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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Friday 21st October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Episode starts with Rhea telling Pallavi that she is completely alone, her real sister is trying to destroy her home, asks her to help her, and says I am all alone, I don’t have mom and dad and not even my husband.

She asks infront of whom, I shall cry. She says if we don’t stop them now, then it will happen in open infront of everyone. She says prachi is thinking herself as Ranbir’s wife and even he will feel the same sometime.

She says you have to take responsibility as a mother and mother in law and has to save my house from destruction. She asks her to help her and says she is folding her hands infront of her. She hugs Pallavi and cries. Pallavi cries and says I couldn’t do anything, and couldn’t understand why did you call her pregnant, and says I understand that she is destroying our family respect and can do it again. She says come with me, I will make it alright, I won’t let this happen. Rhea throws her fake tears and walks behind Pallavi, while smirking.

Ranbir tells Prachi that today he felt good, eating food made by her. Prachi says I didn’t make it. Ranbir says you have heat it and tells that the taste came in it. He says it is all about the company, and says we have spent time with each other after a long time. He says you used to be very busy, but used to have food with me at once. Prachi says this happened once, and will not happen again and again, shall not get habitual to it. Ranbir makes her pallu stuck in his watch and says he did it deliberately. He reminisces the college incident. Prachi says you have ended everything. She says now dinner is done, we shall go to our respective rooms. Ranbir says I understand that actually wants to talk to me, and share your heart talk. Prachi says remove your misunderstanding from your mind, it is of no use. Ranbir frees her pallu from his watch and says he has no control on his heart, and used to say that Prachi is not same, but it says that it will always beat for her. He says it says that the peace is more than pain which he gets seeing her. He says he bears everything silently and says the attitude, troubles and taunts which you give me. Prachi says I don’t do. He says I know and pulls her closer. He moves his finger in her hair and says I will never back off and will not let you back off, my heart will keep you near me always. Prachi looks at him. Dil mere dhadka tha plays…..Prachi looks at him. They look at each other. Ranbir says sorry. Pallavi comes there with Rhea. She asks Prachi when she will end her drama. Ranbir asks what did Prachi do? Pallavi asks what is she doing here with you? Prachi says I had food with him. Rhea says Prachi needs excuses to spend time with him. She says Ranbir knows about her past and present, then why he is encouraging her. Ranbir asks what is she saying? Pallavi says you will not do this again with our family.

Ranbir asks her to say clearly. Pallavi says Prachi is playing games with you again and wants to snatch you from us, and don’t want to let you and Rhea come closer. She says in your language, you knows well to woo men and you have done this with Sid too. Ranbir says enough mom, and says you will not say anything about that night or about her character. He says I haven’t forgotten myself about that night and regrets for doubting her. He says I wish I couldn’t have doubt her, and says that night snatched Prachi’s trust from me, which was very precious to me. He says Prachi don’t searches chances to talk to me, but I do. He says Prachi don’t want to woo me, but I want to woo her. Pallavi says she is doing wrong with you even now, like always. He says she has done nothing wrong, I did wrong by marrying Rhea. He says you used to ask me to make a wish on my birthday and says I wish I would have wished this on my birthday and can change my past. He says he apologizes to Prachi everyday, but didn’t get her forgiveness. He says I am ready to give up my respect, fame and wealth, if Prachi talks to me once. He tells Rhea that he told her clearly that there is nothing between them and asks her not to pretend to be hurt. He says Prachi don’t try to woo him, and tells that she shall understand him being his mother, what her son needs and likes, and says he likes only Prachi, which was his before.

Rhea goes from there angrily and shouts in her room. She messes up the room. Aaliya comes there and asks if you are okay? Rhea says I am not okay and cries. She says that Ranbir loves Prachi, he loves her so much and he started fighting with Mummy supporting her. She says your words can’t pacify me and says Ranbir poured his feelings out, and shielded Prachi like a mountain. She says Prachi must have got rid of all her fears and tells that Pallavi couldn’t say anything infront of Ranbir. She says Ranbir hid all her sins and told that he searches chances to get back to her. She says he said that he gets hurt, when Prachi don’t give him any importance. She says why nobody thinks about me, and says how can anyone love so much. Aaliya tries to pacify her. Rhea says you told that you are busy in meeting, when I told that we have to do something with Prachi. She says I have to throw Prachi out of Ranbir’s heart and for that, we don’t need to humiliate her, but we need to send her out of this world. Aaliya smiles and asks what do you mean? Rhea says you understood what I meant.

Vikram comes to Dida. Dida asks why he came late? Vikram asks if Pallavi is angry. Dida says whenever you come late, she gets angry. Vikram says lets go and meet your bahu. Dida asks him to go and handle his wife’s anger. Vikram says if Pallavi beats me then? Dida says she is not like that. Vikram says I was taking you for my self defence and says I will handle you. Dida says you have to bear the punishment, and says she is not wrong and her anger is justified, says I am always with her. Vikram says ok, I will go and meet her. Ranbir tells Pallavi that he hopes that he made himself clear. Pallavi says don’t say anything, you have said whatever you want. She tells Prachi that she thought that she can burn the fire, but she can also build the wall between the mother and son. Ranbir says you are saying wrong. Vikram comes there, and says I know I am late. Pallavi looks at Vikram and cries, hugging him. Vikram asks what happened? Pallavi tells Vikram that Prachi made Ranbir fought with her, and asks Prachi not to say anything. She says you came at the right time Vikram, and tells that Ranbir questioned my motherly love today, and accused me of being a bad mother. Ranbir says I didn’t say this. Pallavi says he said that I shall know what my son needs, and says you will teach me now. She asks Vikram to tell Ranbir, that she gave him everything before he demands anything.

She says today you have splashed water on my doings, and says I know what I shall give you and what I shall not, but you are grown up now and forgotten the difference between wish and demand. Ranbir looks on.