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Married again on zee world, Tuesday 28th June 2022 update

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While she is completely distraught and in tears, at her recent turn of events in her life, she says that yash loves ansh very much and is willing to put his life and his happiness at stake by marrying the girl that he doesnt even know. She says that she cant live without yash and prays to the god to send ansh back and make their life again normal.

Married again series
Married again series

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Arti finds the plant that he had given ansh to sow in their garden, and remembers giving it to ansh and their conversation, and is surprised to see there, since the same one that she had, has not been sown. She is determined that ansh is somewhere near. While ansh too comes close to the gates of the garage where he is kept captive in the hope that arti would see him, but his voice doesnt reach far since he’s gagged. Arti is already happy that she would soon see her son ansh. But sh cant find him anywhere and decides to talk about this recent development wioth yash and goes inside.

As akash tries to get him down from the stool, ansh fights off with him. Akash is about to hit him, when he realises that he has been instructed not to hit or injure the child. He thinks that the family is distancing itself, and the child is bearing the brunt of that. He hopes that the family drama ends soon and he can go back to his mother. He calls up someone to say that they need to move ansh from there and ensures that they boy is absolutely safe with him.

Suraj says to yash that the girl’s family have agreed to the marriage tomorrow and says that the girl’s family wanted a big fat wedding for their girl. But yash says that he wants a simple wedding. Suraj says that he knew that yash would say something like that, thereore he has already agreed the girl’s family on that and that they would come tomorrow to their house at 5’0’clock for the marriage.

Arti comes in saying what she saw and asks yash to go and find out. suraj sends prateiuk and pankaj also to find out in every corner of the house. But buaji tries to say that its futile since the kidnapper’s not an idiot to be keeping the child in this house only and that arti is going mad due to her kid missing and now her husband too leaving her. Arti retorts back saying that she has never wanted buaji’s ill, still she has always wanted ill for arti always and cant be happy in her happiness. She says that yash maybe marrying tomorrow but he’s only doing it out of his love for ansh, since unlike her, he understands the importance of relations and knows how to fulfill them. Just then yash, pankaj and prateik come back to tell everyone that they didnt find ansh. Arti goes bersekr at this saying that her instincts as a mother cant be wrong and that she is sure that ansh is in the mansion only. Gayatri asks her to stay calm but she is beyond all redemption. Yash takes arti upstairs to their oom, while she keeps protesting that she’s sure that ansh is near them somewhere.

In their room, yash confesses to arti, surprising her that he believes in her that ansh is somewhere aroung in the haveli only. Yash says that he was right in doubting that somebody from the family is involved in the family only, since only they can be affected by the divorce and not an outsider, who would have wanted some money in return for ansh. Arti agrees but wonders who could it be. Yash tries to say a name but arti stops him saying that they shouldnt doubt anyone, without any hardcore evidence since that would be an insult to their relationship and they have already made a mistake with suraj. yash too agrees to it and thinks as to what could the other method by which they can fidn out who from the family is behind this. Suddenyl yash says that he has an idea and takes arti downstairs.

The whole family is gathered and wondering as to why has yash called them there. Before vidhi can answer suraj’s query, yash and arti along with the dubeys arrive. yash says that everyone knows that yash is helpless in divorcing arti and remarrying so that they can find arti. he says that he had a sudden thought, that in his helplessness, he isnt doing right with the girl who would marry him and have dreams. therefore, she should know what is yash marrying for. And he says that the minute she would understand this, she would have a fake marriage for yash’s sake. Suraj asks yash to talk sense since its their helplessness and not the girl’s family’s, who would not take the girl back after she’s married and spends a night in her husband’s house, out of respect for the family. As yash tries to argue again, suraj says that he would never bow down for this and put a girl’s self respect at stake. He leaves, but vidhi too says the same thing wondering how could yash even think of something like that. Buaji says that this idea couldnt be of yash, but that of a small status’s girl like arti, who herself has faked marriage. pankaj too walks out saying that he cant understand how could yash even propose this. Gayatri too leaves without saying anything. shobha and dubeyji too say that its not possible. They says that in affection for ansh, its not right to play with anothr girl’s emotions. They too leave.

Arti says that she knows yash could never hurt anyone since he has tremendous respect for girls. she says that she understands that the relation is happening out of helplessness, but she knows that he cant disrespect the institution of marriage, then why did he propose the fake marriage downstairs as a solution. Just then, yash gets a call, from akash saying that he might consider himself very intelligent of having a fake marriage, and if he does, or tries to fool anyone, then ansh would never come back to them. Yash says that he wont do anything like this and would do just what he wants him to do, and thats a real marriage. He says that he wants a favour. When akash asks what, he says that he wants to give a gift to his son, before marriage, as after that he would not be able to meet his son for a long time. Akash repeats the request in front of the person who has been behind all this. And as written by him, he tells yash that he would send the gift to ansh after yash finishes the first ritual for marriage. And that he shouldnt try to do anything smart as that would put ansh’s life in danger. Yash says that he wont do anything of that sort but he should know that the gift has reached ansh, or else he wont take the pious circles around fire. Akash says that he’s okay with his condition but he shouldnt try to pull anything smart since what would happen, is just like last time, he might get to the kidnapper but he would never get his son, ansh back. Yash agrees to his terms and cancels the phone.

Arti says that they should trace the no kidnapper called from, but yash says that that would be useless since he would have called from a local booth and its impossible to trace a particular person from there. Yash says that the reason he proposed a fake marriage was because she had told that they shouldnt doubt anyone without hardcore evidence, and by doing this, he has found that evidence.

Yash tells arti that the kidnapping has been done by a family member. Arti is shocked to hear this and asks if he’s sure. Yash says that he’s right since the talk that he had with his family about a fake marriage reached the kidnapper so fast. Arti asks that who could be behind this. Yash says that he too has a doubt about that and rules out all members of his family. He then settles on the name, buaji that sets arti also to thinking. Yash altogether expresses his concerns about her. Arti remembers buaji’s stinging words about the past week. She too agrees with yash but doesnt understand why she did this. Yash says he too is boggled at that but he would try his level best to reveal that person, and if that doesnt happen, they would then be seperated forever from each other. Arti holds his hand and says that she has the fullest faith, and that nothing like that would happen.

Yash holds a sari, and looks at the moon, sitting by the pool. Arti comes by him and she too stares at the moon. Yash says that life has placed a strange dilemma in front of him, and that he doesnt know what to wish for, whether he should do this to get ansh back, or should he wish that this night never ends and finishes here, so that he never seperates from his love. Arti says that she also doesnt understand if the moon is getting them closer, or warning them that time is running out. Yash holds arti’s hand. He drapes the sari in his hand over her head and looks at her romantically. As he leaves, she holds him back and hugs him, as he spreads out his arms for her. They both cry out their hearts. Yash signifies that arti is more beautiful than the moon, just to get a smile on her face. Yash wipes the tears off her face and again sits down by the pool. She too sits beside him and they both look at the pool longingly.

The next morning, buaji is all prepping up the house for yash’s marriage and has got the whole family busy. Gayatri asks vidhi to give yash the shervani that he needs to wear for the ceremony. Vidhi says that she wont be able to do this, since she wont be able to bear his sadness. Arti too comes in, seeing the preparations with a heavy heart, much to arti’s pleasure. Buaji takes the shervani and gives it to arti, asking her to give it to yash so that he’s ready for the marriage. Arti is shocked at such callousness on buaji’s part, but she takes it silently.

Arti comes to their room with the shervani and sees yash staring into vacant space, looking all lost. She places the shervani on the table. Yash turns around and is shocked to find the shervani.

A drunk prateik says in rue, that they have to celebrate yash’s marriage and that they would do, by drinking alcohol. They did so much for everyone in the family, and now they are helpless seeing yash and arti seperate. Pankaj says that they tried everything that they could but there’s nothing that they can do. Prateik however still argues that they didnt try their best. Pankaj tries to stabilise him and calm him down.

Palak and payal say that now thay are happy that ansh would come back and they would all live and play as a family. Shobha tries to smile for the kids. When the kids go out to play, shobha is distressed that they dont have any way to get yash and arti out of this mess, and get them togther and that she cant tell the kids that the family that they are wishing for, is breaking off today. Dubeyji asks Shobha to compose herself and takes her out.

Yash starts the marriage rituals with Vidhi, while everybody looks in sadness. Yash gets a message on his phone, congratulating him on the first ritual of marriage being completed successfully. Further, it says that the gift he has to give to Ansh, he should place it by the other gift, at a certain location, and that it would reach ansh. Yash complies, much to buaji’s pleasure who has been watching in glee. A teary eyed Arti looks at buaji, who is having the time of her life.

While Yash is gazing at his picture with arti, Suraj comes in and tells him that the girl’s family have arrived and soon the rituals would start for marriage. He says that Yash tried his level best to support arti, in the best husbandly manner possible. He says that in all of this, the girl he’s getting married to, doesnt have a fault and therefore, he should see to it, that he doesnt do the girl any kind of injustice. Suraj tells yash, that he expects from his son, that just like he has stood by Arti, he would stand by his third wife, Ishita.

Yash is sitting tensed in his room.

Akash is going around running errands. He picks up Yash’s gift for Ansh and leaves, before anyone can see. He gives it to someone, who leaves.

Yash thinks that he doesnt undertsand if the kidnapper’s opened the gift and seen. A teary eyed arti comes and tells that Yash has been called downstairs for the pious circles around the fire, for completing the marriage rituals. As she leaves, he asks if she wont wish him good luck. Arti turns around surprised to hear him say that. He comes to her saying that this is the biggest exam of their life and if this they pass through, then nothing can seperate them ever. He tells arti that the gift contains a chemical cricket ball, which will change the person’s body colour, the minute they touch the gift, and by that they would identify the kidnapper and the person behind all this. Arti hugs him tight. He says that Arti always says that truth always triumphs and nothing can stand in the way. He says that if their love is true then they would definitely win. Arti says that her courage and support lies in him, and she doesnt want to grow weak. He says that it would never happen since they would find it out. Yash gives arti a bluetooth device keeping one for himself, so that whever any of them gets any info about the kidnapper, they would inform the other. Prteik comes in telling that yash has been called by suraj, but breaks down into yash’s arms saying that he cant see them seperating and that he shoudlnt agree for this marriage. Pankaj too come sins aying that suraj is waiting for yash downstairs and takes prateik, asking yash to come down soon. Arti takes yash’s turban with a heavy heart, and places it on his head.

The kids pray to the lodr that they dont need a new mom, and are very happy with arti, as she doesnt behave liek a step mom, and that they want to live with her only. Yash and arti see this,a nd with joined hands embrace the situation. Buaji sees them and taunts arti saying that she has never seen a woman who takes her own husband to the pandal, to get married to someone else. She says that it must be hard for arti and that she would relieve her of this pain, since she is a human being after all and cant see anyone in pain. She takes yash while arti stays with the kids, who tell her about their prayers. arti kisses them out of affection.

In the pandal, Yash is searching around for anyone with changed colour of the skin and is disappointed that noone looks like they could have kidnapped Ansh. He keeps looking around for his family, to notice any difference. He notices and tells Arti, that Pankaj isnt around whereas Arti tells him that Pankaj might be angry at them, but he cant do something like this. Yash asks him not to be emotional and go search around for Pankaj since they dont have much time. Meanwhile, Vidhi gets Pankaj’s call, who says that he cant come to the mandap, in this condition. This alerts Arti who thinks that Pankaj might have had a reaction to the chemical. Vidhi decides on the phone, and tells Pankaj that she would meet him instead. She comes upto him and says that he could really not have been able to go the mandap like this, since his buttons are broken. While vidhi goes to get a shirt, arti wishes that noone should see a day like this, when they have to doubt their own family members. arti tells yash that pankaj is innocent. While the priest proceeds with the rituals, yash is tensed about his plan’s success. The priest calls out for the bride to be brought to the mandap. Much to arti’s sadness and gayatri and yash’s family’s tensions, the girl is brought to the mandap by her family and a seemingly happy buaji. Arti is distraught to see this. The priest starts the marriage rituals with the girl and Yash, who is looking around restless, while Ishita looks expectantly at her.

Arti finds Bhavani going away stealthily, and has a doubt on her. She runs upto her, hoping that she be proved wrong and faces her, searching for the chemical’s reaction on her body. finding no change, she asks pari, why is she crying. Pari breaks down saying that she cant see this anymore and that she no more have faith on the lord since he always seperates people who love each other. arti tells her not to worry since she has the fullest faith that god wouldnt seperate them from each other.

As the rituals happen with yash and ishita one by one, arti is reminded of her own time, and she’s feeling as if everything in her marriage is being erased. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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