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Twist Of Fate November 2022 Teasers

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Ranbeer saves Prachi from a bullet an he ends up in a critical condition. Ranbeer is over the moon when he learns about Prachi’s pregnancy and he divorces Rhea but a Shocker awaits when Rhea is revealed to be pregnant. Read twist Of Fate November 2022 Teasers

Twist Of Fate November 2022 Teasers

Twist Of Fate November 2022 Teasers

Tuesday 1st November 2022

Nick decides to ask Ranbeer for a ransom in exchange for Prachi’s freedom, but Alia blackmails him by kidnapping Preeti. Ranbeer thrashes Nick and questions him about the person who hired him. He names Rhea, but she beats herself up and poses herself as another hostage. Nick then names Prachi as the culprit.

Wednesday 2nd November 2022

Nick’s companion shoots at Prachi but Ranbeer shields her, getting shot instead. Sahana nearly reveals Prachi’s pregnancy to Pallavi, but Prachi stops her. Ranbeer regains consciousness and asks for Prachi. Ranbeer is discharged from the hospital and Alia and Rhea plot to keep Prachi from meeting him. Later, Prachi speaks to an unconscious Ranbeer.

Thursday 3rd November 2022

Rhea shares her new plan and its risk with Alia. Prachi sternly tells Rhea that she needs to be given a fitting reply. Ranbeer overhears Alia and Rhea’s conversation and asks them not to suspect Prachi. Prachi ousts Rhea from Ranbeer’s room. Ranbeer, dizzy due to medication, is unable to counter her. This upsets Prachi.

Friday 4th November 2022

Prachi feels betrayed due to Ranbeer’s lack of support. Rhea gives Prachi a seven-day ultimatum to leave the house. Ranbeer tells Rhea that he will sleep either in Prachi’s room or have Rhea sleep on the couch. The next morning, Rhea feeds breakfast to Ranbeer while Prachi watches.

Saturday 5th November 2022

Ranbeer tells Prachi that he will stay away from her. The cops arrive and Pallavi tells them about Rhea’s fall from the balcony. Prachi arrives and learns about it as well. Alia plants evidence in Prachi’s room and the police take Ranbeer, Alia, and Prachi to the police station for questioning. Alia bribes the Doctor.

Sunday 6th November 2022

The police give Prachi an ultimatum to prove her innocence, so she worries that her secret might get out. Pallavi tells Ranbeer that she does not want Prachi in the house. Ranbeer informs Prachi that he has hired a private investigator. Vikram advises Ranbeer to elope with Prachi.

Monday 7th November 2022

Ranbeer’s private investigator continues to look for evidence to prove Prachi’s alibi. Rhea insists that Pallavi get Prachi arrested. The police leave without arresting Prachi after Ranbeer presents proof of her innocence. Rhea accuses Prachi of stealing her ‘mangalsutra’ and tries to snatch her ‘mangalsutra’, but Prachi stops her.

Tuesday 8th November 2022

Pallavi states that Rhea would apologize if Prachi finds her nuptial chain. Later, he finds it and tells everyone about Prachi’s innocence. Pallavi orders Rhea to apologize to Prachi for accusing her wrongly. Ranbeer leaves for Bangalore for a business trip. Alia hires a man to follow Prachi.

Wednesday 9th November 2022

Alia’s goons snatch Prachi’s nuptial chain but Ranbeer thrashes them and gets it back. Upon Alia’s insistence, the goons return to snatch the chain and end up stabbing Ranbeer. Prachi calls for help. Despite Pallavi’s initial disapproval, Prachi consents to Ranbeer’s operation.

Thursday 10th November 2022

Sahana advises Prachi to reveal her pregnancy to Ranbeer. Alia and Rhea learn that the goons sent by Alia stabbed Ranbeer. Prachi tells an unconscious Ranbeer about her pregnancy. Prachi’s doctor threatens to tell Pallavi about the pregnancy.

Friday 11th November 2022

Ranbeer regains consciousness and demands to see Prachi before anyone else. Rhea overhears Prachi and Sahana’s conversation. Rhea tries to attack Prachi, but Prachi meets with an accident. Rhea helps her, following a sudden realisation.

Saturday 12th November 2022

Rhea decides to not tell the family about Prachi’s accident, but circumstances compel Rhea to reveal the truth. Ranbeer coerces the doctor into postponing his discharge from the hospital so that he can stay with Prachi. Rhea reveals to Prachi that she had wished and plotted for the latter’s death.

Sunday 13th November 2022

Pallavi asks Rhea to head to the hospital and stay near Ranbeer. Later, Ranbeer rejoices upon accidentally learning about Prachi’s pregnancy. Later, Prachi wakes up to the disappointing sight of Ranbeer hugging Rhea.

Monday 14th November 2022

Prachi receives a warm welcome from Ranbeer at the Kohli mansion. Rhea tells Alia about Ranbeer’s hug at the hospital. Pallavi pays attention to Rhea and then berates Prachi for sitting in Rhea’s place. Sahana shouts at Pallavi and Alia.

Tuesday 15th November 2022

Rhea believes that Ranbeer has not organised the party for his anniversary. Prachi learns about Ranbeer’s objective behind the party. Rhea finds a ring in Ranbeer’s pocket and assumes that it is meant for her. Prachi recounts her old life to Sahana while Ranbeer eavesdrops.

Wednesday 16th November 2022

Ranbeer tries to tell Rhea about divorcing her, but she assumes that he will be giving her a surprise. Later, Ranbeer tells Rhea about the divorce as well as Prachi’s pregnancy, and Rhea stabs Prachi. Ranbeer fears that Rhea won’t sign the divorce papers easily and devises a plan to make her sign them.

Thursday 17th November 2022

Rhea interrupts Ranbeer and Prachi’s dance by spilling a drink on them. Ranbeer tries to help Prachi fix her saree. A drunk Daljeet chides Rhea in her room while Stanley hides in the cupboard. Ranbeer tells Prachi that he knows about her pregnancy and Prachi’s anger dissipates into happiness.

Friday 18th November 2022

Stanley escapes from Pallavi and Rhea. Pallavi tells Prachi that Ranbeer has planned to oust her. Alia overhears Ranbeer’s plan to transfer a share of his property to Rhea. Ranbeer buys his and Prachi’s old house. Following an argument, Prachi tells Rhea that she is pregnant.

Saturday 19th November 2022

Ranbeer lies to Prachi that he bought their old rented apartment for Rhea, infuriating Prachi. Ranbeer tells Vikram about Prachi’s pregnancy and his plan to divorce Rhea but realises that Vikram has passed out. He then tries to tell Rhea about divorcing her while Prachi prepares to leave.

Sunday 20th November 2022

Ranbeer stops Prachi from leaving the house. Ranbeer plans to drug Rhea with Stanley’s help but fails. Daljeet ends up having a misunderstanding. Ranbeer manages to get Rhea to sign the divorce papers. Prachi and Sahana leave the house.

Monday 21st November 2022

Ranbeer comes looking for Prachi and asks her to trust him. At the party, Rhea realises that Ranbeer is about to propose to Prachi and faints. Later, the doctor reveals that Rhea is pregnant. Ranbeer worries about Prachi. Alia rebukes Daljeet, and Pallavi taunts Prachi. Later, Prachi conveys her sorrow to Sahana.

More Teasers to be added soon…