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Imlie On Starlife, Monday 12th June 2023 update

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Imlie On Starlife Monday 12th June 2023 update Imlie searches for Cheeni while Atharv searches for the voice he heard just now. He stands behind Imlie without noticing her. Imlie’s dupatta flies and falls on Atharv’s face. Cheeni passes by in between them and stands seeing Atharv. Imlie asks Cheeni to get her dupatta. Cheeni takes it from Atharv and returns it to Imlie. Manager takes Atharv away. Cheeni scolds Imlie for entering among crowd and asks her to go and wait outside. Imlie gets Rupali’s call and informs her that she and Cheeni are on the way.

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A boy bumps on her, dropping her mobile down. Imlie notices a boy dropping a white powder packet and returns it to him. He hesitates to take it. She says she is already having headache due to crowd, he should take back his packet. Boy says its a headache medicine. Imlie asks if its a herbal medicine from an ayurvedic shop. Boy says yes, notices police searching him, and runs away. Police get tired searching him and discuss that they got headache running behind a drug peddler. Imlie offers them white powder and says it will ward off their headache. Cheeni tries to leave concert venue but stops hearing Atharv singing Rukjaa O Dil Deewane.. song. Her friends inform him of Imlie’s arrest, and she panics.

Arpita and Rupali worry for Imlie and Cheeni. Narmada watches news and informs that Cheeni is arrested in a drug peddling case. Arpita and Rupali refuse to believe that. Narmada says Imlie is bearing consequences of her sins as Narmada lost her son because of Imlie. Arpita asks her to stop blaming innocent Imlie. Imlie writes a poem in police station. Constbale asks if she is a poet. Imlie says poetry is like her mother which gives her peace of mind. Cheeni reaches there and requests inspector to leave Imlie as she is innocent and behave like an old Ambassador car model. Inspector warns her to stop helping a drug peddler or else even she would be in trouble. Atharv reaches there and says he came to help Cheeni. He asks inspector to question Imlie once. Inspector questions Cheeni about a powder. Cheeni says its a churan/herbal medicine sold by an shop at her house lane, her whole family takes it and they get headache-free. She further reveals that a man dropped it in her hand and ran away.

Atharva says he will get his club’s surrounding area CCTV footage to prove Imlie’s innocence and shows the footage. Inspector informs Imlie that its a life-threatening drug. Imlie panics and apologizes for the confusion, she says she will find the culprit and handover to him. Cheeni asks if they can go now as its too late. Atharv’s brother Akash informs his father Rudra Rana that Atharv is in police station. His wife Kia says Atharav went is arrested today. Rudra fumes that a business tycoon Rudra Rana’s younger son Atharv Rana is in police station twice today. Akash tries to calm him down. Rudra vents out his anger on Akash and Kia. His sister Shivani and wife try to calm him down in vain. Wife feels worried for Atharv.

Walking towards home, Cheeni scolds Imlie for her dumb behavior. Atharv stops his car and offers to drop them home. Cheeni thanks him for his help. Atharv focuses only on Cheeni and plays a romantic song while driving, looking at only at Cheeni. Cheeni enjoys the song. At a traffic signal, Imlie offers money to an enunch beggar. Enunch blesses her and Atharav’s jodi. Cheeni thinks people make up stories seeing a boy and a girl together, a boring Imlie can never be paired with DJ Artois.

Atharv while dropping Cheeni and Imlie home stops his car at a traffic signal. Imlie offers money an eunuch beggar. Beggar blesses Imle and Atharv’s jodi. Atharv and Imlie look at each other nervously. Atharv reaches Rathore house and tries to open car door for Cheeni, but she opens it before him injuring his foot. Imlie asks if he is fine. Cheeni says he is a superman and doesn’t feel pain. Imlie thanks Atharv for his help. Cheeni holds her hand and walks towards home. Atharv fallen in Cheeni’s love hopes she looks at him once. She looks at him and walks again. Atharv feels excited. Imlie and Cheeni enter home. Arpita wishes Imlie a happy birthday and says a cake is waiting for her. Narmada scolds Arpita if she wants to celebrate Imlie’s birthday because of whom she lost her son and now is losing her family’s reputation.

Rupali asks Imile how did she reach police station instead of a temple. Imlie says Cheeni was taking her to temple and she wanted to see a concert, so Cheeni took her there. She takes blame on herself and apologizes bandar/Sundar phoopa/uncle. Sundar forgives her and asks if she doesn’t want to cut a cake. Narmada throws cake away saying she will not let anyone celebrate birthay of an inauspicious girl because of whom she lost her son. Arpita comforts Imlie. Cheeni thanks god that Imlie saved her.

Atharv returs home. Rudra scolds him for spoiling family’s name and says its better to be childless instead of having a child like him. Atharv feels sad hearing that. Imlie also feels sad on the other side. Cheeni brings birthday cake. Sundar, Arpita, and Rupali enter singing happy birthday birthday. Imlie hugs Cheeni happily. Rupali asks what if someone special enters in her life by her next birthday and she may have to leave Cheeni. Imlie says she will not leave her sister. Atharv gets into car recalling Rudra’s bitter words. He notices a piece of paper and finds Imlie’s poem in it. Imlie cuts cake and celebrate her birthday.

Rudra discusses with his wife Devika that Atharv is highly talented but is wasting his time on music, his elder son Akash tries to find shortcuts for success which he doesn’t like, what can he do instead of getting angry. His sister enters and asks him to feel relaxed instead of angry, Atharv will stop running behind music once he is married. Rudra asks who will marry Atharv. Imile asks Cheeni how shall be her future husband. Cheeni says one who is super rich and get everything she wants. Imlie just like she take care of her, everything belongs to her here. Anu enters saying these words can comfort only kids. Cheeni happily hugs him calling naani/grandma. Anu asks her to call her badi mom as she is not a kid now. Imlie tries to touch her feet. Anu stops her rudely and says she gave all her blessings to Cheeni. Arpita asks if she calculates even her blessings. Anu says one who gets culcatated things has give calculated blessings. She urges Imlie to transfer whole property in Cheeni’s name. Imlie says she will if Cheeni wants to. Rupali scolds her not to think of stupid things and get ready soon.

Atharv’s cousins inform him that Rudra is going to search a girl for him. Atharav remembers Cheeni. Devika enters and asks Atharv if he is not yet ready as they are going to a girl’s house. Atharv says he doesn’t want to marry. Devika says they are going to Rudra’s friend’s daughter’s marriage. Cousins laugh on Atharv. Atharv asks if its necessary for him to accompany them. Devika says Rudra is angry and needs some peace of mind. Cousins joke who knows Atharv may find his Bebo there.

Akash and his wife discuss that once Atharv brings a wife like him, Rudra will realize their value. Atharv gets busy in music and remembers Cheeni, thinks he likes Cheeni. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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