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I do on zee world, Thursday 3rd August 2022 update

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To their horror, tanveer falls on the ground, with a severely wounded head. Ahil rushes to him, apalled, while tanveer desperately tries to get away from him. She keeps saying that he isnt her son, while he begs someone to call the ambulance. tanveer screams that he isnt her son, and that only rehaan is her son. Ahil is dumbstruck. Tanveer says that they three killed rehaan, and she got blamed for it, and she wont spare any of them.

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Ahil still keeps saying that nothing would happen to her. As tanveer lies dying in ahil’s arms, she says that her daughter shall avenge her death.

I do Series
I do Series

All are shocked. he keeps asking sanam to call the ambulance, while tanveer has a severe headache and splitting pain, and finally breathes her last, and closes her eyes, in his arms. he lets out a scream of horror, as sanam, seher and nawab watch disturbed, while ahil is in deep grief. He breaks into tears on her dead body, as all of her crimes recount again, in a flashback.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed Location
Somewhere in deep darkness, a girl wakes up instinctively, who is actually tanveer’s daughter, looking just like her. She gives a sweet smile looking at the moon.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
In her residence, ahil is deeply affected and tensed, about tanveer’s pretense ove for him, and the true reality. the new bride comes and comments that he looks tired, and asks if she can get him anything. He says that he doesnt need anything, particularly not from her. she fumbles and asks whats the matter. he says that he may find him harsh and rude, but he should know well in time, that he shall never have the place of a wife in his life. Ahil tells the new bride, that she knows very well, they never had and would never have a husband and wife relation, and hence its better that she leaves very far away. he says that he was only pretending to be with her, for the sake of his mother. He says that everytime he looks at her, he is reminded of his mother. She asks where would she go, as she has noone other than him. Ahil hollers for latif and tells her that the new bride shall not stay here anymore, and wherever she goes, she should be comfortable and happy. He apologises to her, and leaves. the new bride is tensed and distraught.

As ahil lies eyeing the moon, he is lost in sanam’s thoughts, who comes to him, just then, with a cup of coffee. He takes it, thanking her. Both are tensed. She spots a shooting star, and hurriedly shows it to him, asking him to wish for something, and herself too does the same.

he mesmerisedly watches her wish. He asks so much has happened and she is still hopeful. She says that love and hope never betrays and definitely get success in the end. She says that with the right person, all of life’s troubles vanish away eventually. He remembers his harsh words and treatments to her. He is deeply affected. he cups her hands, and says that he tortured her so much, blinded by his love for tanveer, but not anymore, as now he would always care for her. she says that this has only strengthened their love, and whatever happens ahead shall be nice, and they dont have to look back, and just walk ahead in life, hand in hand with each other. he says that he doesnt know if he deserves her love and faith, and not even if he would be able to stand the test of their love. He says that if relations break, the hurt is always there, and cant be mended again.

Sanam tells him, that relations can be amended strong and bonded. Sanam tells ahil that love shall correct everything, and they can solve the biggest problems together. She assures him, and he says that they shall never be apart till the end of time. she assures him, and caresses his face and cheeks, supporting him. They both hug each other.

In the kitchen, the new bride is tensed as to what to do now, that Tanveer is gone. She finds nawab searching for a glass, and she readily gives it to him, and pours water too. While he drinks, she pretends to be all tensed and emotional. she hesitates and then he insists her to say, as she might think of him as her father.

she blurts out everything, as to how ahil plans to throw her out, as first tanveer used to direct her, and now ahil, who’s throwing her out. he says that he doesnt know whats ging on, or whats the helplessness that caused them to marry each other, but marriage is serious. He says that ahil isnt a bad man, and till they come to a compromise, she wont go anywhere. He asks her to go and rest. he retires for the night. She tries to emotionally blackmail the nawab, that it would mean very important to her, if ahil gives her permission to stay here. The nawab smiles and leaves.

The new bride smiles evilly, thinking that her plan of acting all naive, innocent and hurt was successful. She thinks that in this little time, she would fix her place permanently.

Seher watches as the new bride taking over tanveer’s place, and telling gazalla and razaak, that unlike tanveer, she doesnt give second chances for any mistakes, and thinks that some people can never learn a lesson. Meanwhile late at night, Ahil and sanam romance each other, basking in the glory of their new found love yet again.

The next morning, ahil is served breakfast by sanam, and he is shocked at the huge quantity, and teases her that he would turn fatso like latif. she teases him saying, that she would love him like that. He gets physically intimate with her, teasing her, while she comes out of his grasp, and rushes out.

In her room, sanam asks seher to get ready soon, while seher in the bathroom, shouts that she would take more time. Seher asks her to leave while she joines them later. She says that she shall wait, but seher insists them to go, while she catches up. Sanam complies.

Scene 2:
Location: At the dargah
Ahil is happy to have sanam with him in the datgah. she says that she had always known that god would rectify everything soon, and that they shall come here together. they start walking towards the dargah, to offer their prayers. Ahil prays that sanam has done a lot, and now he wants her to have the happiness she deserves. She prays that ahil has been through a lot, and shouldnt have to bear anymore. Just then, a peer baba comes and startles sanam from behind. she gets up, while he blesses her. The peer baba says that she and her sister have been through a lot. He says that even this peace is shortlived, as evil never disappears but shall come again, in some other form.

Sanam is tensed. he takes out a taveez and gives it to her, and asks her to keep it with her always, as it shall keep her safe from the evil who wishes to cause her harm. She takes it and eyes it. When she looks up, she finds him gone. she is tensed wondering what he meant. She is startled as ahil asks her whats the matter as she looks tensed. She says that she is fine. He asks what about seher, and then talks about the tazeez. She insistently makes him wear it, so that he is safe, and if he is safe, then she and her sister have no problem at all. He says that he will for her satisfaction, and asks again about seher.

Location: On the road
meanwhile, seher is stuck on the road in a traffic jam. As she turns around, she is shocked and tensed. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.