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Radha Mohan On Zee world, Thursday 1st June 2023 update

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Radha Mohan On Zee world Thursday 1st June 2023 update, Mohan jumps over the empty barrels hitting Hriday, he falls down so Mohan turns to Radha asking if she is fine, she replies how she knew he would surely come to save her as how is it possible that he would not come whenever she asked him for help, Mohan asks for his answer so she assures she is fine. Hriday tries to run towards Mohan but is stopped by Rahul so they start struggling even Shekar hits him, they all start fighting. Radha asks Mohan to beat him a lot for ruining the trust of her Dadi and also causing pain to Gungun, he even harmed her so Mohan must not stop beating him. Mohan questions if he is new to this city so doesnot know him, Damini gets worried thinking what might happen if Hriday takes her name.

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Hriday signals his men to go and threaten Mohan using Radha but just as the men is about to touch Radha, Mohan pulls him aside hitting him he then hits Hriday n his face which causes him to fall on the other side, Radha is relieved while Mohan is furious so keeps on beating Hriday, he kneels in front of him asking if he raised his hand on Radha, the girl who trusted him the most and was about to give her entire life, he asks if Hriday was going to sell his Radha, she is also stunned hearing these words coming from his mouth. Mohan slaps Hriday with all his strength.

Damini however standing behind Radha is really furious, while Radha is only looking at Mohan. The police arrive when the goons run away but Rahul follows them, Mohan assures the police is going to teach him a lesson and he once again starts beating him, Radha is not able to move as she is just thinking about what Mohan said about her. Mohan questions Hriday asking the name of the person on whose orders he did it all, he threatens to end his life before the police arrive. Damini gets worried thinking Hriday would reveal the truth so she has to do something, she questions him, asking why did he do it, Damini secretly gives him the spray so Hriday pushes her away and uses the spray on both Mohan and Shekar.

Damini then sees the dagger so once again pushes Hriday away signaling him to use the dagger, Hriday threatens to end the life of Damini if they try to follow him, Hriday leas with Damini when mohan asks Rahul to not let him run away.

Damini reaching outside threatens saying the entire plan got ruined because of his overconfidence, Hriday turns back but is stunned seeing that Damini is pointing a gun at him when she says that she warned him to not forget who is the boss otherwise she would surely kill him and say it happened in self-defense, Hriday exclaims he would not let Radha leave like this, Damini mentions they have to know when to take step back and assures she would prove him with the chance but he must leave for now because this is the only way he can remain safe.

Rahul while running sees Damini sitting so asks where is Hriday, she points him to the other direction and even the police ask about her health assuring they would surely find the culprit. Damini is relieved that she has been saved.

Radha is pouring the water and asks Mohan If he is fine, she then starts wiping off his face which Damini si not able to bear, she pushes Radha away and hugs Mohan tightly, Radha feels a little saddened. Mohan assures he is fine and asks if Damini is fine, she starts wiping off his face assuring everything would be fine. Radha thinks that everything is fine but why is she feeling as if she has lost everything now and there is a strange feeling in her heart.

Radha is about to fall hitting the bench but Mohan manages to catch her hand, she is not able to stop looking at him, they both keep staring at each other. Mohan asks if she is fine and did, she not suffers any injury, she doesnot respond so he has to make a whistle when she assures how she knew he would not let anything happen to her, she once again is about to fall. Mohan questions if she is a shop of accidents and he feels that she would always suffer when they donot pay any attention to her, he asks if she suffered a sprain so he picks her up in his arms which angers Damini a lot. Mohan starts walking with her while Damini is left wondering how she should have put the entire bullets of the gun in her head as she once again jumped on Mohan.

Mohan is scolding Dadi saying that she did not want to see the true face of Hriday and he and Gungun tried to reveal his true face but they refused to believe anything, he asks Dadi if she really cares for Radha since she said that she would find a suitable match but chose Hriday who was a criminal. Radha questions how can he talk to her Dadi like this, Mohan says she would not say anything to him again since she decided to get married just because of a single photo that was printed in the newspaper, and did not let anyone speak in her favor.

Mohan questions what was the need to get Radha married so urgently, does she have a problem as everything in Radha is fine including her physical appearance and there is no need to bow before boys and a lot of people would be ready to marry her. Kadambari questions how is she talking to them since this is not the way. Mohan replies he was just telling the truth and even she had left no stone un turned in getting her married since she made him swear that he would not attend any of her function so if anything had happened to Radha, she would also be at fault.
Damini asks why is he talking to Maa like this, Mohan says she should just stop as she was most eager to get Radha married and was more worried about her marriage, Tulsi exclaims Damini wants Radha should leave this house. Mohan says they just say they care about Radha but do not mean because if they actually cared for her then would have realized Hriday was not the right choice for Radha. Dadi holding her hand apologizes to Mohan exclaiming that she is at fault for not trusting Radha and even she apologizes to Gungun.

Mr Trivedi exclaims they should not talk like this since Dadi was just worried for Radha as a girl becomes a burden but Mohan says they should not call girls as a burden ever since she came to this house then is taking care of them, she protected his life and that of Gungun a lot of times, he says if they make her study for a few years then she would surely prove them wrong. Radha thinks she feels good whenever she sees Mohan but now, she is feeling delighted to let him speak. Kaveri exclaims it is very easy to say this since a girl from village cannot cope with the practices of the city, Kaveri mentions she meant it is not easy to take the responsibility of a young girl so Mohan agrees that he is ready to take this difficult task and from now on Radha is his responsibility. He turns to Radha who is standing, he goes to place his hand over her head seeing which Damini is furious, the pandit jee cannot understand anything and even Kadambari is stunned.

Mohan walks over to Radha and places his hand over her head, swearing on Bihari je that from now he would take the responsibility of Radha and vows to not let anything happen to Radha, he would never let her cry, he would be responsible for everything associated with Radha and he will perform it till his last breath. Kadambari is relieved seeing this while Dadi starts crying with joy, Ajit and Ketki also smile seeing Mohan. Radha is not able to speak anything and stands just staring at Mohan, he after a while leaves the hall so Radha is stunned.

In the night Kadambari mentions they sometimes are so blinded by the love that they end up ruining everything, she apologizes to him asking why is he still angry since everything got sorted. Mohan explains nothing is fine since they have not been able to catch Hriday so Kadambari assures Shekar would catch him, Mohan explains nothing is fine asking if she ever thought how Hriday knew everything about their family the first time they met and he behaved in exactly the same manner, Mohan explains that Rameshwar and Dadi did not knew anything about him but he was aware of everything, Mohan explains someone from their family was helping Hriday, they have the same threat from that person, Kaveri and Damini hearing the conversation get really tensed.

Radha is slowly walking towards her room when she thinks about what Mohan said that Radha is a really nice girl and for her boys would desire to marry her, she sits in front of Bihar jee questioning what did Mohan jee said today as he vowed to take all of her responsibly and do everything possible for her future, she doesnot know what he meant. Tulsi standing behind her explains that Mohan said everything today even then Radha is not able to understand what he meant so he should make Radha realize that this feeling is off love. Radha sits on the bed thinking about when Mohan hugged her and how he picked her up in the factory.

Gungun coming to the door sees Radha smiling, she is not able to understand what she is feeling since she is also crying, Gungun questions if she is crying or smiling so Radha wipes of her tears.

Kadambari asks Mohan to not worry as if his suspicion is true then they would surely find the culprit, she stands to leave so both Damini and Kaveri turn to leave.

Kadambari seeing Damini calls her from behind, she explains she was calling her so why did she not come, Kadambari sees that she is tensed so questions if she has to say something. Damini says she accepts Radha has done a lot for them but it doesnot mean Mohan should take her responsibility and she also accepts that Radha has cared for them but she is still a guest so how long would she stay here. Kadambari explains that Radha did a lot for their family and protected Gungun by not only putting her life but also her honor in risk which even her own family could not have done for Gungun, so if even now Radha is not a part of their family, then no one is. Kaveri explains she is advising Kadambari as an elder sister that whatever Radha has done for Gungun could not have been done by anyone else but she also knows that a daughter and guest cannot stay forever so with what reason are they stopping Radha, she explains she said what she feels was right but it is now up to Kadambari, she looking at Mohan holding the photo of Gungun mentions she has found an excuse with which she can stop her but doesnot know if it is right or nor.

Gungun asks Radha to tell her what happened, she says everything is fine but why is Gungun asking this, she mentions because Radha was first smiling then crying and then she did both, so is she feeling sad. Tulsi explains she is feeling love. Radha replies if Gungun forgot that she herself refused from the marriage. Gungun reveals she has a way so brings the drawing book, mentioning how her mam says she draws great so she will draw the picture of the person. Radha starts explaining he should have a very big heart and must take care of everyone; he should also be the follower of Bihari jee. Gungun explains she is drawing his face and not heart, Radha explains she did not think about it like that.

Radha starts explaining he should have love in his eyes, and must have a small beard along with short hairs which are not too long, his nose should be big along with his cheeks, and lastly his smile must be like that which would make everyone smile. Tulsi exclaims she has seen someone with this face, Gungun is really tensed when Radha takes the photo so Gungun explains he is Mohan, she questions if Radha wants to marry him when she immediately asks Gungun to sleep as it has gotten really late, Gungun tries to ask her but she doesnot reply forcing her to sleep, Radha takes out the photo as Gungun falls asleep so Tulsi exclaims, she should understand it now as even Gungun made the portrait of Mohan.

Gungun while sleeping starts dreaming about the day when Hriday threw her in the well so starts screaming, Tulsi explains there is nothing to worry about since Radha is with her, she calls Mohan who tries to hug Gungun but she pushes him away. Mohan is stunned hearing the screams of Gungun who is pleading with Radha to save her, she asks Mohan to call the doctor and he does the same.

Mohan is with standing when Radha sees that Gungun has wet the bed, she instantly covers it. The doctor is checking Gungun, Radha calls him showing the wet bed. Mohan questions what has happened, he explains how he mentioned she was suffering from PTSD, she would be fine but whenever she would close her eyes then will remember the incident, Radha explains this means she would not be able to sleep peacefully but for how long, the doctor reveals he doesnot know anything about it. Mohan also asks him if there is anything which they can do.

Damini asks if they can give her any injection, the doctor replies he would not advice it since she might get habitual, the doctor agrees to it but Radha refuses saying Gungun might get habitual of it and she would not allow it, Mohan also agrees with Radha. Damini however refuses to accept mentioning the doctor said that it is safe but Radha replies he even said that she might get habitual. Kadambari says to Mohan how they have to find a solution since Gungun is restless, Kaveri suggests they should give her turmeric milk, Kadambari replies she would not drink it and so what should they do, Damini once again suggests they should give her the injection, Mohan looks angrily at her.

Radha explains she has found a solution, as Mohan used to play the flute when Tulsi jee was not able to sleep so he would have to once again pick it up but this time for Gungun.

Kaveri and Damini both get furious hearing the suggestions, Mohan leaves the room in anger which stuns Radha who is tensed. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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