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Unfortunate Love On Zee world Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes Cast and Teasers

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Unfortunate Love

Unfortunate love on zee world is a story of simple, loving, selfless and kind-hearted girl Lakshmi Bhajwa as crosses paths with a rich businessman Rishi Oberoi. After getting married, they stand against all odds to save their marriage.

Unfortunate Love On Zee world Full story summary

The Bajwas are all set to get their eldest daughter Lakshmi married to Varun. However, when Lakshmi and her family are on their way to the mandap in a bus, a storm hits and the bus ends up dangling over a cliff. Everyone except Lakshmi’s parents manage to get out of the bus.

Lakshmi’s father, Manoj falls off the bus and dangles on it and makes his brother promise that he will get Lakshmi married on his behalf. The bus falls down the cliff and Lakshmi’s parents die in the accident leaving Lakshmi disheartened and broken.

Lakshmi’s aunt, Rano wants to usurp Manoj’s property. She asks Manoj’s assistant, Guru Charan to open the safe to get the money, however, he rejects her and says that Manoj’s last wish was to get Lakshmi married and that after Rano completes his last wish, she can take everything. Rano later decides to pretend to give the sisters a happy life by taking them to Mumbai just to acquire the property. Whilst on the other hand she breaks Lakshmi’s alliance with Varun.

Soon, Rano, Preetam, Neha, Lakshmi and her two sisters, Shalu and Bani leave for Mumbai. Lakshmi and her sisters end up crash landing in a hotel that belongs to Rishi Oberoi, son of an industrialist, who seems to be arrogant and egoistic but deep inside is kind and selfless like Lakshmi.

Unfortunate Love On Zee world Full story summary
Lhaxmi and Rishi

Later, Lakshmi and Rishi come face to face due to a misunderstanding. A frustrated Rishi running late to a model’s event and irritated over people trespassing his five-star hotel gets Lakshmi arrested whilst promising Lakshmi that he will not get her arrested which gets us to come across a very unkind and promise-breaker side of Rishi.

Rano and Preetam get them freed with the help of Rishi’s driver, Balwinder who secretly lusts for Neha.

To save her daughter from Balwinder and also to get lakshmi married as promised to Manoj. Rano decides to get Balwinder married to Lakshmi. Whilst, Balwinder misbehaves with Lakshmi on their first meet and tries to molest her, she run away from him but Rano ignores her plea to not marry Balwinder and starts to prepare for the wedding.

During their wedding, Balwinder gets drunk and says absurd things about Rishi and his hotel. Rishi’s flight to France gets cancelled and he rushes to the hotel. There he sees the bad condition of his hotel and he scolds Balwinder and blames him for the poor condition of his hotel. The hotel catches fire and Rishi rushes into the hotel to ensure nobody is stuck inside but he gets stuck gets stuck himself and faints.

Lakshmi comes to rescue him. The next day, Rishi’s father comes to thank Lakshmi and gets highly affected by her simplicity and good upbringing and asks Rano for Lakshmi’s hand for Rishi but misunderstand that the alliance is for her daughter, Neha. Virendra (Rishi’s father) conveys the same to Neelam (Rishi’s Mother) and Rishi. Reluctant at first, they later agree to meet Lakshmi.

Rishi’s parents arrive to give shagun to Lakshmi, the misunderstanding gets cleared and Virendra asks Lakshmi for her decision in marrying Rishi. Hesitant Lakshmi, disheartened by her two failed attempts of getting married thinks there is no marriage in her fate, but after being consoled by Virendra, Lakshmi agrees to meet Rishi on a date and then decide.

Rishi and Lakshmi get ready to go on a date. Lakshmi then gets impressed by him. Later, the two go for dinner and Lakshmi notices his selflessness there too. Lakshmi calls Rano and Neha to tell them that Rishi was nothing like Rano and Neha had described. Coming back home, Balwinder attacks Rishi’s car but they both save each other.

Rishi invites Bajwas to his birthday. At the party, Rishi and Lakshmi fall for each other and Rishi proposes to Lakshmi for marriage. She agrees to the marriage. Rishi’s father announces Rishi and Lakshmi’s engagement the next day. All get happy except Neha, Rano, and Balwinder.

At the engagement, Balwinder shows some fake intimate pictures of him and Lakshmi and tries to break the engagement but Rishi shows his immense faith in Lakshmi and proves her innocent and sends Balwinder to jail.

They both get engaged and Lakshmi starts falling in love with Rishi.

The marriage events start to take place when Balwinder and his goons try to kidnap Lakshmi and marry her. However, Abhi and Pragya from twist Of Fate. After that Neha tries to make Lakshmi unconscious and marry Rishi. However, her plan gets foiled because of Srishti and Rakhi from this is Fate.

Balwinder tries to make Lakshmi drink water so that she can be unconscious however Karan, Sameer and Preeta from this is Fate foil his plan. Finally, Rishi and Lakshmi get married. However, Rishi shows his true colors and confesses that he doesn’t love Lakshmi and he was forced into the marriage.

Nanaji (Neelam’s dad) asks Lakshmi and Rishi to go for a honeymoon. For the sake of Nanaji, they both go on honeymoon. However, Rishi falls into a lake and is captured by a crocodile. Lakshmi saves him but both get injured.

Rishi’s girlfriend Malishka comes there. It is revealed that Rishi is married to Lakshmi only because of his Kundali Dosh/ Zodiac sign and Lakshmi is the only girl who can save him. It is also revealed that after one year Rishi is planning to divorce Lakshmi and get married to Malishka.

During Karva Chauth a snake bites Rishi and Lakshmi saves him by sucking out the poison. In the ambulance, Rishi gains consciousness but Lakshmi faints as she sucked all the poison from Rishi’s body. In the hospital, Rishi feels guilty and it is seen that slowly Rishi has started caring for Lakshmi.

After that Ayush and Virendra vow to bring Rishi and Lakshmi close. During Diwali, Rishi and Lakshmi come closer. Malishka enters the party with Viraj. Later on, Lakshmi confesses her love for Rishi but Rishi loves Malishka and Lakshmi gets to know about their affair. She breaks all the ties with Rishi and his family and returns to her uncle’s house.

Meanwhile, her aunt was planning to get them a divorce so when Lakshmi was sleeping she took her fingerprints cleverly and went to Rishi’s house and told them that Lakshmi wants a divorce. Rishi misunderstands Lakshmi but soon misses her and loves her but isn’t aware of his feelings towards her angering Malishka. Malishka and Rishi unknowingly go to the same jewelry shop to buy Malishka’s marriage jewelry where Lakshmi is also working.

Malishka humiliates Lakshmi and accuses her of stealing her necklace but Rishi comes in time and saves Lakshmi. After a series of events when Lakshmi and Rishi file for divorce in the pressure of their respective families; the judge orders Lakshmi to stay with Rishi for three months. Unwillingly Neelam brings Lakshmi back to the Oberoi Mansion.

Malishka tries to tarnish Lakshmi’s image by informing the reporters that Lakshmi wanted to marry Rishi due to the greed of wealth. But when the newspaper comes, it is revealed to Malishka that Shalu informed the reporters about Malishka as “the other woman” in the life of Rishi and Lakshmi. The Oberois blame Lakshmi for ruining Malishka’s image. Things get worse when “Mahila Morcha” (the women’s wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party of India.) come to Oberoi house and humiliate Malishka by putting black colour on her face. Kiran, Neelam and Karishma lash out at Lakshmi and blame her of calling the Mahila Morcha.

Rishi returns and learns of this, and in the pressure of his family, he decides to get engaged to Malishka. During the engagement of Malishka and Rishi, the engagement ring gets stolen and Lakshmi is blamed for this, however later she proves herself innocent. Shalu brings the judge in time and stops the engagement. The next day, a wedding proposal for Ahana comes from London. Lakshmi takes the responsibility of making continental food for them, but Malishka ruins her work. Lakshmi at last impresses Ahana’s would-to-be in laws with her Indian food. Lakshmi finds Ahana in a hospital and gets shocked to learn that Ahana is pregnant with the baby of her ex-boyfriend.

To save Ahana’s marriage, Lakshmi prints her name in Ahana’s pregnancy report. The Oberois are shocked to hear the news of Lakshmi’s pregnancy and accuse her of cheating on Rishi. To make things difficult for Lakshmi, Malishka calls Balvinder to Oberoi Mansion to ruin her character. Balvinder lies to the Oberoi family that Lakshmi is pregnant with his child and tries to take her with him but Rishi slaps him. Further, when Rishi is about to divorce Lakshmi, Ahana steps in and tells Rishi the truth about her pregnancy proving Lakshmi’s innocence. Rishi moved by Ahana’s confession realises Lakshmi’s golden heart and starts to respect her and stands up for her in various situations and slowly falls in love with her whilst Malishka tries to break their bonding by evil tactics.

To be continued…

Unfortunate Love Series Details

  • Title: Unfortunate Love
  • No. Of Seasons: 1 (originally)
  • No. Of Episodes: 400
  • Channel: Zee world
  • Premiere: 5th November 2022
  • Final Episode: TBA
  • Replacing: Guddan double bill
  • Dubbed: English Language
  • Original Title: Bhagya Lakshmi
  • Original Release: 2021 – Still Airing
  • Country Of Origin: India
  • Original Network: ZeeTv

Series Development.

Unfortunate Love is considered the second spin-off of the popular Indian series Kumkum Bhagya/ Twist Of Fate. The show had 4 crossover episodes with Kumkum Bhagya for Holi celebration from 13 March 2022 to 16 March 2022.

The series is going to see special appearance from Abhi and Pragya of twist Of Fate, Shristhi, Karan and Preeta for This is Fate.


Unfortunate Love On Zee world Cast

Aishwarya Khare as Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi : Kuljeet and Manoj’s eldest daughter; Shalu and Bani’s sister; Neha’s cousin; Rishi’s wife.Unfortunate Love Cast

Rohit Suchanti as Rishi Oberoi: Neelam and Virendra’s son; Sonia and Devika’s brother; Ahana and Ayush’s cousin; Lakshmi’s husband.Unfortunate love cast

Supporting Cast

  • Munira Kudrati as Shalini “Shalu” Bajwa: Kuljeet and Manoj’s second daughter; Bani and Lakshmi’s sister; Neha’s cousin; Ayush’s love interest.
  • Aman Gandhi as Ayushmaan “Ayush” Chopra: Karishma and Manpreet’s son; Ahana’s brother; Rishi, Devika and Soniya’s cousin; Shalu’s love interest.
  • Maera Mishra as Malishka Bedi: Kiran and Abhay’s daughter; Viraj’s best friend and ex-fiancée; Rishi’s one sided lover.
  • Mansi Bhanushali as Bani Bajwa: Kuljeet and Manoj’s youngest daughter; Lakshmi’s and Shalu’s sister; Neha’s cousin.
  • Smita Bansal as Neelam Oberoi: Virendra’s wife; Rishi and Sonia’s mother.
  • Uday Tikekar as Virendra Oberoi: Harleen and Vishwas’s son; Karishma and Mahendra’s brother; Neelam’s husband; Rishi and Soniya’s father.
  • Neena Cheema as Harleen Vishwas Oberoi: Vishwas’ widowed wife; Karishma, Virendra and Mahendra’s mother; Aahana, Ayushmaan, Rishi, Soniya and Devika’s grandmother.
  • Shivani Jha as Sonia Oberoi: Neelam and Virendra’s daughter; Rishi’s sister.
  • Parul Chaudhary as Karishma Manpreet Chopra: Harleen and Vishwas’ daughter; Virendra and Mahendra’s sister; Manpreet’s wife; Aahana and Aayush’s mother.
  • Hemant Thatte as Manpreet Chopra: Karishma’s husband; Ahana and Ayush’s father.
  • Aditi Shetty as Aahana Chopra: Karishma and Manpreet’s daughter; Ayush’s sister; Rishi, Soniya and Devika’s cousin.
  • Bebika Dhurve as Devika Oberoi: Mahendra’s daughter; Aahana, Aayush, Rishi and Sonia’s cousin.
  • Masshe Uddin Qureshi as Preetam Bajwa: Manoj’s brother; Rano’s husband; Neha’s father.
  • Neha Prajapati as Rano Preetam Bajwa: Pritam’s wife; Neha’s mother.
  • Avantika Chaudhary / Tasneem Khan / Urmimala as Neha Bajwa: Rano and Preetam’s daughter; Lakshmi, Shalu and Bani’s cousin; Aayush’s one sided lover.
  • Karan Kaushal Sharma as Abhay Bedi: Kiran’s Husband; Malishka’s Father.
  • Karuna Verma as Kiran Abhay Bedi: Abhay’s wife; Malishka’s mother.
  • Ankit Bhatia as Balwinder “Ballu” Sood: Lakshmi’s ex-fiancé and obsessive one-sided lover; Rishi’s driver.
  • Akash Choudhary as Viraj Singhania: Malishka’s best friend and ex-fiancée.
  • Kaushal Kapoor as Darshan: Lakshmi’s employer.
  • Mridula Oberoi as Kalyani: Lakshmi’s boss.
  • Virendra Saxena as Manoj Bajwa: Pritam’s brother; Kuljeet’s husband; Lakshmi, Shalu and Bani’s father.
  • Firdaush as Arnav: a very good kick boxer and swimmer.
  • Neelu Dogra as Kuljeet Manoj Bajwa: Manoj’s wife; Lakshmi, Shalu and Bani’s mother.
  • S Ashraf Karim as Gurucharan Anand.
  • Melanie Pais as Inspector Durga.