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I do on zee world, Wednesday 14th September 2022 update

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Shaad and the fake one get into a scuffle, each trying to overpower the other. meanwhile, sanam progresses towards their room, obliviously, when the new bride comes and asks whats going on. she explains seeing two shaad’s and the new bride is shocked, but she composes herself, and tells sanam that she must be mistaken, as she has been here only, and she didnt see anyone. But sanam insists, and the new bride says that she must be tried, and hence seeing things, and asks her to rest.Sanam insists that she wasnt mistaken but the new bride is forcefully taken away.

I DO on zee world
I DO on zee world

Meanwhile, a shaad comes out of the room, wounded and bruised. He calls up ahil, and asks where is he, and ahil says that he is waiting at the hilltop. Shaad asks him to wait there, as he would come with sanam, even if he has to lose his life. ahil asks why is he sounding so breathless and hassled. Ahil is tensed for shaad, while he cancels the call. Shaad meanwhile calls jannat from behind, while the new bride is shocked. Jannat finds him wounded, and gets berserk asking him what happened. But he tells that he shall tell them everything, but right now she has to come alogn with him. the new bride assuming that its the real shaad asks them not to leave the function midway. Shaad says that she clearly knows where they are going, and today noone can stop them, not even the lord. He takes sanam and leaves from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Hilltop
Amidst heavy rain, ahil finds it highly difficult to spend time, waiting for sanam, and wonders why isnt shaad here yet with sanam. finally they both arrive, while sanam is boggled, as to why shaad brought them here. she asks him why are they all here. shaad says that he shall explain everything. sanam asks what shall he explain. She gets angry, and says that a wife should know what her husband is upto, but she never knows anything about him and his motives. Ahil intervens and says that shaad and he have come here to tell the biggest truth of her life, as all of her unanswered questions shall be answered today, and that sshe shall have her past and present cleaar to her. She asks what truth. he says that before he says, he wants her to trsust him completely, irrrespective of everything else. she says that she doesnt trust him, nor does she want to, but she trusts her husbnd, and trusts shaad, and hence what he wants to say, if shaad knows it, then he sshould tell her this. shaad says that lies change like story, and wonders how to start. He comes to her and tells her that she isnt his jannat, knocking the wits out of sanam. she gets berserk and asks what he means. ahil reminds him that before they say anything, they should give the injection. she is surprised more. Ahil tries to clarify and asks her to trsut shaad on this. but shaad goes on saying that this is true that she isnt his jannat and that he too isnt her shaad. Ahil asks him not to joke, but shaad says that he isnt joking, as her shaaad gives his life for others and sacrifices things for people’s happiness. Ahil and sanam are boggled. Shaad steps aside and says that they dont believe him, but now they would, while ahil asks him to get the injection out. Shaad gives an evil smile, saying that they shall now know. he takes the ampoule out, and then much to ahil’s horror, crushes it under his feet. ahil is dismayed. Ahil remembers shaad’s weird behaviour, while its shown finally, that razia helped murtaza to overpower shaad in their scuffle inside the room, and once shaad goes unconscious, murtaza in shaad’s face, takes his place, and changes dress, and then gets sanam here. She is shocked to hear all this, and holds murtaza by the collar, asking where is shaad and what did he do with shaad. He grabs sanam,. and holds her at gunpoint, while ahil is apalled. murtaza enjoys it. ahil asks him to leave her, and he amusingly complies. Sanam is scared. Amidst heavy rainfall, in front of ahil’s eyes, suddenly murtaza turns sanam around and throws sanam off the hilltop, down the cliff, much to ahil’s shock, horror and despair, as he reaches out to sanam in vain, from the top, watching her rool down the hillslide. He remembers sanam’s faith in their love, as their past romantic moments flash before him, right till they feel for each other even after turning strangers, and then marrying in disguise too. he distraughtedly looks down, trying to find sanam’s trace, while murtaza evilly eyes him from behind. Then he gives a shove to ahil too and he falls down the cliff, after sanam. Murtaza eyes them evilly, as he too falls down the same track.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
All enjoy and party, including razia, the new bride, saif and shashi. Shashi asks the new bride why sshe decided to get rid of ahil too. the new bride says that the day shaad sacrificed his marriage fpr ahil, that was the day she decided she would never let ahil and sanam consummate their love story. The new bride evilly comments that ahil weanted to be free with sanam, and hence she decided to free him with her altogether, right from life itself.

Shashi raises a toast to their victory, and the pleasure of the happiness it caused her. Shashi tells the new bride that their enemies are finished and their friendship starts now. She says that today she fulfilled the promise made to her mother, and avenged her death. Razia smirks. Shashi says that she recognised sanam as her enemy, even when she was in jannat in pakistant, even though she didnt know of their true relation, but she got saved always due to shaad. the new bride too shares her thoughts, saying that she got rid of the twin, seher, but sanam got saved. She comments that they worked in unison, and solved both their purposes, and they together solved their problems. razia gets up and says that if they stay together like this, ahead too, their the new bride’s power, and shashi’s brains, can take them places. She says that sanam’s death may have ended this game, but many plans are still pending, as the win is true only when ahil and sanam are never talked of, and now they have to do something, that makes the people of bhopal hate them forever. the new bride asks how this would happen. Razia says that she has her final masterstroke for that.

raazia tells about the masterstroke that nazia shall end their gameplan forever, and the best part is that she is oblivious of the part that she plays. the new bride is shocked. shashi ensures that this shall forever stop any efforts of reconciliation between India and Pakistan. The new bride says that once nazia is dead, she wont have anyone else to split the will and property with. Shashi tells the new bride that they should berak the news to nazia and shaad too. She dials up video chat, with shaad, who is tied up in ropes, of a shabby location. She amusingly tells shaad about everything that happened, ever since murtaza took over his place. shaad is distraught as he hears all this, while saif, the new bride and razia celebrates. Shaad swears that he shall detsory everyone. Shashi asks him to take a good look at himself, and then adds that he is finished. She says that tomorrow is really special for her, as tomorrow there’s an international peace convention, where nazia is going to be a human bomb, and shall blow up the entire place. he is shocked, as he hears about thousands of people who shall die, and no one shall be able to save them. She sys that after that, Pakistan and India shall never be friends again. Her gets angry and says thsat he wont let that happen. She cancels the call. razia says that she desperately waits for tomorrow, when her dream shall materialise. Shashi shares her vision. they all leave. the new bride sits down happily, saying that she and her firm will always knew that her dreams would come true. She asks latif to get a drink. While she is coming back, some strange winds start blow, getting her curious and scared too, at the same time. She falls down and breaks the glass. gazalla and latif are shocked. she tells the new bride that this is an omen. The new bride says that whatvere happens today shall be good, as she is very happy today,for having changed her own destiny, n the lord also cant undo it. latif and gazalla are scared as they hear the sounds of the window glass ahttering. Even after thats done, the sound of the main door scares them and alerts the new bride for the first time. The new bride is shocked, as she finds a wounded sanam, with an injury on the head standing before her. All arfe stunned and left speechless, as she enters the house, with bold steps. She asks them all if the function is over, and where is everyone else. they are too stunned to speak. the new bride ie shocked. sanam accuses them that they forgot about her, even before she left for pakistan. sanam tells them that she is hungry and that shaad left her at the cliff, and then vanished, and she is super hungry. she decides to freshen up, after which they shall have dinner. she leaves. gazalla and latif are shocked. The new bride vents out her anger at both of them and wonders how is she alive, and if she is here, then where’s ahil.

Meanwhile, murtaza lazes on a bed of notes, enjoying the money, while the phone rings. he finds that its the new bride. She accuses him of betrayal, while he keeps talking t her leeringly. She says that she feels like killing him, as ahil and jannat are alive. he laughs it off, smirking that the dead people cant come back. she tells him that the people are alive, and talks about jannat inside.

He refuses to believe it, while she asks him to come here and see for himself. Murtaza refuses to believe this, and then takes his revolver and moves out. The new bride os frustrated with her defeat once again, while gazalla points out that its the power of love. The new bride says that she shall not spare her. Just then, sanam comes inside, and politely asks for water. They leave to get. the new bride is left alone. Sanam thanks her profusely for her hospitality and her nice treatment towards her and her husband. She keeps praising them galore for her nice behaviour. the new bride is cautious of what to respond. Sanam meanwhile leaves. the new bride is furious and decides that she shall deal with sanam herself now. she says that her trick shall not go without its effect. She picks up a knife, and storms out swearing that she shall kill sanam. Latif and gazalla are shocked. The new bride storms into the room, and asks sanam to stop her pretense and tell what happened at the cliff. sanam asks whats the matter and continues to feign innocence. the new bride says that the fact that she is alive, is her problem. She tries to hit her, but sanam catches her hand and twists her around, saying that nothing shall happen to her, as long as her love

her ahil is with her, and what did she think that she would get away with what she wants. the new bride turns around shocked, addressing her as jannat, while she clarifies that its sanam. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.