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My heart knows on zee world, Wednesday 29th June 2022 update

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Episode starts with Avni thinking there is some secret which Kalyani is hiding and tries to safe that boy. Kalyani comes there and twists Avni’s hand, asking how dare you to pinch a little girl. Avni shouts. Sarthak comes there and asks what is happening here? Kalyani tells that you had gone out, when Avni pinched Mukku on various places. Mukku also tells about Avni pinching her.

My heart knows series
My heart knows series

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Avni says I will make you understand, come with me Kaka. She shows the marbles on the bed and lies to him, that Mukku herself has thrown marbles on me and one of the marble would about to hit my eye. Mukku says she is lying. Avni says you knows me, how can I do this? Mukku says these marbles are mine, but I didn’t keep them here. Kalyani says Avni is lying. Avni says Kalyani is jealous of me and wants to take out enmity. She has taught everything to Mukku. Kalyani says my daughter don’t lie, I am her mother. Everyone gets shocked.

Kalyani realizes what she said and gets tensed. Sarthak gets angry and asks how can you become her mother? Kalyani says I didn’t mean that. Avni asks her to go and search Moksh. She asks did you act to search Moksh to get Malhar. Mukku says Aai fi search Moksh daily. Sarthak says I will teach Mukku and asks them to leave. Kalyani asks him not to be strict with her. Sarthak asks them to leave. Mukku looks at Kalyani. Kalyani and Anupriya leave.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that Pillu might be irritated there and says one hour past, what they might be doing. Anupriya says he is strict, but loves Mukku too as he thinks of her as his daughter. Kalyani says she feels guilty to play with his and many people’s emotions. Anupriya says it was her decision to make Moksh as Mukku.

Sarthak asks Mukku to open the book and write, how are you? Mukku asks did you watch film Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge….and says Simran’s father was strict and asks her to do the things. Sarthak says her father was strict, but in the last scene, he asked her to go and live her life. Mukku says I will also go and live my life. Sarthak asks her to sit and study.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that they have to prove that Aahir had kidnapped him and says she knows that Aparna is involved, and couldn’t take Police help due to Malhar ji. Just then she gets a call from a guy, who tells that he came to know about Aparna and she is staying there with a boy. He says I will take you there, but I need the money. Kalyani ends the call. She tells Anupriya that there was a fake call and tells that a guy told that Aparna is in his locality with a boy. She says I will enquire about this number and asks her to tell Malhar that she went for work. Avni gives the money to the guy and says she wants to see if Kalyani will come there with the money.

Sarthak asks Mukku to ask someone how do you do, when you meet someone. He then asks Anupriya to make her eat food. Mukku says she wants to hear God Krishna’s story and like him, she has two Aais. Sarthak gets upset and goes. Mukku comes out and sits in the car decky, thinking she will go to Aai fi’s office. Kalyani comes out with money bag, sits in other car and leaves. Mukku finds the car decky locked and thinks why the car haven’t started still. Anupriya comes out searching Mukku and finds the car decky locked. Mukku tells that she is feeling scared and asks her to take her out. Anupriya thinks driver took the car and asks Mukku to say. Mukku faints. Anupriya shouts for help and calls Aao Saheb and Sarthak. She asks him to come out fast. Sarthak comes out and asks what happened? Anupriya says Mukku got trapped inside and is not saying anything. Sarthak opens the car decky using a tool and takes out unconscious Mukku from the decky. Anupriya gets worried. Sarthak scolds her and asks her to call Doctor. Anupriya thinks how to call doctor, he will know that she is a boy. She says I will sprinkle water on her face and she will be fine. Sarthak asks her to just call him. Anupriya gets worried.

Kalyani comes to the guy and says you said that you have seen Aparna with my son, and asks him to tell where is Moksh? The guy asks for the money and snatches the box. He finds the papers inside. Kalyani says what do you think that you will lie to me, I am City’s DM and got all the info about you. He is about to slap her, but Kalyani holds his hand and kicks him, making him fall down. Malhar comes there with Avni. He asks Kalyani how did you know that this guy is lying. He asks the guy not to run. Avni says she followed Kalyani seeing her taking the bag and asks how can she be so sure that this guy is lying, that he don’t know about Moksh. Malhar asks Kalyani to answer him and says how you was so sure that you brought empty bag. Avni recalls hearing them, Anupriya telling Kalyani that nobody shall know the secret. Malhar asks Kalyani to tell how did she know? Kalyani shows her phone and tells that when he called me, I enquired about him. She says he was released from jail 2 days back, so how did he see Aparna since a month. She says I brought the money bag which is kept in the car, and asks him to check.

Malhar asking the guy, how dare he lie about is son, and asks if he wants to go to jail again. He says do you know that how the parents will feel? The guy says sorry and runs away. Malhar scolds Kalyani for coming there, even after getting his info. He says you got about Moksh’s info and didn’t tell me. He says Moksh is my son too. He says I have decided to tap your phone. She says this is illegal. Avni smiles. Malhar says you are DM and can suspend me. He says I will tap your phone so that I don’t miss any Moksh’s info. Kalyani feels bad. Avni thinks I will know the secret soon. Sarthak asks Doctor to check Mukku. Mukku gains consciousness and refuses to get treated by the doctor, says she will know. Sarthak says she is saying anything, treat her. Anupriya goes to her and asks her to get up. Mukku hugs her. Anupriya asks Doctor to tell her what medicine to give her. Kalyani comes to Mukku and feels bad. She says you have to yearn for your Aai and Baba and cries. Anupriya says even my heart breaks seeing this, but whatever we are doing is to protect her. She tells that she has hidden with Sarthak with much difficulty, when that doctor came here. She says I called you, but your phone was unreachable. Kalyani says Avni heard us talking and reached there with Malhar ji. Kalyani gets a call from Ankur and asks him to update her about Aparna. She says if Aatya tells the truth to Malhar ji then how will I save my son.

Chikkal meets Mukku and asks him, why did he leave bad aunty? Moksh says he will teach a lesson to her. Later Avni is relaxing with cucumber slices on her eyes and having juice sitting outside the house. She dips hand in the coconut and applies on her face. She finds the cow dung. She gets angry. Mukku and Chikkal laugh. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Avni is doubtful on her and they need to be careful. Avni comes there and blames Mukku for replacing coconut water with cowdung coconut. She says she will not leave Mukku and goes to her room. Mukku acts as waking up. Kalyani says Mukku is sleeping and takes her side. Avni says you all are together and goes. Kalyani sits on the bed and finds Mukku’s slipper. She says it is wrong. Moksh/ Mukku gives the reasoning that Avni couldn’t get better even after he gave her chance to mend her ways. Anupriya says he is like you. Kalyani says why did you tell infront of him? She smiles and asks Mukku to go and brush her teeth.

Mukku comes to Malhar’s room and brushes his teeth. Kalyani comes there and says you shall not brush others’ teeth. Malhar scolds her for spoiling Mukku. Mukku pours a glass of water on his hand. He says you all are mad and goes. Kalyani asks what did you do? Mukku tells that he thought about his betterment, but he got angry. They hear Sarthak telling that he is Mukku’s father and want to send her to English International School. Avni says she will help her and prepare with the test. Kalyani says they shall let Mukku have home tuitions so that she can get educated at home. Sarthak says I didn’t ask for your opinion. Avni thinks why Anupriya and kalyani are against her schooling. Mukku says she will fail in the test and will not get admission. Malhar asks Kalyani if she will bear anyone’s interference in Moksh’s life and tells that she is behaving as if Mukku is her daughter. Kalyani offers to teach Mukku. Avni asks if you are her mother? Sarthak agrees to let Kalyani prepare her for the entrance exam and gives her time till 5 pm. She says I will take her mock test. Kalyani takes Mukku from there. Avni says I would have taught her. Sarthak says I know that Mukku will listen to Kalyani and she will teach her. She says once Mukku gets the admission then she will go away from Kalyani.

Kalyani convinces Mukku to study and says after she passes the test. She will convince Sarthak to keep her home tuition. Mukku agrees to study. Later Kalyani finds Malhar giving ration to some women and asking them to pray for Aahir and Swara’s soul peace and gives a bad curse to Kalyani.

He gives them their pics. Kalyani hears him and gets shocked. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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