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Guddan on zee world, Sunday 22nd January 2023 update

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Guddan on zee world Sunday 22nd January 2023 update, Guddan says come, Alisha, cut the cake. Alisha takes the knife and stabs Guddan. Everyone is shocked.

Few hours earlier, Guddan and AJ were looking for Alisha. She was breaking pots. Guddan said stop it. What are you doing? This would harm you. She said today is my birthday. No one can harm me. Guddan says wow today is your birthday. AJ said why didn’t you tell us? What are you ding here? Guddan said what is this? Alisha said kids who live away from their parents in jail, celebrate this way.

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My father doesn’t even know when is my birthday. There are no candles in jail so we blow these pots. AJ said every birthday is a new chance to start over. I am sorry, I never celebrated your existence. I can’t fix the past but now you’re not in jail. You

are with your family here now. I want to make this day very special for you. You will have a cake and candles that I would make for you.
Alisha says habits don’t change in a day. Guddan says we can be part of your habit though. We will celebrate your way. We didn’t get a chance to celebrate with our daughter. We will have a party in the evening. Alisha says I don’t even have anything to wear at the party. She leaves. AJ says we will make her day very special. Guddan said in heart, we can’t ruin her day by telling her about Antra’s death today.

Revati said to Perv, you brought great news. We will make this day memorable for Alisha. Saru said we will give her the best gift. Let’s go Saru and tell her about Antra’s death. Perv says wait, AJ and Guddan are throwing a great party for Alisha. We will give the gift in the party. Instead of cutting the cake, Alisha will smash it on Guddan’s face. Revati says you’re in form. Perv says see how we add colors to this party.

Scene 2
Guddan and AJ arranged the whole party. They decorated the whole house. Perv fixes balloons. Guddan is about to fall. AJ holds her. He says keep slipping like this so I don’t need excuses to come close to you. Guddan says papa is being romantic? Everyone is looking. AJ says everyone, get back to work. Guddan says you have to get to work as well. You have to make the cake. AJ says I don’t even know what flavor she likes. Guddan says don’t worry.

Guddan says write on this dish, my best cake ever. Now write on the other one, no one can make a cake for Alisha better than me. Let’s start making the cake now. This brings confidence back. Now Chef AJ will make the best cake. Guddan says I can handle you very well. I will help you as an assistant chef. AJ says if I have such an amazing and beautiful assistant chef, I can make anything. AJ and Guddan start baking together.

AJ decorates the cake. Guddan says it looks so good. AJ says I want to make this day very special for her. Just like this cake. Guddan says it looks so good, I would be so excited if I were Alisha. She will love it. Guddan says let’s write the message. AJ says she is our daughter, let’s write it together. They write, for our daughter. Guddan says don’t be nervous. Alisha will love it. AJ says I want this day to be perfect.

Dadi says Guddan and AJ why are you two not ready? AJ says I need to look at a few arrangements. Dadi says no go get ready first. Guddan and AJ go upstairs. A man comes in. House help says you can’t come in. Who are you? He says you should welcome me with a red carpet. He breaks the vase and says I am the boss.

Everyone is confused about who he is? AJ grasps his collar. Guddan says who is he? AJ says I don’t need anyone’s permission to show you, your worth. Dadi says relax Guddan. AJ says what are you doing here? The man says you still think you can question me? AJ says this is my house. The man says this is mom’s home. Better keep your ego in control. Let me talk to ma and ask her if I have right here. AJ says get out of here. The man says you can’t dare to stop me. He shoves AJ. He falls down. The man says my worth is always more than you. This place in my feet suits you. Guddan says who are you? Stop acting like an Indian movie villain. AJ and the man laugh.

Guddan says what is going on? Dadi laughs too. She says you two are fighting like you used to. He says I enter the same way. Dadi says as you used to in college days? He says I have been out of college for years. But this AJ, he still looks like a college student. AJ hugs him. AJ says Guddan, he is Vikrant. My childhood friend. He does this drama entry since college.

Dadi says they were famous as Aki and Vicky in college. Vikrant says this beautiful girl, who is she? AJ says she is my wife Guddan AJ. Vikrant is shocked. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.