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Lost in love on starlife, Friday 30th September 2022 update

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Lost in love
Lost in love

Sai and Virat’s nok jhok continues. Virat says he is her friend and not a slave.
She says he called her as queen and hence he is her slave. They both laugh. He arranges her books in shelves and asks how is she feeling now. She says she is feeling very good as if she is in a new house.


Virat says its good as she wanted to start a new life going away from her, looks like god fulfilled her wish. Sai says as aayi said they should forget their past and start a new friendship. He asks how is her new room. She says very good Virat sir. He asks her to call him just Virat like his friends call him. She tries but fails. He says he will call her Sai mam then, he will inform aayi that they have a normal boring relationship.


Sai asks what if she nicknames him like friends do. He asks what will he nickname her. She thinks and says modak. He laughs and says she can have modak if she is hungry. He says his nickname is modak and explains how his mood changes like modak’s nature.

Her says he will also nickname her and laughs sarcastically. She asks what did he think. He asks him to close her eyes and puts chilli/mirchi in her mouth. Her mouth burns and she asks why he nicked her mirchi. He says mirchi is spicy and good is incomplete without it, their sweet and spicy modak mirchi jodi is awesome. She says he is right.

He asks if if she had her medicine and forces her to have it. She says he is amazing that he was so rude before and now is so caring. He says medicines are necessary as her injury was critical, she must know as a medical student. She asks not to taunt him. Their cute noj jhok continues. Samrat walks in. Virat greets him in. Samrat asks if she is feeling better. She says yes. He apologizes her for not being with her during her hospital discharge. She asks not to apologize as Pulkit informed that he was with her in hospital during her surgery like a true elder brother and brothers don’t apologize. He gets emotional and asks her to stop. Sai says she was missing her family after Aaba left, but Chavan family made her feeling like a family. She emotionally hugs him and then complains him against Virat. Their nok jhok starts again. Virat says she denied to take medicine. Samrat says he is on Virat’s side on this and will scold Sai if she doesn’t take medicine. Sai then calls Virat as modak and laughing explains that she nicknamed him modak as he always puffs up his face in anger like a modak. Samrat laughs. Sai continues her jokes. Samrat asks what did Virat nicked Sai. He says mirchi. Samrat laughs and says mirchi modak’s jodi is very nice. Virat explains that Ashwini suggests them to start afresh as friends. Samrat praises Aswhini’s idea.


Pakhi walks in. Sai greets her in and asks if she came to see her new room. Pakhi as usual rudely says she is not interested in her room and came here to call her husband. Samrat asks if everything is alright. Pakhi says her mother is leaving, so if he wants to drop her home. He says why not and asks her to know Sai’s well being out of courtesy. Pakhi says she doesn’t act as good and will book a cab for her mother. Samrat says he told her that he will drop her mother home, being an elder bahu why she behaves so rudely. Pakhi continues her rude comments. Bhavani enters and asks what is she commenting about. Pakhi says she was discussing about today’s pooja and Bhavani’s food. Bhavani asks Samrat to take Pakhi along when he goes to drop Vaishali. Samrat agrees and walks away with Pakhi. Bhavani pampers Sai and says she came to meet her. Sai emotionally asks if she came to meet her, she herself wanted to visit her. Bhavani asks if she liked her modak. Sai says it was very tasty and reminded her of Aaba’s modaks. Bhavani says she is happy that her children liked her prepared food and says she will visit Sai often. Sai emotoinally hugs and thanks her for everything she did for her today. Virat also thanks her for praying god for Sai’s life. Bhavani leaves asking Sai to inform her if she needs anything. Virat asks Sai to rest now and wishes her good night mirchi. She replies good night modak and tells Aaba that she found a new friend today and hopes their friendship stays forever.


Virat doesn’t get sleep remembering Sai. He imagines her next to her and thinks if he is really missing Sai. Sai also misses him and thinks she should sleep as he must have slept by now. She creates a pillow LOC and falls asleep. Virat thinks same and creates pillow LOC. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein.. song plays in the background. He then walks to Sai’s room and thinks if she also created LOC as she is missing him.


While returning home after dropping Vaishali, Samrat asks Pakhi why was she behaving so rudely with Sai. Pakhi says they were busy whole day in Bappa’s pooja and visarjan and when she wanted to spend time with him, he was in Sai’s room, so she feels dejected when her own husband doesn’t value her. Samrat says Sai is like his younger sister and caring for her is his duty, his family is important to him and Sai is part of his family. Pakhi says she is nowhere found in his family. He asks waht does she mean. She says she wants to strengthen their relationship. He says he is a tree and his family is his roots and if she ignores his family, its like ignoring him.

Ashwini catches Virat peeping into Sai’s room and asks why is he looking at Sai. Virat takes her to his room. Ashwini says Sai slept after whole day’s tiredness, why didn’t he sleep yet. He says he went to check if Sai slept. She asks if he is missing her. He nervously says yes. She asks him to tell truth what is in his heart for Sai, she knows he immensely loves Sai. He acts and says she is joking night and should go and sleep. She says she is his mother and understands him well, she just wants to hear it from his mouth. He agrees that he loves Sai and misses her when she is not around, he is feeling incomplete even now when she is not here. She asks if he took Sai to Mahabaleshwar to express his love for her. He reminisces the incident and says she rejected his proposal. She says Sai is a kid and very emotional, she cares for everyone, but is purposefully maintaining a distance as she thinks he is still living in his past. He says there is no place in his life for his past. She says he should give her some space and make her realize his value, so he should wait for sometime. He asks what if she goes far away. She says they need to reach destiny themselves and in their journey of love, they started it friendship already; let Sai realize how much she loves him, he will be surprised to see that; god has made them together and cannot separate them. He hugs her emotionally and thanks her for clearing his mind. She says her and her baba’s 37’s wedding anniversary is coming, but they could neither become good friends or good couple.


Sai opens eyes and seeing Virat asks what is he doing here. He says he is staring at her. She asks why. He asks if he can’t, she created a pillow LOC and he is unable to sleep on bed. She asks what should she do. He asks if he should bring his bed here. She says lets go to his room then. He says she is eager to return to his room. She says she didn’t say that. He says they can do one more thing and continues staring at her. She feels pain, gets out of her imagination and realizes she was dreaming about modak, maybe its medicine effect. Ashwini walks in and asks if she woke up feeling pain. Sai says no. Ashwini asks if she saw a bad dream. She says she doesn’t remember. Ashwini says even Virat is awake in his room. Sai asks why is he awake till now. Ashwini says it will take time to get adjusted to a new environment without her. She then asks her to sleep and tries to leave. Sai stops her and lies in her lap. Ashwini sings lullaby for her. Sai says she nicknamed her son as modak. Ashwini laughs and says she likes Virat as she loves modak. Sai says Virat puffs his face in anger like a modak, so she nicknamed him modak. Ashwini says whatever it is, she will think same. Sai asks her to prepare her sabudana khichdi in for breakfast. Ashwini agrees and leaves.


Next morning, Sai gets ready and asks Aaba to give her a lot of blessings so that she can get well and return to college. Devi walks in and says she came to stay with her for a few days. Sai asks what about Harini. Devi says Harini got admission in a big school and asks how is her health ow. Sai says its recovering. Devi says she scolded Virat when she was in hospital and reveals that she informed Virat that she wants to leave house and Virat told Sai can do whatever she wants to. Virat hears their conversation.


Sai sees him and says think of a devil and here he is. Virat walks in. Devi asks Sai to scold Virat. Sai says she will punish him.