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Light of love on adom tv, Tuesday 7th March 2023 update

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Light of love on adom tv Tuesday 7th March 2023 update, Pallavi says to Vijay I agree I lied but I didn’t cheat you, Raghav is torturing me past 1 month, he had also kidnapped me and tried killing me too, Vijay says you still met him even if I asked you not to, and you went against me, enough of the lies, and Vijay throws Pallavi out of house, Sulochana takes Milind away from there, Vijay stops Sharda and Nikhil and says to Pallavi you have no relation with us don’t ever come back to us, Nikhil tries to stop, Vijay slaps him, Pallavi says please listen, Vijay says I will believe you and Mandar died on same day, Pallavi begs everyone to let her in, and allow her explain. Vijay closes door and leaves.

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Raghav drinking, Farhad looks at him, Raghav asks what are you looking at, Farhad says why, I always was with you and today you have crossed lines and made huge mistake, you destoryed everything, I thought your past made you rude but you respected people, you made mistake, Raghav says she played with Amma and Kirti first, Farhad says what proof you have Pallavi did it, Raghav says she had warned me, why did she bring Kirti and Amma, Farhad asks what proof you had against her, Raghav says I had taken oath when I lost my father and brother, that I won’t let anyone trouble my family, Farhad says and how does what you did helped Amma and Kirti, you destoryed an innocents life and leaves. Raghav says I did no wrong I just gave justice to Amma and Kirti.

Sulochana sitting alone and says I have fulfilled my revenge, Amruta goes hug her and thanks her says Pallavi had insulted me so much, you gave all pain back, Sulochana says its to all of them who tries troubling you two and if someone dares again they will face the worst

Pallavi walking alone on streets, thinking about Vijay’s anger. Pallavi yells Raghav’s name. Raghav in his car drinking sees Amma’s house covered with bad words and calling Kirti dream girl, Raghav starts shouting, Jaya thinking about incident and crying, Raghav tries wiping everything written, Raghav says let my Amma live in peace why trouble her, Raghav wets his shirt and tries wiping everything and wounds his hand, Raghav says dont do this to my Amma, she is my life, she is at no fault.

Raghav in his car, sees Pallavi and gets out and walks to her.
Sharda praying in front of god, looking at door, Nikhil walks in, Sharda asks him where is Pallavi, Nikhil says I looked everywhere and all her friends she is nowhere and its bad weather outside, Sharda says dont worry we will go together, Vijay says stop, Sharda says I shoudl have walked away with Pallavi, Vijay says she is fraud liar, and she has no place in this house, Sharda says not a word more against her, and this house is mine too and I will get her back and let me see who stops me, Vijay says stop, Sharda says Nikhil you can stay, Nikhil says I am coming with you I want my sister home, Vijay says last time stop, Sharda says enough I won’t stop now, Vijay says you will see my dead face and pours kerosene over him, Milind tries to stop, Vijay says you will get your daughter but lose your husband.

Raghav says get out of my way Pallavi, Pallavi says why did you do this, why did you destory my life and my family, Raghav says this how I am, there is no limit in my war, and you did same to me I just returned what you did, get lost, Pallavi says I am leaving but soon will return and that will be bad for you, I promise this, Raghav says do whatever you want, Raghav Rao is here and no one can move him.

Vijay says I will burn myself if Pallavi walks in again here and you two leave, Pallavi will never return, Sharda walks to Vijay and says you are threatening me of suicide, and asks God, why do these men control us with such acts, we are not abide by them we have our own identity, and this my Pallavi has taught me that I don’t need a man to tell me and wipes her sindoor and removes Mangalsutra, and says this was my pride and today my husband used this to control me, Sharda puts Mangalsutra in Vijay’s hand and says if a woman has to chose between husband and kids, she will chose kids, and Milind if he does something call Ambulance because now my daughter needs me, Sharda leaves with Nikhil.

Kirti leaving, Jaya asks where, Kirti says Krishna called, Vijay threw Pallavi out of house, I think its Raghav again, and we are all looking for her and I know where she might be.

Sharda, Kirti and Nikhil find Pallavi near shop, Pallavi hugs Sharda, Sharda says what are you doing here, Pallavi says I don’t know where to go, Sharda apologize to Pallavi says I should have stopped Vijay, Pallavi says I swear on you I didnt do anything, Sharda says I trust you, Nikhil says lets go home, Pallavi says not until I prove myself innocent, Sharda says come home we are a family, Pallavi says no, Pallavi sees Kirti, Kirti says its your friend not Raghav’s sister, Pallavi says Raghav could do all this because I am a woman, he thinks I am weak, everybody believes all wrong about a woman and why is this always, people will forget this but I have to prove myself, if I don’t fight for myself I can never look into my own eyes, Sharda says where will you stay, Kirti says me and Amma are with you, aunty Pallavi will stay with us, Sharda says I can’t stay without you, Pallavi says we have to do this, please go near Baba, I will stay with Kirti, Nikhil thanks Kirti and asks her to take care of Pallavi.

Nikhil and Sharda walk in, Milind says something happened to Vijay Dada, they see Vijay on ground and call doctor.
Pallavi wakes up scared, Pallavi sees call from Krishna, Pallavi rushes quickly.
Doctor tells Vijay had second heart attack and his blockage is removed but is critical, Pallavi says Raghav is responsible for this.

Raghav sees Farhad talking to an old lady, Raghav stops Farhad from sending her home and gives money, lady denies and says I see regret and not happiness in your eyes, I dont want beg, Raghav says dont give lecture, Lady says accept your mistake, you know you are wrong and leaves. Raghav yells at security for letting her in, Farhad says she was right, correct your mistake, Raghav says I already did yesterday and leaves.

Milind looks at Pallavi, Sharda rushes to her and hugs her and starts crying, Pallavi says Baba will be fine, Sulochana says such a drama, Milind says shut up, Sulochana says these two are responsible for his health, he had heart attack because of them, Milind says enough,and asks for adhar card, Sharda says it’s home, Pallavi says I will get it.

Mansi ignores Pallavi, Pallavi says talk to me don’t ignore me, Mansi says I trusted you, you are a liar, just leave, why should I talk to someone who ruined my life, go back to Raghav, you shared everything with me before, I should have understood, but I will not trust anyone else now, you ruined everything, I thought you are my sister but truth is you are my sister in law. Pallavi says I hear everything and everything did to me because I think you all are mine but you trust Raghav and not me, whats wrong with everyone here, looks like I was wrong that I trusted you all.

I could have left after Mandar but I didnt and you says I was a mistake and if this is it, yes I broke your marriage and yes I ahve affair with Raghav, you were mine Mansi but you never understood me. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.