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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Wednesday 12th October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Episode starts with Vikram coming to room and asking Siddharth why did you come here, you shouldn’t have come here. Sid hugs him and asks how are you? Vikram says I am fine. He asks why did you come? Vikram gives him 40 lakhs cheque. Sid says if I was not in need of money, then you wouldn’t have met me.

Vikram says even you haven’t called me. Sid says whenever I thought to call you, I thought I am bad in your sight. Vikram says I am an emotional person and heard my mind, then realized that something wrong have happened with you, then I recalled your words that Prachi and you was unconscious in the room, and realized that someone wants to separate Prachi and Ranbir. Sid says it was not someone else, but Rhea. He says she had told me that it was her plan along with Pallavi Chachi to separate Prachi and Ranbir. Vikram says I know.

He says the matter is more bigger than this. Sid says I am glad that you have forgiven me. Vikram says I have forgiven you as wrong thing happened with you, and not because you are my brother’s son. He says whatever happened with you, I am forgiving you, but I will not forgive you for not calling me. Sid says I missed you a lot. Vikram says my heart is big, don’t take it on heart.

He says tell me, if you need anything. Sid thanks and hugs him. Vikram says will you not wish me? Sid wishes him. Vikram asks him to leave, else Pallavi might see him. He asks him to go from door. Just then they see Pallavi coming inside. Sid sneaks out silently. Pallavi asks Vikram to come inside.

Prachi runs happily and goes somewhere. Rhea keeps her eye on her, and thinks this lamp will be set off very soon. Sid sees Prachi running and seeing him. He holds her hand and takes her away from there. Rhea sees them and thinks who took Prachi to the room.

Prachi asks Sid, if Ranbir knew that you came home. Sid says nobody knows, and says he is happy to see her at home. He asks what is the reason of her happiness. Prachi says tonight, I am going to tell Ranbir about my pregnancy and says I have to tell him much more, which was in my mind. Sid is happy for her and smiles. Prachi says she wants to share her emotions and feelings with him. Sid says I am happy for both of you. He wears his hoodie and says I have to rush, and asks where to hide. Prachi says everyone is busy.

She asks why did you come here? Sid thinks if I tell her about my business, then she will help me, and I don’t want her to stress herself. Rhea comes to the window and thinks who is meeting Prachi alone in the bedroom. She hears Sid’s voice and recognizes him. Sid removes the hoodie and tells that he came to meet her and the baby. Rhea is shocked. Prachi says I didn’t tell anyone at home about my pregnancy.

Sid says tell them at the right time, and then their connection will be build with them. Rhea thinks it is their baby, whom they want to get Kohli name. She takes their recording and thinks to expose them. She takes their pic. Just then Prachi feels dizzy and faints. Sid holds her. Rhea takes the pic again.

She says it was enough of romance, now time has come to expose the truth. She smiles and goes away from there. She thinks you shall get an award for capturing the thieves, and tells Aaliya that she has seen Prachi with Siddharth. Aaliya says Sid..Rhea says I have heard them talking and he told that she shall tell about the baby to everyone, so that everyone feel connected with him. She says I have told you that they have an illegitimate relation and they want to force baby on the kohli baby. She shows the pics to Aaliya and says today nobody can stop me from exposing Prachi. Neeti comes there and tells Rhea that a driver came to give you something. Rhea says I will meet him and tells Aaliya that reports came. She goes to meet the driver and sees envelope in his hand.

Ranbir is happy and checks the time. Shahana recalls Prachi asking her to decorate the terrace. She thinks terrace is ready, they shall go up and unite so that even the stars and moon come down. Ranbir asks Shahana what is going on between Prachi and you? Shahana says I shall ask you both and says what is going on? Ranbir says you will know at 9 pm. Shahana says you are saying as if live telecast is going to happen. She says you both were fighting unnecessarily. She coughs. Ranbir says I will bring water for you. He collides with Rhea. Rhea says I will see you later and finds the driver missing. Ranbir looks at the driver and asks him to have tea, coffee or something. The driver tells that he is Dr. Pooja’s driver and came to give report to Rhea. Ranbir takes the report and asks him to have starters and go. He thinks to check the reports, thinking it is of Prachi. Rhea comes to the driver and asks him to give envelope. Driver says I gave it to that sir. Rhea gets shocked. She collides with Ranbir intentionally and makes the envelope falls down. She then says that she got fracture in her leg. She finds the reports missing.

Pallavi asks the caterer, why the food is expensive. The caterer says I will give you all the expenses. He takes Prachi’s report and starts writing behind it. Pallavi says I will check it later.

Prachi takes out something from her cupboard. Sid says today I will go to temple and thank God for your smile. He asks Prachi not to tell anyone that he had come to meet Vikram Chacha. Prachi says ok. Sid leaves. Prachi hopes to stay with everyone, as the happy family. Rhea searches for the reports and thinks where did it go? Aaliya thinks why Rhea is walking like this. She asks her, why are you walking like this, and asks about the reports. Rhea says driver gave the reports to Ranbir, but before he could read, I pushed him, but report went missing. Aaliya says it would be there itself where it fell. Rhea says if reports are positive, we will do as we thought, else we have to change our plan. Aaliya says Sid told that Prachi is pregnant. Rhea says we can’t prove by video. She says once the pregnancy is confirmed, we will expose everything. Aaliya asks her to rest, and says I will search the reports. She says I want you to be there when Prachi is exposed and when NGO women blacken her face. She says I want you to blacken her face. She takes her to room and asks about the envelope color. Rhea says white color. Aaliya goes. Rhea thinks to drink water and gets up. She thinks she shall be fine before the reports are found. She looks at someone.

Prachi coming to the terrace and waiting for Ranbir. She thinks why he didn’t come till now, it is 9 pm. She looks at the decorations and smiles, recalling Ranbir telling that we are pregnant and their little Prachi will call them Bau ji, as he likes it. fb ends. Prachi thinks I am going to tell you, about our relation truth, someone is going to come who will call you Bau ji, we have fulfilled your third and last dream together. She smiles and thinks of their dance in the hall. Sawarlun plays……Just then she loses her balance and slips. Ranbir comes there and holds her. He asks her to give her hand and makes her sit. He takes off her sandal and wipes her foot. He tells that Dida had lighted diya there and that’s why you have slipped due to the leakage of the oil from it. He asks her to tell about their relation truth and says it is 9 pm. Prachi asks him if he remembers about her sayings about the moon. Ranbir says I remember, you used to say that the moon will keep us connected even if we separate. Prachi says after whatever I am going to tell you, we will never separate again. Ranbir moves his hand in her hair, both gets hopeful. Song plays….He is about to kiss her forehead, when he gets a call and excuses himself after asking her to be there. He comes back to the party, thinking about Prachi and his moments. He asks Pallavi why did she call him, if there is any problem? Pallavi asks where is his dad, and says he should be with me on the anniversary. Ranbir says he must be around. Pallavi says she doubts that he is doing something hiding. She says Rhea and Aaliya are also not here. Aaliya comes there. Ranbir says Buji came. Prachi also comes there. Ranbir says Prachi also came. Pallavi asks him not to disappoint her. Aaliya tells Pallavi that Rhea was searching for a paper and had slipped. The caterer comes and gives the calculation paper to Pallavi, which is Prachi’s pregnancyreport as well. Pallavi takes it and goes.

Ranbir thinks if Prachi got upset as I got closer to her on terrace. Prachi turns and collides with Ranbir. Aaliya searches for the report and then looks at Ranbir and Prachi. She provokes the NGO women against Prachi. NGO women tell that he looks innocent, but fools people. Pallavi calls Ranbir. Ranbir asks Prachi if she is upset with him. Prachi says no and asks him to meet her on the terrace. Pallavi asks Ranbir to check the caterer calculation, and says she wants to be sure that guests are taken care of well, and served well. Ranbir says I will check and keeps it in his pocket.

Dida asks Shahana, why she has a feeling that Rhea is planning against Prachi. Shahana says she is not around, and must be upto something. Prachi comes there. Dida says she must have made plan by now. Prachi says she can’t do anything now, we have bear enough, now nobody will come between Ranbir and me, now we will have love and trust between us, and says tomorrow morning will be our hope’s morning, and tells that Rhea can’t do anything even if she wants to. Vikram is talking on phone and says he will sort out. Pallavi comes to him and says you should be with me on our anniversary, what people will think and feel about us, if they see us standing separately. Vikram asks if you are really bothered about people’s thoughts, or if you was really missing me. He asks her to drink water and calm down, or have whisky in his style. Pallavi gets angry and says I am doubtful that you are hiding something from me. Vikram asks her to enjoy. Pallavi says you are hiding something from me, I am 100 percent sure. Vikram says can’t you talk to me about this tomorrow and says even you do the things which I don’t like, but you still do, you can’t clap with one hand. He is about to go. Pallavi says if Rhea is the problem, then she will be with us all life. Vikram asks her to enjoy the anniversary party with Rhea, and asks her to do whatever she feels right, and he will do the same thing. Pallavi gets irked and goes to Aaliya. She asks where is Rhea? Aaliya says I am going there. They come to Rhea.

Pallavi asks how are you? She gets the call and goes. Rhea asks did you get the report? Aaliya says no. Rhea gets up and falls on Aaliya, says I am hurt, everything is getting delayed, I should have Prachi’s reports by now. She says all my stuff and the wedding pic shall be in Ranbir’s room, but…She says I want to kick out Prachi from his room and wants to stay in his room, wants to celebrate honeymoon with Ranbir, as I deserve it. She says she is Kohli family’s only bahu and says if I don’t expose Prachi tonight and tell everyone that she is carrying Sid’s child then I will lose Ranbir forever. Aaliya says you can’t lose, you are my Rhea. Rhea says whatever I want, is not happening and I can do what Prachi don’t want. Pallavi comes there and asks Rhea, how is she? Rhea says she is fine and wants to dance. She asks Aaliya to go and says she will come later. Aaliya asks what are you going to do? Rhea says I will tell you later. Aaliya tells Pallavi that Rhea is drinking water and is coming. Rhea calls doctor and asks did you read the report? Doctor says I haven’t read, but I have the duplicate copy. She checks and tells Rhea that Prachi is pregnant.

Rhea insists her to come and tell the news to the family, otherwise they will not believe her. Doctor says ok, I will come. Rhea smiles.