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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Monday 31st October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Rhea asking Sahana to get the car keys from Vikram. Once Sahana goes in, Rhea picks up money bag and drives the car away. Sahana fails to stop her and determines to find Prachi herself. Ranbir reaches Nick’s house searching him and is stunned to notice Nick’s photo with Preethi. He calls Preethi and asks her about Nick. She says she doesn’t know.


He asks her to stop lying as he saw her photo with Nick. Preethi says he can go at one place and gives address. Nick stops car, calls henchman Tony, and hires him to murder Prachi. Tony’s friend asks if Nick cannot murder anyone when he can do other crimes. Tony says his Nick tried once and is charged with attempt to murder, so he needs professional help. He shows Prachi’s photo. Friend says she is a girl. Tony says it’s just a target and thinks who wants to kill such a beautiful girl.

Rhea drives car recalling Nick blackmailing her to give him 60 lakhs and threatening to meet Ranbir if she fails. Alia calls her and asks if she reached Nick. Rhea says she is stuck in traffic and says she feels frustrated thinking that Nick is blackmailing them for money. Alia says Nick promised to kill Prachi. Rhea says Nick can visit even Ranbir after taking money from them and take money from even Ranbir as he knows Ranbir wants to save Prachi at any cost, so they are trapped from both side. Aliya asks her not to think about the thing which hasn’t happened at all and just reach Nick’s place. Rhea says she is frustrated. Aliya asks her to send Nick’s location, even she will reach there. Rhea sends her location. Aliya thinks this warehouse is near Palam.

Nick ties Prachi to a chair and shuts her mouth. Prachi thinks he should let her go as she is pregnant. Nick says he is just doing his job and asks his aide to keep an eye on her. Another aide asks Nick if he will really kill Prachi. Nick says he cannot seeing her crying, so he hired Tony to murder Prachi as he is also a professional like them. He says Rhea hasn’t reached yet with money and if she doesn’t within 1 hour, they will take Prachi to Ranbir and seek money from him. Aide asks what is police reaches them before that. Nick says they will take money from Ranbir and even ask him to take back the case on them. Aide says they should visit Ranbir then. Nick says he is a professional and promised Rhea first. Aide asks him to call Rhea. He calls Rhea and finds her phone switched off. Adie says Rhea is double crossing him. Nick says she can’t, let’s wait for 15 minutes.

Prachi recalls Ranbir’s concern for her and thinks she needs him back for her and their baby’s sake and wants him to sake them both. Ranbir runs towards Nick’s location. Sahana calls him and asks where is he. He says he is going to Nick’s location to save Prachi. She asks him address so that she can reach there in a car. He says its some warehouse near Palem airport. Vikram hears Sahana’s conversation and says he will drive the car. Pallavi says even she will accompany them to save Prachi and she is doing it for Ranbir. Vikram agrees and takes her along. Ranbir continues to run. Nick says 15 minutes are over. Aide asks him to call Ranbir then. Nick says he will call Rhea once finally and if she is not reachable, he will call Ranbir. Rhea’s car breaks down and she finds even her mobile switched off. Nick tells aide that Rhea is really double crossing him, now he will show what he can do. Rhea panics thinking the pit she dug for Prachi became a well for herself. She shouts if someone can take her to Nick.

Nick asks Prachi to not shout and frees her mouth. Prachi starts crying vigorously. He says she promised not to cry. She asks him to free her and take money from Ranbir. Nick agrees and asks her to tell Ranbir to take back the case. Prachi agrees. Nick goes aside and calls Ranbir. Ranbir reaches warehouse. Nick demands money from him to release Prachi and says he has one more condition. Ranbir asks about it. Nick asks him to withdraw the case on him. Ranbir him to reveal who hired him to kill Prachi first. Nick agrees. They hear some sound. Ranbir walks inside towards Prachi.

Aliya takes Nick aside and slaps him for cheating her. Nick says he gave time to Rhea, but she double crossed him and hence he had to helplessly strike a deal with Ranbir. Aliya says Rhea is on the way and her phone is switched off. Rhea reaches there with money. Aliya asks him to finish his work and get the money. Rhea slaps him for trying to reveal her crime to Ranbir. Nick warns them that he will expose them if they slap him again. Aliya reveals that she kidnapped Preethi and warns him to finish the work or lose Preethi. Ranbir searches for Prachi. Vikram with Sahana and Pallavi reach warehouse. Pallavi and Sahana’s argument starts. Vikram asks them to stop fighting as they need to enter the warehouse silently. Aliya orders Nick again to kill Prachi.

Ranbir searches for Nick and Prachi, calls Nick, and asks him to finish his deal. Aliya notices him and hides with Rhea. Ranbir trashes Nick’s aides and reaches Prachi.