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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Thursday 9th March 2023 update

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Every Girls Dream On Zee world Thursday 9th March 2023 update, Dev and Krisha are sitting together. Dev says I have to give you a gift ass we have consummated our marriage. He gifts her a gold ring. Krisha smiles and wears it. She tries to take it off but it’s stuck. Dev says we will have to cut your finger now. Krisha says what? No, I will try to lose weight now. Dev laughs at her and says I will do something.

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Jaya thinks this Krisha is always with Dev. Virender says Krisha will save our family from you. Jaya says nobody can save your family from me, Krisha is Dev’s weakness so I am thinking to separate her from him first.

Dev brings oil and applies to her finger, he takes out the ring from her and says I will get it resized then you can wear it. Krisha says I will go and you need to get ready for office. Dev pulls her back and says let’s go, they leave from there.

Virender tells Jaya that she can do anything you want but God has sent Krisha to protect Dev. Jaya says she is a good person so she can’t fight me much, she will lose to me.

Vamika comes to the mandir and says I will snatch Dev from her. She calls herself your loyalist but she has used such cheap decorations for the mandir, I will change it. She throws away Krisha’s decorations. The servant says Krisha decorated it. Vamika slaps him and says I am a princess here so I will decorate it, get lost. She turns to see Minakshi coming there so she says sorry Mummy ji, I am not like that. Minakshi hugs her and says you are a perfect daughter-in-law for me. Just make me a grandmother soon after you marry Aarav. We will rule this palace then. I like your new avatar, you are perfect.

Latika brings breakfast for Jaya but she says I am going to have breakfast with Krisha and Dev. I will show her fake tears to show my concern for her. Latika says but they are still sleeping? Jaya says what? till now? Latika says Dev and Krisha were awake till late at night and Dev gave a ring to her. Jaya says Krisha doesn’t deserve diamonds as she is from a middle class background, I will snatch everything from her.

Scene 2
Minakshi talks to Vamika and says you are nice. Vamika says Dev is a king so why did you people get him married to a middle-class girl? Minakshi says it’s a long story. Their marriage was short term but they fell in love. They are hooked to each other now. Dev left his throne for Krisha. Vamika says Krisha was okay with that? Minakshi says Krisha doesn’t know that, Dev has stopped everyone from sharing that information with her. Vamika gets an idea and smirks.

Krisha comes to Vamika and sees her putting her awards with Dev’ss. She asks what is she doing? Vamika says I am looking at all the awards that this royal family achieved and putting my own here, if you have achieved anything in life then you can hang it here. Krisha puts her marriage photo there and says this is my biggest achievement. She puts Vamika’s awards with Aarav’s and says that’s your right place. Vamika glares at her. Krisha says you shouldn’t try to snatch someone’s place. Vamika says so you think that I want to snatch Dev from you? Krisha says I know that for sure. Vamika says then you should know that you can’t compete with a princess like me. Krisha says I don’t need to compete for something that I already own. Vamika says you are boostful of this marriage but it was an accident. Krisha says this marriage is based on love only. Vamika laughs and says as a royal I will get what I want and I want Dev. I will get him at any cost. Krisha laughs and says you can try but your ego will break down soon. Vamika says I will destroy your misunderstanding soon. Minakshi comes there and says I have bought a dress for Vamika. Krisha says Minakshi knows you well, Minakshi leaves.

Vamika tells Krisha that she will see her in Dev’s arms soon and I will break your confidence soon. Krisha looks on. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.