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The stepdaughters episode 31 – Joyprime

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The Stepdaughters On Joyprime
The Stepdaughters On Joyprime

Mayumi bringing the pill she found to a doctor and asked him what the effects were. The doctor told her it was an antidepressant medication that was banned because of adverse side effects. He said it was a dangerous drug that made patients go crazy.

Mayumi went back home to confront Isabelle about it but Isabelle denied everything. Mayumi tried looking for the rest of the pills in Isabelle’s room but Isabelle stopped her and they began fighting. Hernan found them and asked why they were fighting. Mayumi told her about the pills Isabelle had been giving to Luisa but Isabelle denied it.

Hernan asked Isabelle to let Mayumi look for the pills in her room. Mayumi went through the drawers but she couldn’t find any so Hernan took Isabelle’s side. He asked Mayumi to stop accusing Isabelle since he saw that she was sincere with the way she treated Luisa.

Mayumi said she trusted what Luisa told her and decided that she was going to leave the house with Luisa in order to keep her away from Isabelle. Hernan asked how Mayumi would take care of Luisa without any money and Mayumi reminded him that he was the one who stole their money.

She told him to give it back so that she could use it for her mother’s treatment. Hernan said he would give Mayumi the money but refused to let her take Luisa. Mayumi threatened to expose everything, that he stole the money he used to build Coco Line if Hernan refused to let her leave with Luisa. Isabelle called Luisa a gold digger for using her mother’s illness to get money from them but Luisa told her that she and her father were the gold diggers for stealing it.

Hernan raised his hand at Mayumi but Luisa who had just walked in intervened. She shouted at Hernan and told him not hit Mayumi when he was the one who stole their money. She had forgotten about forgiving him and called him a thief. She said that she didn’t want to see him so Mayumi was finally able to take her away.

Meanwhile, Francis told his grandmother that he had seen Froilan. They decided to go see him together and convince him to come back home. They found some guys attacking Froilan and stopped them. They then brought Froilan to the hospital for treatment and after he was done, he wanted to leave.

Francis asked him to go home with them but Froilan said they were the ones who abandoned him. Their grandmother apologized to him and said that the last thing she wanted before she died was to have the brothers reunited. Froilan accepted her apology and let them bring him back home.

Mayumi received the money from Hernan the following morning and had Luisa admitted to a mental institution. She asked Luisa to get better so they could be together again. Luisa also told her to use the money they got from Hernan to fulfil her dreams.

Isabelle and Daphne celebrated having Luisa and Mayumi out of their lives. They however decided to follow up on Luisa since she might get back together with Hernan once she recovered. They hired Froilan again and he was able to find out the hospital where Luisa was admitted. Isabelle said she would pay someone to continue making Luisa go crazy.

Mayumi bought a new house and moved in with Sasha and Baby. She also planned to start her own make up line. To support her, Francis resigned from Coco Line along with other employees and Isabelle was furious that Mayumi was taking away all their important workers.