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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Saturday 8th October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

The inspector questions if they know that when a man married another girl while already being married, then he is charged under the section 494, according to which he can be jailed, Dida replies she knows it well, in this the husband and the new wife and all those who were present in the wedding but even the aunt of the new wife who was behind it all even when she was not present, inspector questions if she knows her entire family can go to jail when Dida replies it is better then to lie.

inspector asks if there is anyone else, Sahana explains she will testify. Prachi questions what is she doing because she is the one who said that this marriage was just a joke or function, Dida explains she can go to jail for them both when Prachi says to the inspector that she doesnot want to file any complaint but wants to just say that her husband was with another women in a hotel room Rhea exclaims she is his wife, Prachi replies in anger and shows the inspector the marriage certificate when Rhea questions what will she do about this legal document as she doesnot have the Kumkum.

Inspector asks Ranbir how can he live with such a girl for two seconds, he questions what Rhea said that he married her after already being married to Prachi, he is therefor arresting Rhea and the entire family of Ranbir on criminal charges, Rhea starts panicking when they try to take her towards the lockup, she exclaims she has not been married and Prachi is telling the truth, it was just a function when the inspector says she is trying to defend herself, Pallavi reveals Prachi is their daughter in law and even Vikram takes her side mentioning she is right as Prachi is their daughter in law, Dida asks them both to come in front and say it once again since she is going to record it all because of her poor memory, Pallavi exclaims Prachi is her daughter in law, she recalls how she vowed to never accept Prachi as her daughter in law, Sahana thinks now Prachi would feel a little better, the ladies from the NGO question why is he with another girl even after such a beautiful wife but Prachi is still not complete, she asks Pallavi to see however she doesnot recognize, Pallavi exclaims Kumkum is missing which got washed from water, Pallavi accepts, so Prachi asks her to order Ranbir to fill the Mang, they also get delighted explaining if this happens then Rhea would also realize her actual place in his life. Inspector says he doesnot allow this but if this happens then he can let his entire family go free, the NGO personal also exclaim that this would be his apology as he is going to assure that he will never do it again, Ranbir starts looking at Rhea, they all question why is he looking at her since he can save his family, the entire Kholi family is shocked. Pallavi thinks how Prachi challenged saying she will herself reveal in front of everyone that she is the only daughter in law of the kholi family while Rhea was never their daughter in law but just her sister.

Prachi mentions Pallavi would herself have to reveal she is the real daughter in law as Rhea has confused everyone after yelling so now they are wondering why did she get Ranbir married when his first wife is alive, Pallavi exclaims they all said that the honour of a wife is the Kumkum so they need to wait, she taking it out asks Ranbir to come in front and apply it, Sahana informs she even has the Mantar and if it is playing then the marriage would be complete, she plays it as Dida allows her, Pallavi thinks that she said she was not present when Prachi got married the first time, however she is holding it now. Ranbir walks towards it but Rhea stops him requesting that he not do it, Ranbir whispers he must do it otherwise the entire family would be locked up in jail yet if he goes out then would be able to help her, Rhea allows it, he also praises her decision.

Ranbir walks to Prachi, who is standing but seeing this Aaliya is really frustrated, Pallavi recalls when she said she doesnot remember if Ranbir filled her Mang however is now witnessing it, Vikram smiles, Prachi walks to Pallavi where she calls Ranbir to come and take her blessings, she kneels demanding the blessings, Pallavi once again thinks she said she never gave them her blessing but the people of the NGO say she must give them the blessing to live together as a couple. Prachi turns to Vikram seeking the blessings and they turn to Dida who also blesses them to say as a couple.

Prachi says Pallavi said she doesnot remember when Prachi got married to Ranbir and she never say Ranbir filling her Mang with the Kumkum however has seen it today with her own eyes that he filled her Manav with the Kumkum, she congratulates Pallavi since she got back her real daughter in law and has now seen who Ranbir has married. The NGO employees mention how beautiful they both are looking as a couple, they question how she found this gem, Dida replies that the necklace has found the gem as it was their love marriage, Vikram also explains even when it was a love marriage, Bhagwan jee did most of the work as who can do anything against his will, he asks Pallu if he is correct, she exclaims he is speaking the truth. Dida informs they can say that both Prachi and Ranbir has also been married in front of the court, Aaliya turns to leave in anger, Rhea goes after her questioning where is she going, Aaliya assures she is going to send her lawyers since no one would hear her now, Rhea asks what she means since they had a lot of time to make a counter plan but even then did nothing, Aaliya replies that Prachi played her cards really well as she did not let them understand her real plan, even when everyone was against her but now Ranbir is standing with her.

Sahana turns calling Aaliya Bu jee, she questions what is Aaliya teaching Rhea as she should instead ask her to not come in between a husband and wife, Aaliya gets angry but then calms herself exclaiming Sahana is speaking really well since she was also teaching the same to Rhea as how she must behave with her sister Prachi, Rhea exclaims she needs to talk with Ranbir, the NGO workers say he believes that it was his mistake to take Rhea to the hotel, Ranbir accepts that it was his mistake and now he is really suffering because of his decision, she exclaims he accepts it was his mistake to bring Rhea into his life, Ranbir replies that he understands he made a mistake, Rhea questions what is Ranbir doing since these people work to ruin the households of others but he should not be afraid of them, they reply it is the work of Rhea to ruin the life of other people while they work to help those houses which are shattered, Dida praises them for scolding her, Rhea replies she would be happy as this si what she desired, the NGO workers say she doesnot even know how to talk with elders, blaming Ranbir asking why did he do it to Prachi who is a really nice girl, Ranbir explains she is a really nice whom he hurt a lot and also caused tremendous pain, but not anymore, they all mention they are going to take responsibility of Ranbir, Inspector also agrees explaining that he seems to be an honest boy, he asks Ranbir to come with him since they need to sign some papers.

Rhea says that she will never let Prachi forget what she has done today, Prachi replies she will not let Rhea forget, Dida and Sahana go to stand with Prachi, when Vikram also stands with them, Prachi mentions she has gotten some relatives back in this war, Pallavi and Aaliya stand with Rhea.

Prachi exclaims she not only won this challenge but also got back some of her relations, Pallavi and Aaliya go to stand beside Rhea while, Dida along with Vikram and Sahana are with Prachi, Rhea exclaims she can call anyone but the winner would be who has Ranbir, Prachi says she did not see clearly since her Mang is filled with the Kumkum which Ranbir has filled, but now she must prepare to sleep in the lockup and they will talk when she comes back to her house, inspector orders constable to put Rhea in the lockup, Rhea exclaims she is making the biggest mistake of her life, Prachi replies she made the mistake by forgiving Rhea however she must not create a scene otherwise would be punished today for all her crimes, Rhea warns Prachi should be ready to which she replies that she is always ready but Rhea must prepare herself when she comes back, the constable takes Rhea away warning her to not look at her like this otherwise she would not be allowed to sleep, Prachi leaves with tears in her eyes.

Prachi is standing outside when Dida comes questioning why is she crying since she got back the Kumkum of Ranbir’s name and even Pallavi blessed her so why is she crying, Prachi exclaims she doesnot know what is she doing since Rhea is her sister but she is in jail because of her, she first hurt her on the road and now this all, Prachi mentions she is not liking this because both of them were not together for twenty years but cannot do this anymore, Dida exclaims Prachi told the entire event of Mahabharat but forgot to tell her how in that event Arjun was hesitant to fight with his own family members but then Shri Krishan gave him the Gyan of Gita and when in the fight there is about religion then nothing else matters so Prachi should also stand with the truth, as something really wrong is happening in their house so during the cleaning the hands also get dirt on them, Prachi should not be worried, Sahana also mentions only Prachi will win since she has Dida on her side, they are standing when Pallavi comes with Vikram and Aaliya, she sits in the car when Dida informs that Prachi brought this car, Pallavi exclaims so what since she is the mother in law so can take the car, Prachi assures she can take a cab, then Dida calls Sahana to come with them since she wants to talk with her, Sahana sits with Pallavi asking her to step aside. Prachi thinks that she feels something is wrong about what is happening, why can Rhea not be like Sahana.

Rhea in the lockup is really frustrated exclaiming Prachi has played a really dirty game as she even forced Rhea into this jail and even made Ranbir apply the Kumkum, she is sure Prachi had made a plan with those NGO ladies to get Ranbir apply the Kumkum, but what about Ranbir as it feels he wanted to do it, she planned a lot about her honeymoon with Ranbir but has now been stuck in this lockup, Prachi is out with Ranbir and what about Mummi jee who had the pack of Kumkum, the other criminals questions on what charges was she brought into the lockup, Rhea mentions murder, and when they question so she says she can murder them if they keep talking when another lady stands mentioning she was also arrested on the charges of murder so she can kill her since she would be hanged in either case.

Prachi thanks the ladies of NGO who mention they are always ready to get the women justice so she must always think of them all like herself, she calls Ranbir mentioning she knows he has realized his mistake but one warning is necessary, they question what is the need to be with another women when he has a beautiful wife and he must remain a one women man since this is a beautiful relation but if he does this again then would be locked up in jail instead of the other women, Ranbir thanks her mentioning had she not come on time then he would be in jail, Prachi doesnot respond when the ladies of NGO exclaims she is angry, Ranbir questions what is the extent of her anger informing that just like when a husband comes late then he knows his wife would be angry, he even holds his ears seeking the apology however she doesnot react, he even starts to perform the sit up but Prachi is not moved, Ranbir exclaims he will be like the rooster until she forgives him however Prachi stops him, he says that she must say it properly that she has forgiven him, he even asks for a hug and so she exclaims he is a really good actor when she also mentions that even she is a good actor, Ranbir offers them all a lift when Prachi questions if he has a car but Ranbir says that whatever belongs to her is also his when Prachi replies her mother in law has taken her car.

Ranbir goes to bring a taxi when they exclaims he is a really charming person and no one would believe he can do something like that, Ranbir asks if he can take his wife back home when they all assure they will always be with Prachi, both of them leave after getting in the taxi when one of the ladies is still waving, the other question why is she still waving and she exclaims he is really charming, handsome and good looking. They all are shocked.

Ranbir is sitting with Prachi in the car, he after mustering the courage asks if the ladies from the NGO are her friends, she asks the reason when he exclaims because they were saying they will always stand beside her, Prachi mentions he should think of them as her friend since they are always ready to stand beside her, Ranbir questions what can he give her for Valentines day, she replies he has already given her and it is the Kumkum when Ranbir mentions that it always belonged to her, she replies he forget about it, Ranbir questions why did she not apply the Kumkum since she never does this even when she is really angry with him, Prachi says that she only applies it as a makeup, he questions why is she making him angry since he knows she doesnot speak what is in her heart, she sent the police to the hotel because he was with Rhea, they both stop talking. Prachi falls asleep and she rests her head against his shoulder, he also feels as a husband and they both fall asleep.

Ranbir wakes up when the driver stops the car, he informs Prachi that they have arrived, she wakes up and gets away from him, she rushes out of the car.

Vikram is on the phone with the lawyer apologizing for being so late and exclaims the good news is that Rhea would come back in the morning, he asks Pallavi what she wants to say when she replies she will talk with him later.

Pallavi stops Prachi as she enters the house, exclaiming if she thought that she will allow Prachi to do whatever she desires after what happened at the police station, Vikram requests her to stop when Pallavi questions why did he not say anything at the police station since Rhea is locked up even when she is the daughter of his best friend and always thought of him as her father, Prachi exclaims even she is the daughter of his best friend so could have felt bad has he not stood with her but Pallavi did not think of it. Aaliya exclaims Prachi always thinks she is right, and she is the one who booked the luxury car for them both.

Prachi asks if she can also book one for her, Aaliya replies that she has been sitting in those even before Prachi was born so she must stop this sarcasm, Prachi replies even she has a lot to tell, the things which she has kept as a secret and if she starts revealing them then Bu jee would be looking here and there.

Pallavi blames Prachi explaining that she is not a nice person and even her thoughts and plans are disgusting.