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This is Fate on zee world, Saturday 16th July 2022 update

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Kritika mentions she is not abl to call, Chacha jee signals them so they are shocked, he mentions he was sitting so saw him, she asks if he is sure as it is the room of Sherlin, Chacha jee replies they are their rooms so they should know about it all.
Sherlin jee in anger brings the rod saying that she must place his hand over his heart exclaiming he only belongs to him.

This is Fate Drama Series
This is Fate Drama Series

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Prithvi asks why is she so angry, Sherlin replies she will not live in that room so would go to the Luthra house and say that the deal would be finalized with the American client so when there is day in America it is night here, Prithvi is shocked saying this means he would have to work the entire night, she replies this means he would in the morning sleep in the guest room and not in Kritika’s room, Prithvi exclaims what sort of plan is this because he after a lot of efforts got to be the son in law of this house, Shristhi and Kritika suddenly walk into the room, Sherlin is the only one standing there so questions what has happened, Kritika replies she was saying Sherlin should also come with them.

She questions where, Shristhi mentions the terrace, Sherlin agrees so leaves with them while the Chacha is worried, so opening the door wonders where did Prithvi leave as he is sure that Prithvi came into this room, prithvi standing exclaims he is the person because of whom his sweet wife and that Shristhi came into the room with the aim of catching them red handed but there is one thing he doesnot know is that his name is Prithvi Malhotra.

Janki asks the waiter to serve them something to eat, Karina appreciates Dadi that she made a good plan as they all are enjoying, Rakhi asks Janki to sit but she says that she is waiting for the game to start, Mahesh explains what game Janki is talking about, Kritika also comes exclaiming she has come, Shristhi questions where is Karan and Sameer, she asks Sonakshi about Rajat, Archala jee replies she saw them downstairs so will call them, Janki stops her mentioning they should get the game ready while she will call them.

Kara is playing carrom with Rajat, Sameer and Shrikant, Janki asks them to come upstairs, but Karan says it is a girls game, Shrikant replies he is tired now, Janki then explains she came because Preeta was missing her, hearing this Karan immediately leaves, Janki taunts the others saying they should also come.

Karan comes exclaiming he heard they were missing her, Mahesh replies indeed they all were waiting for him, Janki says to Dadi they were not coming saying they don’t want to play the girls game, Rakhi asks then how she asked them to come, Janki mentions she said Preeta was missing him so he came running along with everyone, Karan ask if this means Preeta was not missing him, Shristhi replies she always misses him but can they now start the game, Harshvardhan exclaims that he is tired, Dadi taunts that those who are really old tend to back out from the game, he is then adamant to play the game, they start passing the pillow as the song starts, it finally stops when Janki takes it, they all ask her to act as she exclaims she is a really good actor, Janki agrees to act, they all clap for her, they once again start the game then it stops to Harshvardhan, he exclaims they should not ask him to dance or sing.

Sonakshi exclaims she knows each and every thing about him, she gets an idea so asks if there is anything which he has not told her, Harshvardhan is really worried but says there is nothing which he has hid from her, after the dare he exclaims it is enough so he will from now on watch them. Janki once again starts the song, it stops at Karina, Dadi exclaims it is really exciting as she has never given her any punishment, Dadi asks her to tell the Gaitri Mantar, Mahesh replies it is really difficult and he knows she would not be able to do it, Kritika replies he must let her try, Prithvi also claps for her, she then recites the complete Mantar, Karina asks Dadi why did she not know this about her, she taking the remote exclaims she would now surely want to make sure Dadi gets the pillow, she gets angry with Karina.

Rakhi holds the pillow when the song stops, Karina is not happy as she tried to do ti with Dadi, Mahesh coming to her questions her to reveal the one situation thinking of which she still gets nervous, Rakhi asks him to remember the time when she accidentally called him Brother, Mahesh is stunned explaining it was before their marriage, Rakhi responds even then she gets nervous thinking she called her husband as brother, Mahesh returns to his position then the game starts, it stops at Dadi who says it is cheating, Kritika asks her to perform for them, she mention she needs a partner Shristhi agrees to accompany her and they both start acting as Veeru and Basanti scene where Shristhi is acting taking the side of Veeru explaining to Mousi they both should really get married.

Dadi then starts hitting Shristhi with the dupatta, Mahesh appreciates them both for their acting, Sonakshi also praises Shristhi, they once again start the song, it comes to stop while Sherlin is passing it to Kritika, they both fight for who will get the chance, Sherlin suggests they should do a duet, Kritika questions what would they do so she mentions they should do the dance of Dola Re Dola, Kritika and Sherlin both dance really well on the song and so when they once again start it, it stops at Preeta however Dadi stops them, saying Preeta would not do anything, Rakhi mentions then she would win without even participating so karan suggests that she can participate even while sitting by looking into each other eyes, the person who will blink them first will lose, Mahesh replies he needs a chance to get romantic but Sherlin and Prithvi both are really frustrated.

Dadi says Preeta would not do anything. Rakhi replies then she would win without doing anything. Karan says she can play while sitting as the one who blinks first will lose, Karna and Preeta both sit staring into each other’s eyes, Preeta starts getting nervous and so Karan purposefully ends the task letting her win, she exclaims he let her win however he insists she beat him, Shristhi says they should not worry as they are still left so will play the game, they one again start an it comes to Mahesh, he explains he has accept the dare so will dance as he even now has the partner, the entire family rejoice their dance, Karan and Preeta even make a video of them both, he the comes to sit with Karan. The game once again stats, this time it stops at Rajat, Sonakshi exclaims she will tell and he must do twenty push ups , Karan exclaims it is really easy, Rajat asks how can he do it like this, he then starts doing but is not able to complete it, he mentions he did not know that he would have to do push ups so will come with him to the Gym.

The game starts, Sonakshi is the one who has to do the dare, Rajat replies now he will take the revenge so explains he has heard that she used to defeat Karan but he said that she used to lose, they both disagree over who used to win, Prithvi exclaims how did Karan lose from such a small girl, Sonakshi exclaims they should make it a little more spicier as if she wins then there would be a raid fire round and she will ask the questions.

Rakhi signals Preeta to go and distract Karan, so that Sonakshi manages to win, Preeta stands so Karan asks where is she going as she should sit down, she sits beside Sonakshi then signals Karan with her eyes, he gets nervous and loses, they all start cheering when Karan mentions she cheated as he lost because Preeta distracted him, Shristhi exclaims this means he lost because of the love, Janki exclaims the one who loses in love is known as Bazigar, Sonakshi replies it is now time for the rapid fire round, she will ask him questions which he will have to answer really fast.

Sonakshi questions who apologizes first amongst them both, they both exclaim they are the first ones to apologize, Preeta says she has gotten so used to apologizing that sometimes Karan asks the reason because of which she is apologizing, Karan disagrees saying he has apologized more times than her saying Mahesh told him that after the wedding it is right for the husband to apologize as it saves the marriage. Rakhi questions Mahesh asking if he teaches Karan how to apologize, Mahesh disagrees saying he is just saying it to save himself, he did not teach him to apologize, Dadi asks Karina to see how she told her that Mahesh is scared and always accepts what Rakhi says, Mahesh says it is not right to talk such things, Dadi mentions it is a really nice time pass.

Sonakshi asks the second question, who teases more, they both point towards each other, she then asks who keeps more secrets, Karan raises his hand, Preeta gets nervous thinking about the truth which she is hiding, she also raises her hand however Karan asks her to not raise it as he lies in order to save himself from a situation, Preeta accepts she also lies in order to save herself from a situation and the difference is that no one comes to know the truth until she reveals it, Karan replies she is lying as she needs to win the game, she then asks who loves more, Karan mentions it is really him because she cannot answer and he loves her more, Mahesh asks them start the game once again.

The start playing the game, it stops at Prithvi, he asks Karan to give the dare and that to which creates a lot of fun, Karan asks him to do the full entertainment, saying he must do the Mujra and that too on a song, Preeta asks him to stop, Karan replies it is game saying if he doesnot do it then must pose like a hen for ten minutes, Prithvi replies he will not act like the hen for even minute, he stands dancing as the Mujra which causes everyone to smile, Kritika after the dance ends exclaims it was really amazing.

The once again start the game, it stop at Karan, Prithvi mentions that Karan gave him the task to perform the Mujra so now he will give the task and Karan should perform the Titli, they are worried when Karan accepts asking who would be the partner, Kritika agrees so they both start the Titli, Prithvi with really cleverness hits Karan in the feet, he stumbles onto Preeta, they all ask if she is fine, Karan asks why are they asking her when he fell, Dadi replies that she knows he would be fine, Sherlin gets tensed wondering what has happened thinking Preeta was right because she lies and this time has lied regarding a really big truth. She calls Ganesh asking when will the reports come, she is glad to know they will reach tomorrow.

In the morning Sherlin is getting ready when sitting in front of the mirror, she thinks she is really beautiful, Sherlin gets mad when she gets a call, she scolds the person who replies he is a courier boy, he asks if he should drop the parcel at the door but she mentions she would receive it personally. Sherlin thinks now she will reveal the truth which Preeta is hiding.
Kritika comes to the room with the tea asking Prithvi to wake up because she has brought tea for him, he sitting up mentions how he never used to wake up before the ringtones of the mobile ring several times but only woke because she brought the tea for him, she mentions she has made the tea just like how he likes, he mentions he has not even freshen up so would come back, he leaves, Kritika then lies on his bed, he comes back, she gets nervous mentioning she was correcting it, he asks why is there no toothbrush or toothpaste in the bathroom, she assures she will bring it for him, Prithvi thinks he feels she has started loving him while the one he loves always fights with him, he can have a life with her and would even start loving her, then will leave Sherlin, he is thinking when Sherlin walks into the room demanding he come with her since the reports have arrived, he makes an excuse saying he has a bad stomach, so would come back after attending the bathroom, she asks why does he have two cups of tea, Prithvi replies ever since he came back from Dubai he has got the habit of drinking two cups, she leaves explaining he should not drink so much tea as it is the reason for his bad stomach, she leaves so he immediately closes the door then rushes to where Kritika is, he opens the door which causes Kritika to lose her balance, she is about to fall but he catches her, she starts blushing.

Kritika and Prithvi stand, he apologizes to her exclaiming there timing was wrong as when he was opening the door from the outside she was also opening so he landed, he exclaims it was not the romance and there is nothing of the sort, Kritika mentions there is Rasam happening so he must come with her, Prithvi thinks he is pleased she has not insist on drinking the tea with him otherwise if Sherlin came she would have gotten mad, Kritika coming back apologizes saying that she prepared tea thinking she would sit and drink it withy him however the Rasam is going on so she needs to leave, Prithvi acts as if he is mad so Kritika agrees to sit with him, he refuses saying that she needs to go downstairs, he promises that they would sit together tomorrow.

The haldi function starts, they all start applying the Haldi, Sonakshi even tries to apply it to Shristhi but then Karan comes from the front door without listening to what the courier tries to say, he wonders Karan has even left, he goes to Preeta who asks where has he been, he replies he was outside as he saw something there, he brings forward the rose, she is really excited that he brought it for her but he asks her to place it in his pocket, she places it so tries to leave then he assures he brought it for her.

The courier person comes in wondering who Preeta in is so many people, he is worried why is the number of Sherlin, he sees Archala jee so asks if she knows Preeta, Archala jee replies that she knows it so will give the report to Preeta.

Sherlin is walking when Karina stops her praising her for how beautiful she is looking, Karina explains that some people carry the dress really well like her, Sherlin mentions that now she has to come with her to take a look at the pregnancy report, Karina asks why has the report come her as it should have come to their house, Sherlin replies it doesnot concern if the report has come here but they need to see the truth which she was trying to reveal, she tries to pull Karina who is standing still, she asks what happened, Karina mentions she is scared, explaining everyone was really sad after hearing about her miscarriage and only started smiling knowing Preeta is pregnant but they would once again get sad, Sherlin replies she is also not happy as if the family gets to know the truth then they would get disheartened, she wishes the best for Preeta, she is the elder daughter in law of the family so has some responsibility she was not able to sleep because of the tension, she can reveal the truth without looking at the reports but she prays that she is wrong as in that case she will bring the sweets for her, Karina agrees saying they should go and take a look at the report.

Preeta is with karan who leaves, Archala jee comes trying to inform her but someone reflects some light on Preeta, Archala jee questions who such an idiot person is, Preeta replies he is not that idiot and so rushes away, Archala jee tries to stop her so then places the envelope on the table.

Karina asks Preeta why she is running as it is not right for her, Preeta apologizes saying she would walk slowly, Sherlin asks if she has seen how Preeta is running, had she been pregnant she would not be able to run, Karina getting mad asks her where the report is, she requests her to come but reaching the gate Karina asks where the courier guy is, Karina advises her to come back inside.

Preeta is walking trying to look for Karan, he while hiding reflects some more light on her using the mirror, she is very excited and tries to find him, but he manages to hide, she finally catches him ordering him to remain a statue, she starts tickling him but he doesnot move then she realizes so signals she will ruin his hair, he stops her, they both share an immense laugh before starting the dance.

Karina walks inside with Sherlin who calls the courier boy, he reveals that he gave the report to some lady in the function, she mentioned that she will give it to Preeta, Sherlin shouts at him asking why he gave it to anyone, the person replies he is not her servant so gave it to the lady who said she knows Preeta.

Dadi and Kritika are walking, they see Karan and Preeta romancing, Dadi tries to call Karan but he doesnot listen, they then separate when he mentions she was about to fall so he caught her, Dadi explains she also used to act the same with his Grandfather, she then advises him to make a better excuse in front of Rakhi, if he said she was about to fall, Rakhi would start scolding him, Dadi asks if he would like to come to the Haldi function of his friend.

A woman is worried where she has placed the envelope, she asks her son if he saw it but he refuses then going to his father mentions he made the airplane with it now maa would scold him, his father then gives him another envelope, which he gives to his mother, he starts running without realizing that the report is stuck in his shoe.

Sherlin asks Archala jee if she accepted any report, Archala jee mentions that she did but doesnot find the report, Sherlin sees the report stuck on the shoe of the boy so rushes after him thinking she will catch him, the boy however hides from her, she is constantly searching for him.

Preeta and Karan walk to Sonakshi and Rajat applying the Mehndi, Archala jee advises both Rajat and Sonakshi to go and take the shower, mentioning she has also placed the water from the Mandir which they should use. Karan asks if they would remain standing until Rajat and Sonakshi return, he turning to Shristhi asks why is the party so boring when she is present, Shristhi asks if he really thinks the party will be boring when she is present, she calls for the music to be turned on, they start dancing, Preeta is about to fall as karan steps on her dress, he catching her assures he would not let anything happen to her because he is really good at catching, he promises to make sure that their child is safe, Preeta starts crying so rushes away from the dance up to her room, Rakhi asks Karan what happened and why did Preeta leave, Karan goes after her saying he doesnot know.

Sherlin manages to find the boy, she sees him making an aeroplane using the paper, she finds the envelope but is tensed as it doesnot have the report.

she stops the child asking what paper he used to make the airplane, he points at the envelope then throws the aeroplane away for its flight. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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