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Staying true on zee world, Saturday 3rd June 2023 update

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Staying true on zee world Saturday 3rd June 2023 update, Sushma gets tensed when she doesn’t get a special she wants to gift to Ashi after her wedding is fixed. Sanju brings pendant. Sushma gets happy seeing pendant. Vinod asks how did he find this pendant, if he has a genie. He says Parag is his genie who had given him a shop address whose owner after hearing he is IAS officer Paragi’s husband, he arranged it using all his contacts. Paragi returns home and gets tensed seeing Sushma staring at her.

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Sushma thanks Paragi for her help and says she removed nazar/evil eyes from Ashi. Sanjay explains that maa was tensed when she couldn’t get a special pendant for Ashi, but he got using IAS officer Paragi’s influence. He says now maa and family’s opinion regarding her is changing slowly, so its a good news for her.

Sushma performs penadant’s pooja and fixes it in Ashi’s neck. Whole family feels happy for her, and Sanjay clicks family selfie and asks Paragi to join them. Paragi stands tensed remembering Prem and Akshay’s factory inspection incidence. Prem calls Vinod and informs that engagement is fixed tomorrow. Family rejoices more hearing that. Paragi suspects something is wrong and asks why they are in a hurry. Pramod comments she ruined engagement before its performed. Paragi says she was just.. Baby asks if she is worried thinking why Ashi’s wedding is happening in such a good family, she need not worry about arrangements and just attend wedding on time. Paragi says she didn’t mean that. Sanjay says Paragi means how will the make wedding arrangements so soon, Ashi’s wedding will be Bhopal’s most lavish wedding. Vinod says he is right. Ashi asks Paragi not to worry and let elders do their job. Baby provokes Sushma saying Pramod is right that Paragi is not happy with the alliance, they can’t trust her.

The insurance agent visits Chandna. Chanda says she wants her insurance money to be distributed among all her children and asks why the precious agent didn’t visit. He says he is on leave and asks her to get her adhaar card to start the money transfer process. She goes in to bring her adhaar card. Chandna’s DIL Shiva calls her BIL and says he sent a right person to fool Chandna. Kinker asks if they are not doing wrong by trying snatch Paragi’s right. Shiva Paragi is his uncle’s daughter and not his real one that he is worried for her.

Paragi calls Bakra. Batra asks if she needs leave tomorrow that she called him at late night. She says she says its personal and reveals that her SIL Ashi is getting engaged to A1 factory owner Prem’s son Akshay tomorrow and she called him to assure that her professional life will not be affected by her personal life and she will be loyal towards her duty. She hopes he will burst his anger on her, but he congratulates her and disconnects the call leaving her surprised. Sushma gifts jewelry and engagement dress to Ashi and hopes this time her happiness is not ruined.

Sanjay plays chess with Paragi. Paragi asks if he doesn’t think everything is happening in a hurry and asks if he is sure about Narayan’s family. Sanjay says Narayan uncle is their family friend and Akshay is his childhood friend and relationships work on trust. She reveals she found something regarding Narayan and reveals about the enquiry on Narayan’s factory regarding child labor. Sanjay says its a normal process and even papa’s book shop was investigated and nothing was found, he is sure Narayan uncle does his business ethically. She says she has to perform her duty diligently and what if she finds something illegal. Next morning, family gets busy in engagement arrangements. Servant slips and drops flower basket and apologizes. Sushma looking at Paragi warns that her daughter’s engagement is fixed with great difficulty and she will not tolerate any mistake.

Sanjay asks Paragi that maa scolded her as she is worried about Ashu’s marriage, so she shouldn’t feel bad. Paragi says maa didn’t say anything wrong. He asks her not to feel bad efen if she does and says he knows she is busy, but can she attend engagement function tomorrow. She says if Batra permits her. He says he will update her about the rituals regularly. Vinod calls him, and he leaves asking her to take care of herself. Paragi prays god to either prove her wrong regarding Akshay’s family or get her evidence before engagement happens. She gets Batra’s call who asks when will her family function start. She says in the second half. He says he has sanctioned her leave and asks her to enjoy her leave. She is surprised with his change of behavior and sending car driver back returns home. Sanjay asks if she didn’t go yet. She says surprisingly Batra sir gave her unasked leave to enjoy family function. He asks her to kiss him. She shyingly says he is getting shameless. He pulls her towards him. Tumse Ke Thoda Thoda Pyar Hua.. song plays in the background. He kisses her and runs away, leaving her shy.

Akshay with family walks in for engagement ritual. Patak family welcomes them. Akshay and Ashi sit in bride and groom’s chairs. Sanjay and Paragi dance on an energetic song. Whole family joins them. Sanjay takes Paragi aside and demands a kiss. She kisses his cheek and rejoins family. Sushma asks if they can finish engagement ceremony now. Akshay’s mother performs Ashi’s ritual and Sushma performs says Akshay’s riutal. Paragi thinks maa asked her to wear Prem’s gifted jewelry, but feels it as a burden.

Batra with his team leaves for Prem and Akshay’s factory raid. Gaurds try to stop them, but they enter forcefully and inspect factory. Prem’s employee rescues children out. Batra finds juice bottles and says Paragi was right that children work here. He asks his team to search the place thoroughly.

Sanjay raises a toast for Akshay and Ashi and expresses his happiness for them. Paragi says even she wants to say something for her SIL. Prem gets watchman’s call who informs him about factory raid. He angrily tells Vinod that he fixed Ashi and Akshay’s alliance because of their friendship and family bonding, but Paragi betrayed him. Vinod asks what really happened. Prem says Paragi had visited his factory to raid it. Paragi says its her routine job. Vinod says audit and inspection are common in a business. Prem says Paragi kept them busy in engagement and got the factory raided by her boss. Sanjay asks if she knew about the raid. She in a shock stands mum.

Sushma, Bbaby, and Pramod tongue lash her and say she drilled a hole in a plate in which she eats. Sanjay stops Pramod and says let Paragi speak. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.