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The Step daughters episode 37 – Joyprime

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The Stepdaughters On Joyprime
The Stepdaughters On Joyprime

Daphne being released from the police station. She told Mayumi that her mother probably got run over by a car and her body is rotting somewhere. Mayumi got aggravated and tried to fight with her but the others stopped her. When Daphne left, Sasha and Bryce suggested announcing Luisa missing on TV and offering a reward for those who had seen her.

Mayumi went to the hospital to see Hernan since she heard from Francis that he had woken up. Isabelle was worried when she saw Mayumi there. She hurriedly told Hernan that she was sorry and Mayumi asked what she was apologizing for. The doctor informed them that Hernan could not talk but would soon recover with speech therapy. Isabelle was delighted with the news and Mayumi again was suspicious of her reaction.

Isabelle said that she was just happy to hear that her father would recover. She then added that she didn’t have to explain anything to Mayumi. Mayumi said that Hernan wanted to see her before the accident and asked Isabelle if she knew what it was about. Isabelle said she didn’t know anything and asked Mayumi to leave.

Daphne went to see Luisa at the hide out and beat her up. Froilan asked her to stop and Daphne asked if he was worried about her. Froilan said he was irritated because she was loud so Daphne told him to leave. Daphne wanted to kill Luisa but Isabelle called and asked her not to do it. Since Hernan had given his money to Luisa, Mayumi would inherit it if Luisa died so Isabelle asked Daphne not to kill Luisa.

When Froilan arrived home, Mayumi was sulking outside the house. Froilan asked her what was wrong and she said that she envied Isabelle. She told Francis that Isabelle was her step sister and she was lucky to still have her father with her. She was worried about not finding her mother and wondered if she was doing okay. Froilan seemed to feel guilty over what Daphne had been doing to Luisa.

Mayumi sent the notice of her mother missing to TV networks with Bryce’s help. The others tried to tell her to focus on work instead since the police would take care of finding Luisa. Mayumi could not focus because she hadn’t been sleeping well so she said that she would go home to rest.

Mayumi was however convinced that Daphne was the one keeping her mother so she went to her house and followed her when she left the house. Daphne went to see Luisa to continue giving her the medication that made her crazy. Froilan asked her not to do it because Luisa was not doing anything. Daphne told him not to tell her what to do so he decided to leave. He walked past Mayumi who was trying to call Sasha and Francis but he did not see her.

Mayumi walked over to the building and saw Daphne torturing Luisa. She was about to text Francis but he got her missed call and called back. Mayumi told him that she found Luisa but she wasn’t able to give him the exact location because the phone died.

Mayumi went inside and fought off Daphne who was holding a gun to Luisa. Daphne pushed Mayumi and pointed the gun at Luisa but Mayumi hit her hard with a piece of wood. She tried to get Luisa to go with her but Luisa couldn’t recognize her. Mayumi convinced her that she was her daughter and they had to leave. Luisa insisted on taking the doll, which she thought was her child and Daphne attacked her again. Mayumi hit Daphne’s leg and they were able to escape.

When Joel visited Hernan, Isabelle asked him why Hernan wanted to see Mayumi. Joel said that he wanted them to transfer Luisa to another hospital. Isabelle was relieved that Hernan did not intend to report her and apologized to him again for hitting him.

Since Francis was not able to know where Mayumi and Luisa were, he and Bryce decided to go and look for them.

As Mayumi and Luisa were escaping, the other guy working with Francis to keep watch over Luisa caught them. Mayumi threw dust in his eyes and she was able to escape with Luisa. Luisa complained that she was too tired so Mayumi left her hiding behind a tree and went to get help. The guy going after them walked past Luisa and didn’t see her.