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The stepdaughters episode 29 – Joyprime

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The Stepdaughters On Joyprime
The Stepdaughters On Joyprime

When Luisa woke up at the hospital, she found out that she lost the baby. She was devastated and told Hernan that she wasn’t a good mother for failing to protect the baby.

Mayumi blamed Isabelle for the accident because she left Luisa alone. Francis talked to her and told her it was not Isabelle’s fault because it was an accident. Mayumi was convinced that the guy who hit Mayumi was the one hit Luisa and that Daphne was the person who hired her. Hernan asked her not to blame anyone before they had the incident investigated.

Francis went to the police to see what they found out. The CCTV caught the accident but the motorcycle didn’t have a license plate so there was no way to identify the person who hit Luisa.

After Luisa was discharged, Mayumi organized a wake so that they could bid farewell to the baby. Daphne attended the wake but Mayumi attacked her for being there. She still believed that Daphne was behind the accident but Daphne said she would never do something like kill a baby.

She said that she was only there to give Hernan and Isabelle her condolences. When Luisa saw her, she pulled at her hair convinced that Daphne was only there to celebrate her misery. Mayumi and Hernan stopped Luisa and asked Daphne to leave. After the wake, they buried the baby.

Once home, Luisa got worse because she couldn’t cope with the loss of the baby. She refused to eat and got mad at Isabelle for trying to take the baby’s things away. Hernan told her that they had to accept that the child was gone and Luisa ended up blaming him for failing to protect them. Mayumi calmed Luisa down and asked her not to blame Hernan. Luisa got upset with her too asking if Mayumi thought she was to blame. Mayumi told Luisa that no one was to blame since they were all grieving.
After Mayumi put Luisa to bed, she talked to Hernan and asked him to seek professional counseling for Luisa. She thought it would help her cope with losing the baby.

Francis’s grandmother ran into Froilan, (the guy who hit Luisa) and recognized him as Francis’ missing brother. He didn’t answer her and left immediately. When she saw Francis later, she told him that she had seen his brother.

Mayumi and Isabelle fought because Isabelle called Luisa insane. Mayumi tried to slap Isabelle but Isabelle caught her arms and threw her in the pool. Hernan found them fighting and asked them to stop because their fights wouldn’t help Luisa recover.

They brought Luisa to a psychologist the following day and he diagnosed Luisa with post-partum depression. He said that they had to get her treated before she got worse. Isabelle asked what he meant and the doctor said he could go crazy. Isabelle was delighted to hear the news and decided to make sure Luisa went crazy.