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Guddan on zee world, Friday 10th February 2023 update

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Guddan on zee world Friday 10th February 2023 update, Guddan comes on the crease again. Bhushan says Guddan is ready to bat. She does a six on the first ball. AJ says good job. Everyone cheers. Guddan bats really well. She does sixes and fours. AJ helps her with runs. AJ comes on the crease. Revati comes to bowl. She does wide. AJ bats well. He does many fours. Revati is worried.

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Perv comes to bowl. AJ and Guddan make runs on his bowling as well. Durga says how are they playing so well. They have made many runs already.

Vikrant says they can never run. Saru says how can you say that? Perv says I have washed the ball. It won’t cross the border. It’s heavy so it won’t go far. I am so intelligent. Vikrant says yes it’s heavy. You’re a proper thug.

Bhushan says Guddan and AJ’s partnership has made Vikrant and his team worried. Guddan turn to score but the ball doesn’t go far. Guddan wonders why can’t the ball go any far. Guddan and AJ run for a run. AJ asks Guddan to go back. AJ shoves Guddan to his crease but gets run out himself. Guddan says why did you give up your wicket. AJ says we need a mother’s passion more than anything. I am sure you will defeat Vikrant. I believe in you. Play well. Guddan says you show so much trust in me. We will win for sure. I won’t let your sacrifice go in vain.

Dadi comes to bat with Guddan. Bhushan says let’s see what DIL and MIL’s partnership does. Vikrant laughs and says should the ball be super slow? Guddan says don’t be overconfident. Dadi gets bold on the first ball. Guddan and AJ are worried. Dadi says I am sorry Guddan. Guddan says you are with us and that’s enough for us. Laxmi comes on crease. Bhushan says Guddan called Laxmi instead of Alisha. Laxmi and Guddan score runs. Guddan says why is the ball now going beyond. They must have done something with the ball.

Durga says this ball changed the entire match. Perv is not that useless after all. Perv coems to bowl. Laxmi gets caught. Bhushan says Guddan needs 30 runs and a few balls only. She has one wicket to lose now. Guddan says AJ something is wrong with the ball. It doesn’t go far. Guddan says my bat is wet. AJ says they must have filled the ball with water. Guddan says let me teach them a lesson. AJ says no you have to play it smart. You have to score a four. Alisha goes on the crease. AJ says play well Alisha.

Alisha and Guddan come to play. They could take one run only. Guddan comes on the crease. Guddan hits a four. AJ replaces the ball. Guddan hits fours and sixes after that. The last over starts and Guddan has 21 balls left. Vikrant says I have a chance to defeat my wife. Guddan says she is not your wife. She is our daughter only. Vikrant says you’re going to lose both of your kids future and present and look at your ego.

Alisha does a six on the first ball of last over. She takes three runs. Guddan comes on the crease. Guddan does a four. Vikrant gets worried. Vikrant says how is this ball going that far. Guddan has 2 balls left and they need six runs. Guddan misses the second last ball. Bhushan says now one ball and six runs are left. Vikrant comes to bowl the last ball. Guddan hits the ball up. Perv is catches it. They celebrate but Perv has gone beyond the boundry.

Bhushan says it’s a six. Perv has crossed the boundry. Guddan hugs AJ. They all hug and celebrate. Vikrant and his team are angry. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.