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My daughter Durga on adom tv, Friday 1st July 2022 update

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Episode starts with Aarti’s dad threatening Durga. He asks her to think, will she choose her family or their death. He shows her family members on video. She gets shocked. Aarti comes. He says your family is captive, their lives are in your hands, think will you save them or not. He laughs. Aarti asks Durga to praise their mastermind plan. Aarti threatens her and asks her to save her family.

My daughter Durga Series
My daughter Durga Series

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She says you will lose each family member when you run 50 meters. Durga gets shocked. The villagers ask Durga to win the run, they have high hope from her. Aarti says I will snatch everything from her. Her dad says villagers won’t let Durga go anywhere. Durga says nothing is imp than family. She runs. Villagers ask where are you going, stop, you have to run, your win can save our ancestral house.

says I can’t run, Aarti’s dad kidnapped my entire family, their life is in risk, they will kill them, how shall I run. They get shocked. The man says I will send men to find and save them, if you don’t run, we will come on road. Durga cries. Neelkant asks Gayatri to balance and not move, else they will die. They all are tied. Durga thinks they won’t et me go. She agrees to run. The man apologizes that they got selfish, but there is no way. She says I understand, I will go and prepare, race is starting. Chandni says you may run, we will come along. Durga says trust me, I won’t go anywhere. The man says let her go, she won’t run anywhere, except the ground. Durga goes and thinks what to do. She sees time and worries.

She thinks time is less, I can’t find anyone. Aarti’s dad taunts her. Durga says I will run in the race, I did arrangements to save my family, you did everything to stop me, but I m still here, you can’t stop me. She goes and looks on. Aarti’s dad calls his goon and says send more men there, Durga is clever, even if she reaches there, your men shouldn’t let her reach Durga. She hears them. The man asks Sanjay to die. He pours oil around him and lights a candle. He says your wife will kill you, she will come here to save you, but you will get killed. Durga leaves from stadium. Goons leave Sanjay and shut the door. Sanjay worries.

Durga running to find Sanjay. The villagers look for Durga. They get angry on not finding her. They decide to kill her if she doesn’t run in nationals. The man says we can’t let our houses get ruined. They leave. Durga’s family struggles. Durga runs on the road. The villagers look for her. The race announcement is made. Durga says its just 20mins left now. Aarti says Durga is not here. Her dad says she is foolish to find her family, my men will find her, you focus now and run, all the best. Durga reaches the godown and sees some men. She thinks to go backside and find a way. She sees Sanjay tied up and shouts. She says Sanjay is here, where are others. Sanjay sees her. She says I have to free him, he can tell me about others. She sees the villagers going. She says they

want me to run in the race, they can help me. She goes to the goons and shouts for help.
Durga tells villagers that goons want to stop her from running, they can lose their homes. Kaka says we all are with you, you go and win, we will see the goons. Villagers beat the goons. She runs inside the godown. The race announcement is made again. Aarti goes for the race. Durga’s name is announced. Chandni says what will we do now, Durga hasn’t come. Sanjay shouts to stop Durga. She asks him not to worry, she will save him.

Sanjay removes the cloth from his mouth and shouts. Sanjay asks Durga to stop, else fire will catch up by the candle placed near the door. Durga gets shocked seeing the candle. She says I will do something. She tries to blow off the candle. She gets a metal rod and puts through the hole of the door. Sanjay guides her. She blows air into the stick. She takes some soil and puts inside the rod. She blows off the candle. Sanjay says amazing, just open the door now. She breaks the door. She says thank God, you are fine, come. He asks her to go and run in the race, promise, nothing will happen to anyone, bomb will explode, I have to run, trust me, you have to run in the race. She says I can’t run, everyone…. He says trust me, you have to win the race.

He reminds the trauma she faced and asks her to leave. Durga promises to win and come. He asks her to go. Kaka asks Durga to run fast and save their house. Some goons catch her. Villagers beat them. Sanjay reaches the family. He sees his parents. Beats catch him. Sanjay fights with them. Gayatri shouts for help. Sanjay holds Gayatri and Neelkant. He frees them. Neelkant beats the goons.

Sanjay asks them are they fine. Sanjay says we have to find Durga’s family, you check here, I will go and see. Durga takes lift from someone. Aarti’s dad gets the call. He gets shocked knowing Durga has run away. The goon says villagers have beaten us a lot. Aarti’s dad says its time to shoot the last arrow, prepare for it.

Durga reaches the stadium. Aarti gets shocked seeing her. Everyone cheer for Durga. Durga prays for her family. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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