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The Stepdaughters episode 38 – Joyprime

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The Stepdaughters On Joyprime
The Stepdaughters On Joyprime

Daphne’s goons going after Mayumi. He found her and took her back to the hideout where Daphne was waiting. They tied her up and Daphne sent the guy to go look for Luisa.

Meanwhile, Francis and Bryce tried to look for Luisa and Mayumi around the town. They went to various places but they were not able to find her.

Francis called Isabelle to ask if she had seen Mayumi but Isabelle said she had not since she had been looking after her father all day.
Isabelle however met up with Daphne’s henchmen and they went to look for Luisa.

They were able to find her but Luisa refused to go with Isabelle. Isabelle pretended to fight with Daphne’s henchman so that Luisa would think she was defending her and eventually agree to go with her. Isabelle also told Luisa that Mayumi had abandoned her so Luisa agreed to go with her.

Isabelle brought Luisa back to the house and told the housekeepers not to tell Mayumi that Luisa was staying with them. Her plan was to win Hernan’s favor again by bringing Luisa back at the home. She told the help to lock Luisa up in her room so that she wouldn’t go out.

Froilan went to the hide out they were keeping Mayumi. He had to hide his face so that she wouldn’t recognize him. She begged him to help her escape but he didn’t do anything. When the other guy came back, he tried to rape Mayumi and she screamed for help. Froilan got the other guy away from her and threatened to get him fired if he did anything to Mayumi. Froilan therefore decided to help her escape but he had to come up with a plan that wouldn’t put him in danger.

When Francis and Bryce came back without any news of Mayumi and Luisa, Sasha said that Daphne might have kidnapped her. The three of them went with Aunt Baby to confront Daphne but she denied knowing anything about Mayumi or Luisa.

Sasha insisted on following her so Bryce went with her but Daphne only went to the gym. She met up with Isabelle and they talked about their plans for Luisa and Mayumi.

Daphne was on her way to see Mayumi when she spotted Sasha and Bryce outside. She called Isabelle and told her not to go out yet since they didn’t want others to know that they were meeting. She then approached Bryce’s car and told them to leave.
Later, Isabelle went home and brought Luisa to see Hernan.

Luisa was happy to see him but she was worried because he still couldn’t speak. We ended as Isabelle left the two of them alone to spend time together.

The Stepdaughters episode 38 – Joyprime

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继女在欢乐小学 达芙妮的暴徒追捕真由美。 他找到了她,把她带回了达芙妮等待的藏身处。 他们把她绑起来,达芙妮派那个人去找路易莎。

与此同时,弗朗西斯和布莱斯试图在镇上寻找路易莎和玛尤米。 他们去了各个地方,但找不到她。

弗朗西斯打电话给伊莎贝尔,问她是否见过玛尤米,但伊莎贝尔说她没有见过,因为她整天都在照顾她的父亲。 然而,伊莎贝尔遇到了达芙妮的手下,他们去寻找路易莎。

他们找到了她,但路易莎拒绝和伊莎贝尔一起去。 伊莎贝尔假装与达芙妮的心腹打架,让路易莎认为她在保护她,最终同意和她一起去。 伊莎贝尔还告诉路易莎,真由美抛弃了她,所以路易莎同意和她一起去。

伊莎贝尔把路易莎带回屋里,告诉管家不要告诉真由美路易莎和他们住在一起。 她的计划是通过将路易莎带回家中来再次赢得埃尔南的青睐。 她告诉帮忙把路易莎锁在她的房间里,这样她就不会出去了。

弗洛兰去了他们养真由美的藏身之处。 他不得不把脸藏起来,这样她就不会认出他。 她恳求他帮助她逃脱,但他什么也没做。 当另一个人回来时,他试图强奸Mayumi,她尖叫着寻求帮助。 弗洛伊兰把另一个人从她身边拉开,并威胁说,如果他对真由美做了什么,就会解雇他。 因此,弗洛伊兰决定帮助她逃跑,但他必须想出一个不会让他处于危险之中的计划。 当弗朗西斯和布莱斯回来时,没有任何关于玛尤米和路易莎的消息,萨沙说达芙妮可能绑架了她。 他们三个和宝贝阿姨一起去质问达芙妮,但她否认对真由美或路易莎一无所知。

萨沙坚持要跟着她,所以布莱斯和她一起去了,但达芙妮只去了健身房。 她与伊莎贝尔见面,他们谈论了他们对路易莎和真由美的计划。 达芙妮在去看真由美的路上,发现萨沙和布莱斯在外面。 她打电话给伊莎贝尔,告诉她不要出去,因为他们不想让别人知道他们正在见面。 然后她走近布莱斯的车,告诉他们离开。 后来,伊莎贝尔回家带路易莎去见埃尔南。

路易莎很高兴见到他,但她很担心,因为他仍然不能说话。 我们结束了,伊莎贝尔离开了他们两个,独自一人在一起度过了时光。