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I do on zee world, Saturday 6th August 2022 update

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Season 3: Sanam wakes up, besides a Pakistani checkpost, dizzy headed amd boggled, eyeing the blood, her head sustained after the injury from the fall. she manages to get up somehow, and groggily starts walking in a daze thrrough the forest. A stranger calls out to her and asks her questions about her, her whereabouts and her accident and she has no memory of it, as she walks in a daze.

I do Series
I do Series

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She ignores him, while he asks her questions, and she isnt able to answer any of them. The stranger tells her that the whole city is in ruins and terrorised, and asks her to return home before dusk falls in, and asks if she knows anyone closeby.

Later, Sanam aimlessly wanders around the streets, not knowing where to go. she seels a stranger for help, and says that she cant remember where she is from, but is very hungry and tired, and asks if she can help her. But she ignores her and walks away. she looks at strangers around her walking in their families. She thinks that everyone has a name here, then why cant she remember hers or anything else about her.

Scene 2:
Location: Faisalabad Cantonment
A pakistani army officer is shown to ride on a bike, in the backdrop of a very distressing poetry. he checks in a Pakistani Cantonment, Faisalabad. He gets orders from his superior, that since Shashi Kapoor has died, he must have gotten over his obsession by now. He complies. Then he retires for his tent, where there’s a huge collage of newsitems regarding shashi Kapoor. He says that he knows the world’s biggest detective spy, Shashi Kapoor is still alive. He gets his father’s call, who accuses him of ignoring her and says that he shouldnt forget about his wedding tomorrow. He asks why he is being forced. His father says that he has promised his only sister’s daughter that she shall be married to his son, and he never breaks his promises. he angrily cuts the call. He thinks that Shashi’s name is embedded in his heart and soul.

He exercises rigorously saying that even though 14 countries who were searching for Shashi Kapoor, might consider him dead, but he wont, as his death is meant to by his own bare hands only. While exercising and then wasking himself with water, he is surprised to see a lady dressed in military combat, Wazira Ahmad, who’s smiling at him.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil’s sisters’ observe that ahil is tensed and isnt eating. they both ask him to let her anger cool down, after which she would herself back back home. he says that she has never been this angry before, and not even right now, and there’s some problem. The other sister says that in extreme cases, the anger too is extreme. Ahil gets angry and asks her to mind her business and her language. He walks off angrily.

In the kitchen, the new bride is concocting some magic potion laced with her black magic, and a weird set up around it. gazalla and razaak see this and are shocked. Meanwhile Sanam’s face appears in the potion, and she sprinkles a red powder and then some red lidquid and stirs it up yet again. She puts her finger inside the boiling potion, while nothing happens to her. She thinks that actually the way to a husband’s heart is through the stomach, and once ahil drinks it, he would forget all memories of sanam, and then only she shall win his heart. Outside, both of them are shocked, as to what she is planning to do. As she is about to come out, they hide themselves so as not to be seen.

She comes out, and tells them to clean the kitchen instead of keeping an eye on her. they are frustrated and disgusted, as to how she saw them. The new bride leaves for ahil’s room. Meanwhile, ahil comes out after having taken a bath, and then checkes his phone for any calls, and is tensed to see that there’s none. the new bride stands in the doorway eyeing his bare chiselled body. she comes inside, with the tray of juice. He is still bare torsoed, when the new bride comes and hugs him from behind, and he too revels in her touch even though surprised. he too takes her hand in his and cups them. He then turns around and eyes her, while she closes her eyes in anticipation.

She is taken out of her dream, by his angry hollering asking whats she doing her and what does she want, as he completely covers himself. He says that he had told her to go, as he doesnt even want to see her face. she asks him to drink aftr which she shall leave. he is about to take the glass and drink it, when he hears the azaan’s voice, and leaves to worship and pray. She eyes him going, and thinks that he can revel in sanam’s memories for a couple more minutes, after which he would forget sanam completely.

While the army officer talks with wazira, she tries to tease him about his wife understanding his shady talks, and asks him to show her pic. He says that he doesnt have her pic.

He says that last time he saw her when she was ten years old. she asks how can he marry someone without seeing. he says that he wouldnt have married even after seeing, as he doesnt want to spoil another life by marrying her. he changes the topic, and asks her how is her husband treating her, and has he talked to her or not. She gets tensed knowing that her hsuabnd hasnt called him either. she says that she knows he is on an unofficial mission, and that even if they fight, he sends his message somehow. She says that she is very scared of the riots in Uch sharif. He consoles her that everything shall be alright, as he knows Liyaqat, and he knows how to take people’s troubles, and not get in trouble. The Army officer asks Wazira not to worry, as he is going to lahore, and then everything shall be settled. he hopes that he is okay.

Scene 2:
Location: Uch Sharif, pakistan
While sanam wanders around aimlessly, the riots begin and all start running. she is boggled and unable to understand. In the riot stricken city, sanam wanders around helplessly, and then starts running for shelter, seeing mobsters. She gets in a shade and hides, where from the corner of her eye, in a far building, he sees the shadow of a person putting his foot on another amry officer, beaten brutally, a hand is seen with four fingers, pointing a pistol at him. She is too stunned to react. the army officer says that he shall come and wont spare him. the mystery man pulls the trigger repeatedly and finally kills the officer. she runs away from there in scare, and on the burnt and ruined streets, desolate. she falls on the ground running, and hurts her knee. Wincing in pain, she sees mobsters having gathered upto her again, and she is scared. she says that she doesnt know as she doesnt remember.

They see the vermillion on her head and think that she is married. they point the sword at her, and ask her to speak up. She is shocked to see blood stained sword aimed at her. they ask her about her husband. They ask her ferociously, and she is unable to respond, mumbling. She tries to speak about the murder she just witnessed. their leader rushes to the other side, and finds the dead body. he comes back and says that its one of their men, and asks who killed their men. They ask her to name the culprit and she is unable to. One of them says that she is from the other side, and if she can kill one, they shall kill ten, starting from her. she gets scared and begins to run for her life, while they run after her. meanwhile the army officer arrives and stands in the middle of the road, as riots engulf the city, bearing witness to it.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The new bride is shocked to know from the sheikh, on phone, that he didnt receive the girl, and if he doesnt get any girl by tomorrow evening, then she knows the consequences. she is tensed as she cancels the call. She then calls the person, the truck driver, who tells her about the truck accident. She asks if he retrieved the bodies, and he says that its impossible. She says that she needs strong evidences suggesting that the girls are dead, and asks her to call when he has them. She is tensed.

Just then gazalla and razaak come to her, saying that the police have come, and they have found sanam’s mobile phone Downstairs, ahil asks the inspector how did he get this, and gets to know that he found this at the Toll Pass. Ahil is shocked. The inspector tells him that she tried ahil’s calls several times, but didnt get through and then left a message too. He also tells about the unknown number from which sanam received several calls. He shows ahil the number, who is baffled. Meanwhile, the new bride heaes this and is tensed. Ahil says that he doesnt recognise this number. the inspector says that he shall investigate further, and ahil desperately asks him to search for her.

He says that he shall try and his best, and takes ahil’s leave. the new bride turns away tensed, as she finds ahil dialing the number, which is hers. She runs towards the room to escape from ahil, so that he doesnt find out about the call. The new bride reaches the room, and starts searching for the phone, while ahil climbs up the stairs, with the phone on dial. She finally finds the cell phone, under the sofa and switches the power off, and pushes it back there, and turns around to find ahil staring anrgily at her. she gets nervous and tensed. He asks her why did she lie to him.

She is scared of his anger. he asks her clearly what sanam told before leaving. He orders her to say it again. she asks why is he talking to her like this. he grabs her tightly, and says that this is how liars are talked to, and reminds her of her lies. He says that since she called him so many times, that means she wants to tell him something, and asks her why did she lie. He says that if anything happens to sanam due to her, he wont spare her. he finally lets go of her. He says that he should have understood that if sanam was angry she would have taken her stuff. meanwhile, the new bride gets the chance to use her magic, which is badly thwarted by the taveez in his neck, and she gets a shock, and stumbles on the floor. he says that because of her, sanam went from the house and away from him, and hence now he doesnt have any place for her in this house.

he takes her hand forcibly, and drags her outside, in the corridor, while she desperately pleads him not to do this, as its paining her. She tries to reenter the house, but he stops her, warning that he hopes sanam is alright, as before the lord, he shall punish her, and that she has lost every respect in his life, and after what she did, being a wife is long lost, she doesnt even deserve his sympathy, and that now she has no place in this house, and in his life. he shuts the door on her.

She thinks that he shouldnt have done this, as she did this for the sake of her love, as she wont let sanam come back in his life, and that she wont let him remember sanam ever.

She says that he is just hers, and he would treat her as wife, and he may have thrown her out, and before this night returns, he would get her back in his arms. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.