin asks Pihu if she would like to sleep with them in their room, Pihu agrees so she order Vumbher to go and tell Karan and Preeta that Pihu is going to sleep with them.

Karan is playing when Preeta is waiting for her, she is not able to bear that Pihu is going to sleep with them saying that she would not be comfortable.

Pihu in the middle of the night goes towards the door, Sherlin asks where is she going, Pihu replies she is going Maa, Preeta is also not able to sleep then in excitement opens the door to find Pihu, she questions why did Pihu come back so she replies it is because she was not able to sleep.

Sarla in the room asks who was Shristhi talking to, she exclaims it is a new friend when Sarla says she is gotten so old that she would make friends in secret when Shristhi exclaims it is nothing like this, Shrishti questions why does she want to get her married this early.

Sarla exclaims she loves Shristhi as she is her mother but when a women gets married at the right time she can befriend her husband which is the most important aspect of any marriage. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.